When addressing any interior mold issue, the source of the moisture must be addressed to provide a long term solution. AdvantaClean experts can help diagnose your moisture and mold issues by properly recommending and implementing an attic ventilation system or other corrective measures.

mold in attic in indianapolis

How Can I Achieve Proper Indianapolis Attic Ventilation?

  • Adding insulation
  • Sealing leaky duct work
  • Ensuring bathroom or kitchen vents are not venting directly into the attic
  • Increasing ventilation through installing active or passive attic ventilation systems

Call AdvantaClean For Your Indianapolis, Indiana Attic Ventilation System

AdvantaClean can help diagnose your attic moisture and attic mold issues by properly identifying, recommending and implementing corrective actions. Our attic mold and attic moisture specialists can perform professional mold remediation in conjunction with addressing the attic moisture source-- from simple repairs to comprehensive attic moisture control solutions. To prevent or repair a moldy attic, call AdvantaClean.

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