Case Studies: AdvantaClean of South County

Attic Mold Removal

Location: Charlton, MA

Problem: The customer had heavy staining from an under ventilated attic. The problem was that the soffits and ridge vent were not properly venting the attic space. The ventilation was fixed and we were asked to clean the sheathing/rafters surfaces of any residual fungal growth. Mold removal had to be performed due to the excessive moisture and lack of ventilation in the attic.

Solution: We contained the attic for mold removal from the main house and installed a HEPA air scrubber in the attic. We HEPA vacuumed and pre-treated the sheathing and rafters with an Oxy-Prep solution to help reduce the staining. After that step, we applied our Oxy-Par solution to remove the surface load contaminates.

black mold removal attic mold removal

Townhouse Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Worcester, MA

Problem: Seller was looking to have the air duct cleaning to help in the sale of their townhouse. The system was not cleaned in at least a couple of years. As you can see from the before photos, the system was visibly very dirty. Air duct cleaning had to be performed to help sell the home.

Solution: AdvantaClean of South County systematically cleaned all the supply and return vents and lines in this tri-level townhouse. The after photos show the results of our proven process of cleaning your air duct system. Air duct cleaning helped the home owners sell the town home quickly and they were very pleased with the air duct cleaning service.

dirty air duct handler air duct cleaning after shot

mold in the air ducts air duct cleaning performed by AdvantaClean of South County

air duct cleaning due to mold growth mold removal in the air ducts

Manufacturing Plant - Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Marlboro, MA

Problem: The company was looking to clean and upgrade their manufacturing floor from top to bottom including a cleaning of their air Duct system. After years of machine tool machines working below the duct lines the system was covered in oil and grease throughout the manufacturing line.

Solution: The AdvantaClean team went into action after production closed for the day and we not only cleaned the lines in the manufacturing area, we cleaned out the roof top units associated with this section of the facility. As you can see by the photos, years of buildup had accumulated on the vents and were looking almost like new after our cleaning. The manufacturing plant was pleased with the air duct cleaning.

commercial air duct cleaning commercial air duct cleaning and coil cleaning

air duct cleaning performed after hours for a commercial property commercial coil cleaning

Duct Cleaning for a family with severe allergies

Worcester, MA

The owner of this house has severe allergies and needed to have her HVAC system cleaned on a yearly basis. In the past she was not able to stay in the home while other companies cleaned her system

After our service she sent us this note.

This company was exceptional in the quality of their work!

They cleaned everything meticulously. Previous company never cleaned the main furnace, and AdvantaClean used state of the art cleaning equipment. I have severe asthma and allergies and normally have to leave the house during air duct cleanings, but not this time! All the vents were left cleaned and spotless. We will definitely hire AdvantaClean again to do this type of work.

Thanks again David for a job exceptionally done. -Noella B.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Location: Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Problem: Young family with 4 children under 6 years old uses their dryer on a regular basis. The mom was concerned about when the last time the dryer vent was cleaned after moving into a new home.

Solution: The AdvantaClean team was called into clean the HVAC Duct system and while their was asked to take a look at the dryer vent and clean that as well. The dryer vent line was only about 8 feet long but after using our rotating brushes on the line, we blew out the line with a blast of air to clean any residual lint that may have built up. The pile of lint that was removed was substantial .....

When was the last time your dryer vent was cleaned??

dryer vent cleaning

Renovations to a 2 family rental property

Location: Melrose, MA 02176

Problem: Landlord was renovating one side of a 2 family rental property. This was an older home and the new landlord did not know when or if the duct system was ever cleaned. Air duct cleaning needed to be performed due to bring the homes indoor air quality up to a healthy level.

Solution: The landlord contacted AdvantaClean of South County and requested an air duct system cleaning after all the major renovations were completed. We could visibly see saw dust and wood shavings in the floor registers when we arrived. After the cleaning we noticed that there was a fair amount of dust buildup and lint balls that we we could get to. Check out the photo from the HEPA vacuum that we used at this property to properly clean the air duct system.

air duct cleaning in Auburn MA

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