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Most homeowners hardly care about moisture prevention in their attic area since it’s not a part of any building code. Even commercial enterprises ignore this thing. The Empty atticsimple reason behind this is – home buyers don’t want to incur any extra cost for anything that is not required. However, this is a grave mistake as they are not fully aware of the actual cost of mold invasion and moisture accumulation in buildings.

What creates attic moisture?

The most important source of attic moisture is lack of proper ventilation in the attic area. The air that comes in is blocked and during a humid season, when it mixes with moisture and the cellulose of wood, the mixture becomes a fertile breeding ground for mold growth. The Kennesaw region has a typical subtropical climate comprising mild winters and hot summers. It is also heavily impacted by humid wind from the east Atlantic coast. This increases the risk of mold growth in attics.

What is the solution?

To find out a permanent solution, it is important to understand the main reason behind the accumulation of attic moisture. Attic is the place where most of the heat is lost during the winter season.

At AdvantaClean in Kennesaw can suggest you a cost-effective way to tackle the threat of attic moisture and mold. We can help you upgrade your existing facility in your home or commercial enterprise. In fact, AdvantaClean can take care of all your attic mold remediation needs. Call us today for free consultation at your home.

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