Case Studies

Hedgefield Apartments; Wytheville, VA 24382

Property Manager was concerned the indoor air quality within a 110 unit apartment complex was poor; therefore, potentially causing resident health issues. The complex was approximately 25 years old and to the knowledge of the Property Manager, the HVAC air duct system within each unit had never been cleaned. Upon calling AdvantaClean of Southwest Virginia, each HVAC air duct system, 110 units, were cleaned according to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) standards.

air duct cleaning in Wytheville VAHVAC air duct system

Epperly; Roanoke, VA

A Real Estate agent called regarding a mold issue within a foreclosed property. Upon his request, AdvantaClean of Southwest Virginia conducted a complete inspection of the property; thereby, developing the necessary Protocol and Scope of Work to assure positive post remediation quality air sample results.

air duct cleaning air duct cleaning contamination

All Nations; Wytheville, VA 24382

A church contacted AdvantaClean of Southwest Virginia concerning moisture and possibly a mold issue within a storage area. AdvantaClean of Southwest Virginia conducted a complete inspection of the area in question and developed the necessary Protocol and Scope of Work to address the moisture issue.

Byrnes Chapel; Bland, VA 24315

A church whose building was built in the mid-1800s called regarding a mold and moisture issue within the sanctuary and the basement of the building. The property was occupied only on Sunday mornings, i.e. closed most of the time and did not have an adequate HVAC air conditioning system. Therefore, the due to elevated humidity levels within the Sanctuary and other rooms of the church, mold began to grow on the walls, ceiling, and furniture. There were also water intrusion issues within the basement due to improper water drainage away from the foundation. Upon contacting AdvantaClean of Southwest Virginia a complete inspection was conducted of the property; thereby, developing the necessary Protocol and Scope of Work to assure positive post remediation quality air sample results.

Mold Removal; Bland, VA 24315

Problem: Upon being called by a county inspector, AdvantaClean of Southwest Virginia responded to assess the situation. During the investigative inspection, it was determined mold had developed in the court room and other areas within the building due to the HVAC system operating improperly.

Solution: Due to the extent of damage, it was necessary to remove drywall, ceiling tile, and carpeting in the exposed areas followed by additional cleaning effort. At the conclusion of the remediation efforts, post clearance testing was performed and the areas in question were sufficiently cleared.

black mold removalcommercial black mold removal

mold fungus

Rural Retreat, Virginia 24368

Problem: Client called AdvantaClean of Southwest Virginia due to a home inspector finding mold-like substances and moisture within the crawlspace.

Solution: Upon completing the assessment, AdvantaClean determined a full encapsulation of the crawl space area was the best long-term solution for the property; thereby, providing a climate controlled environment.

crawlspace encapsulationscrawlspace encapsulation vapor barrier

crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier installation

Crawlspace Mold Removal, Marion VA 24354

Problem: Hungry Mother State Park, located in Marion Virginia, contacted AdvantaClean of Southwest Virginia to perform an Indoor Air Quality and Mold inspection at one of the cabins located within the park. The concern centered around moisture and a musty smell within the cabin.

Although visible mold was not evident within the main living area, upon investigation it was determined the crawlspace was a cause for concern. The “minimal” vapor barrier present did not sufficiently cover the ground area; thereby, allowing ground moisture to enter the crawlspace. Ventilation was insufficient to allow proper air movement and visible mold was prevalent throughout the crawlspace area, specifically, on the subfloor insulation and wood floor joists

Solution: AdvantaClean of Southwest Virginia performed mold remediation services within the crawlspace area. First, the old insulation, wood slats, and plastic vapor barrier within the crawl space area were removed. The remaining surfaces, including the floor joists, subfloor, block walls and HVAC air handling unit and supply lines were HEPA vacuumed and cleaned utilizing an EPA approved antimicrobial agent. Next, the floor joists and subfloor were encapsulated with an antimicrobial sealant/paint and the exterior block walls were encapsulated utilizing an antimicrobial/dry-lock combination product. Finally, a new 6ml plastic vapor barrier was installed and the HVAC system was cleaned per NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) standards.

mold removal 1mold removal 2 mold removal 3

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