Our Case Studies

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Location: O'Fallon IL

Problem: They owners complained of musty odors and cold floors.

Solution: Spray foam insulation was used to seal the perimeter rim joist and sill. We removed the old vapor barrier and installed a sealed 12 mil floor and wall liner.

musty crawl space musty cold crawl space encapsulated crawl space wall liner crawl space

Mold Remediation

Location: New Athens, IL

Problem: An area inside the customer’s home was created to store guns. The room was encased with concrete walls and ceilings. Because concrete constantly gives off moisture, the room had very high humidity combined with the fact that there was no ventilation in the room at all. This resulted in dozens of firearms becoming contaminated with mold.

Solution: All firearms in the room were removed, cleaned, and put back in storage after the room was cleaned itself. However, the mold was just a symptom of a much larger issue, moisture. In this case, all that was needed was to install a high capacity dehumidifier in the room. The room is now at a stable humidity level and free of mold growth.

Anything that stood out on this project: Obviously, the time spent cleaning the firearms was a unique project. We disassembled and cleaned everything from modern pistols to antique rifles, saving the customer tens of thousands of dollars. The most challenging part of the project was removing the stocks from some of the antique rifles. Most of them were fragile, so we had to be extremely careful not to damage them.

Mold Removal

Location: Alton, IL

Problem: The filters in the HVAC system in every apartment of the facility were removed, causing the A-coil to clog and not dehumidifier them air. This resulted in humidity levels of 90% in a couple of rooms! All the tenants’ belongings were contaminated with mold.

Solution: The HVAC contractor removed and cleaned all the A-coils, then re installed the filters. Our portion of the project was to clean the rooms and the tenants’ belongings. This was a project that was on a very tight schedule. We knew how important it was to get the job done on time and to get it right the first time. We passed clearance testing on the first attempt, saving the customer money and time.

Anything that stood out on this project: Seeing the amount of damage that can be caused by the HVAC system not running properly was stunning. This project needed a high amount of attention to detail. Cleaning things that belong to people is something that should always be taken seriously.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Edwardsville, IL

Problem: Because this establishment was a pizza place, they were concerned with the amount of flour getting into the duct work and causing the system to run inefficiently

Solution: We performed air duct cleaning throughout the entire space. Removing grease and flour from the ducts, supply grills, return grills, and air handler units. This allowed the system to run at full efficiency and provide cleaner air for their customers.

Anything that stood out on this project: Not too much of a surprise with this project, the amount of flour removed from the system was significant. Air duct cleaning will provide customers with clean air!

Basement Waterproofing

Location: Troy, IL

Problem: Water was seeping into the basement through floor and wall cracks.

Solution: Install an interior full perimeter drainage system in the basement and repair the wall cracks with an epoxy injection.

Anything that stood out on this project: The homeowner attempted to solve the issue with paint and exterior drainage without success. The AdvantaDrain system solved the issue for good.

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