Mold Removal in Hillsboro

AdvantaClean sets the standard for mold inspection and removal in the Portland Metro

Mold and its damaging effects have captured the public's attention as never before. This increased attention has created concerns about indoor air quality and its impact on our health.

Wherever moisture exists, mold and other damaging particulate can flourish. To address these broad-based concerns, AdvantaClean utilizes highly effective procedures that guarantee the health of your home or workplace.

AdvantaClean conducts an on-site evaluation that will locate the mold and its contributing moisture source.

Visual examinations are accompanied by a series of tests, including moisture, temperature and humidity readings.

We service both residential and commercial buildings, providing critical services that include:

  • Microbial sampling
  • Air duct evaluation and cleaning
  • Mold remediation

AdvantaClean always performs these services in a timely and efficient manner, with unsurpassed professionalism!
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The AdvantaClean Promise to You

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    Technical Competence
  • 24/7 Emergency
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    with Professionalism
  • Make Your Home
    Safe, Clean & Healthy