Not only does a damp basement create a musty smell throughout a home, but it can also create problems with mold. This often leads to health problems when the aroma of of mold spores and mildew circulate the home. It is important to keep moisture out of the basement because it can cause structural damage as well. If you are having moisture issues in your basement it is important that you hire a professional to eliminate the problem.

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Indianapolis Basement Moisture Solutions

Many basements are prone to excessive moisture due to a variety of construction and environmental factors. The most common issues we find are ineffective grading around the home, a lack of properly functioning gutters or downspouts and inadequate ventilation.

Before you try any basement moisture solutions, it’s essential to first correctly identify the source of the issue. AdvantaClean’s professionals are trained to accurately diagnose the source of excessive basement moisture, after which they will begin formulating a plan to address the problems.

Our Indianapolis Basement Moisture Treatments May Include:

  • Improving the grading surrounding your property to ensure optimal drainage
  • Fixing, installing or improving the existing gutters and downspouts
  • Waterproofing the interior and exterior of your basement
  • Adding ventilation and dehumidifying systems

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