Mold Removal

In regards to Mold Remediation, AdvantaClean of Lawrence employees are Certified as Mold Inspectors and as Mold Remediation specialists. AdvantaClean of Lawrence ("ACL") utilizes a cutting-edge technology in Mold Remediation called Bio-Remediation, which involves the usage of an EPA-approved All-Natural Enzyme solution. Rather than using harmful chemicals to kill mold spores/colonies and then having to remove the dead mold without infecting areas that were not previously affected, ACL uses an All-Natural Enzymatic Mold Remover product that treats the entire environment and protects the health and well-being of occupants post-remediation.

This All-Natural Enzyme product is safe for humans, plants, animals, etc. This product contains thousands of plant enzymes that actually consume living and dead mold spores. Once there are no more mold spores to consume, these live enzymes then bio-degrade themselves. Mold colonies that are visible to the naked eye can be scrubbed or wiped-down with this product and the enzymes will follow the mold structures back to the roots and consume the entire mold structure. If the mold has compromised the integrity of the food source it is growing on (sheet rock, wood, etc.), then the food source must still be torn out, disposed of and replaced. Any residual microscopic mold spores that are disturbed and become airborne after physical remediation will be consumed by the plant enzymes in the ACL product when the product is applied in an atomized form through use of a fogging machine.

This Bio-Remediation method replaces the need to build plastic containment chambers and to use air scrubbing machines for 48 hours after remediation. Another advantage is that contents do not need to be removed from an infected area. All contents will be treated and cleansed with the enzyme product. Bio-Remediation is much less invasive and much safer for post-remediation occupants. The ACL product utilized is a Green product and is EPA approved.

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