Mold Removal

Where does mold grow?

Mold grows in moist and damp environments. It prefers warmer temperatures, but can grow in cold temperatures as well. When inspecting your home or building for mold growth, here are some common areas for mold growth:

  • Wallpaper and drywall
  • Duct work and ceiling tiles
  • Carpet, drapes and furniture
  • Attics, basements and crawlspaces

Is Mold Dangerous?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), mold is a potential health risk and should be treated and removed by a certified mold professional. Often, mold grows as a result of water-damage and may present structural risks as well.

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Can mold be prevented?

Mold easily moves through the air, landing on structures like drywall, flooring, and other materials in your home. Humid areas such as basements, bathrooms and crawlspaces are often the main culprits. You can prevent mold by following these simple steps:

  • Controlling humidity levels by properly using fans, and vents
  • Quickly repair leaky roofs, windows, pipes, or any other areas that would be conducive for mold growth
  • Ensuring proper clean up of any water damage
  • Ensuring you have working vents for showers, dryer vents and cooking areas

The effects of mold can be dangerous for your health, and proper removal is necessary to ensure full elimination. Trust the experts at AdvantaClean of Las Vegas Metro.

The AdvantaClean of Las Vegas Metro team specializes in mold inspections, and remediation. We use only the most advanced tools and years of experience to help identify areas of microbial growth within your living space.

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