When it comes to crawl space maintenance and waterproofing in Mount Joy, the services of AdvantaClean are incomparable. We are crawl space specialists of repute in the capital region and the surrounding areas. We offer scientific and long lasting waterproofing solutions for your crawl space. Our technicians understand every aspect of crawl space cleaning and maintenance and thus offer high quality solutions that suit your individual requirements. Be it encapsulation, waterproofing, seepage control or mold removal, we have the expertise and experience to offer the best of solutions. With our commitment to customer service and focus on innovation, we have become one of the most sought-after crawl space maintenance company in Mount Joy.

Crawlspace Moisture Solutions

The crawl space of a commercial or a residential building is an area where you can barely stand. This attribute of a crawl space makes its cleaning tricky. Despite being an inaccessible area, a crawl space does have its own importance for the building it is situated in and its inhabitants. Most of the air that you breathe comes from this area; so, it is absolutely necessary that it is free from any moisture, mold or fungus. As a crawl space is a congested underground area, it is highly vulnerable to seepage, flooding and fungal growth. Only a professional agency has the tools and technology to keep a crawl space dry and healthy. So, whenever you notice any mold growth, seepage or water accumulation within the crawl space of your house or commercial building, it is best to call a professional agency.

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