Mold Removal in Floyds Knobs

Mold needs moisture, humid temperatures, and the right kind of surface to be able to grow. Mold is devastating to homeowners once it begins to spread. Most people can detect mold growth from the smell of mildew throughout their home. Mold spores thrive in areas of your home that experience flooding or leakage.

Here at AdvantaClean we have a team of certified trained professionals that are equipped to handle any kind of mold. We use a hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant that will kill mold growing in your walls, floors, or other home surfaces. It is our mission to find the root of your mold problem and remove the areas that are infected.

In order to reduce the risk of health problems from prolonged mold exposure, call AdvantaClean for your mold removal service today! (812) 359-0207

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