AdvantaClean of the Lowcountry is a locally owned and operated franchisee of AdvantaClean Systems, Inc. We’re active in the South Carolina counties of Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester. We work at the community level and take great pride in helping homes and businesses address problems of mold removal, air duct cleaning, and water damage restoration. Our light environmental services are directed towards ensuring a cleaner, more efficient, healthier and safer home and workplace for everyone. For this, we direct ourselves towards improving indoor air quality.

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North Charleston Basement Moisture Solutions

In most cases, basements are dimly lit underground spaces far removed from sunlight and air. Due to this, they make for a favorite spot for mold intrusion, moisture retention, and condensation and become home to harmful bacteria and pests. All this pollutes the quality of indoor air. In such a scenario, proper maintenance of basements through ventilation and insulation is critical. Only regular basement inspection and cleaning can help you ward off these health and environmental hazards.

Our North Charleston Basement Moisture Treatments May Include

AdvantaClean of the Lowcountry offers cost-effective and durable moisture control solutions for basements. We strip basements of any signs of moisture, dirt, mold, rodents and their excrements, and make them safe and healthy for occupants. Thus, we directly improve the quality of the indoor air that families and employees breathe in. On receiving a basement-related complaint, we respond quickly and get down to inspecting, cleaning and weatherproofing a basement back to back. Our industry-educated and professionally trained environmental technicians never leave you dissatisfied.

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