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A source of multiple problems many do not know about are that attics are one of the most common germinating grounds for dust, mold, bacteria and pests. Water leakage, condensation and poor ventilation are the main culprits. Such unhealthy conditions affect the quality of indoor air that the occupants of homes and workplaces breathe in. Proper inspection, cleanup and insulation are necessary to make attics a healthy space in residential and industrial buildings.

AdvantaClean of Lawrence

AdvantaClean of Lawrence has been in the business of mold remediation in attics apart from offering other services like air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and water damage cleanup in Lawrence, Atchison, Topeka, and Ottawa. Within just a year of coming into existence, we are already a household name and a go-to mold remediation expert. Our credentials include providing prompt, thorough, effective, affordable and consumer-friendly light environmental services to our customers.

What We Actually Do

The role of AdvantaClean of Lawrence in controlling infectious diseases in private and commercial properties is well known. We are a MICRO and IICRC certified company whose environmental remediation methods are far more advanced than those of its nearest competitors. Our professional mold experts are quick at isolating, inspecting, diagnosing and remedying problems of moisture and mold in attics. Humidity control, provision for mechanical ventilation and insulation, and temperature control are some of our key service areas as they are related to attic molds.

Our customer-friendly and affordable mold removal services come with warranty. We remove molds and mold stains growing on porous surfaces. The antimicrobials we use to treat mold problems in attics are selected carefully. In every mold remediation case, we use only those substances that have been designed specifically for dealing with a particular mold issue.

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