Water Damage Case Studies

Water Damage

Location: Sammamish, WA

Problem: Toilet overflow affecting an office, bathroom and garage below.

Solution: We lifted the carpet and removed the pad in the office. The garage ha two layers of 5/8 drywall that was removed. We set containment to the shrink the drying area and set equipment for 3 days

drying out bathroom floor toilet leak caused damage to ceiling below removing water damaged drywall

Water Damage

Location: Clyde Hill, WA

Problem: We received a call stating the homeowner had a sink overflow in the bathroom. The areas affected were her master bedroom, closet, bathroom and family room below the bedroom.

Solution: We arrived onsite assessed the situation and then discussed the plan with the homeowner. We had her sign our work authorization and then the techs started. First, they set up a containment area and floor protection, then lifted the carpet and removed the pad, baseboards and set up equipment. In the lower level, we removed the can lights and set up equipment. All areas were dry in 3 days.

water damaged carpet in master bedroom drying out closet after water damage from bathroom

Water Mitigation

Location: Everett, WA

Problem: Dishwasher leaked affecting the hardwoods, kitchen cabinets, and crawlspace.

Solution: Due to health issues with one of the children the mitigation was scheduled out a month. So most of the areas where dry but mold growth had occurred. Containment was set and all affected areas were removed and treated for mold.

water damage in everett wa

Flood in Vacant Home Makes Massive Mold Mess

Customer: Rincon, a large property management company

Location: Kenmore, WA

Problem: A vacant house that had been foreclosed in 2012 suffered a burst pipe in an upstairs bathroom during a deep freeze. Because the home was unoccupied, it sat for several years, developing a catastrophic mold infestation.

Solution: During the summer of 2015, AdvantaClean technicians removed all damaged and unsalvageable materials, hauling away 150 cubic yards of debris for proper disposal. We then treated all of the mold on the structural framing, rendering the house completely clean and ready for re-finishing. Coordinating with the neighbors, AdvantaClean ensured that the site remained clean during the process, and that as little disruption as possible occurred in the neighborhood. AdvantaClean passed both visual and air-sample clearance tests, administered by an independent third party, on the first try.

Check out the before and after pictures below:

Before: Living Room before AdvantaClean started work Before: Closeup of mold in dining room After:  Closeup of interior wall after treatment After: Home perfectly clean and sanitized, ready for rebuild

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