Mold Removal

Moisture and Mold go hand-in-hand. Moisture combined with the right temperature creates an ideal environment for mold growth. If you have damp or moist areas in your building, a musty odor, and/or visible signs of mold growth, you probably have mold growth that needs to be professionally remediated. Ignoring these signs will likely result in an accumulation of mold on and within walls, causing building material decay, damage to painted surfaces, and mold related health issues.

As a licensed Mold Remediation Company, we can take the stress out of mold issues and their related poor air quality and rot damage in your home or business.

First, we identify the source of the "mold-friendly environment" and propose the best method of eliminating it.

Next, we remove existing mold and mold-infested building materials.

We are careful to minimize damage to exiting building materials, and to prevent the unnecessary spread of mold spores to uninfected ares. We take care to remove and destroy all existing mold, minimizing the risk of mold "re-growth" and costly repeat services.

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