Location: Richmond, VA 22111

Problem: When cleaning air ducts at a customer's home, AdvantaClean heard the customer say that the clothes in her dryer took a long time to dry (a symptom of a dryer vent clogged with debris).

When the dryer was turned on, not much air was coming out the dryer vent ducting at the exterior of the home. Since the dryer was on the first floor and the ducting to the exterior was only a few feet long, AdvantaClean offered to clean it for free.

Solution: We used a "reverse" air whip ball head to enter the dryer ducting from the exterior of the home. This air whip ball blows air back towards you to dislodge lint and debris.

Connected to our gas-powered Pullman-Holt air compressor in the van with long air hoses, AdvantaClean cleaned the dryer ducting without any trouble. Look at all the debris come out.

Hot, dry air from the dryer was now coming out strongly, and the customer says that her clothes dry much more quickly.


Location: Richmond, VA 22111

Problem: A local contractor, Highland Building, was hired to remodel a customer's home, and they discovered heavy mold on the base and corners of basement walls. Some were behind drywall.

The contractor wanted suggestions on how to keep excess moisture from basement masonry as well as a plan for mold remediation.

The contractor was not concerned about mold staining on the masonry once the mold was removed. He planned to add a foam sealant over the masonry after we were done.

Solution: AdvantaClean recommended several ways for the contractor to divert rainfall away from the exterior of the home to prevent it from seeping towards the basement.

Contractors contained the basement before demolition. After contractors had removed the carpeting, baseboards, drywall, and drywall support slats, AdvantaClean began removing visible mold using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEA) vacuum.

HEPA vacuums remove 99.7 percent of all particulates larger than 0.03 microns in size. A "micron" is measurement representing a millionth of a meter in width. Most mold spores (hyphae and hyphal fragments) are larger than that.

Once done, AdvantaClean used an antimicrobial disinfectant solution to remove the remaining mold and mold roots (mycelium).

The contractor was more than happy with our work.

basement mold 1basement mold 2 basement mold 3basement mold 4


Location: Richmond, VA 23230

Problem: Customer hired AdvantaClean to clean the air duct system at her home. She had heavy mold building up around the ceiling diffusers.

This is common when the humidity in the home's air attracts to the cold metal diffusers in the summer. This can cause excess moisture to build up on and around diffusers.

The diffusers were quite rusty in many places; the customer asked us to clean them. However, she was planning to replace them at another time.

Solution: AdvantaClean cleaned her air duct system and used a HEPA vacuum to clean the visible mold off the ceiling. We followed this up by cleaning the mold off the diffusers with an antimicrobial disinfectant solution.

We further damp-wiped mold and any mold staining off the ceilings since they were covered with a semi-gloss paint.

The customer was very pleased with our work.

air duct mold 1air duct mold 2 airduct mold 3airduct mold 4


Location: Richmond, VA 23230

Problem: Customer's clothes were taking too long to dry. The laundry room was humid when the dryer was running. The electric bill was higher than normal.

Solution: AdvantaClean used its air compressor, air hoses, and air whips to clean the dryer vent of lint and debris.

A birds nest was removed from the dryer vent ducting near the exterior of the home. Dried grass from the bird's next, twigs and other material were blocking air flow in the ducting as well.

Once it was cleaned out, the customer's dryer problems went away -- clothes dried much more quickly, the laundry room did not get filled with warm, humid air from the dryer, and the dryer did not need to run as long.

bird nest 1bird nest 2bird nest 3bird nest 4


Location: Richmond, VA 23230

Problem: Water leaked into the offices of a community church after a heavy rain storm. The roof was in the process of being replaced.

The church needed the water cleaned up ASAP.

Solution: AdvantaClean responded to an evening call to clean up the water leaking from the roof inside church offices.

Church officials moved much of the furniture aside to allow AdvantaClean to remediate the water loss.

Steps included detaching or disposing of items that trapped water -- baseboards, cove, insulation, and carpet padding. "Weep holes" (small holes) were made in ceilings to allow water to drain down and air flow to help evaporate moisture. The carpet was pulled up and air movers ran underneath them to dry the carpets.

A dehumidifier was positioned in the affected area to capture moisture in the air and discharge it down a drain. In four days, the offices were dry and sanitized so rebuilding could begin (roof repairs were finished, too).

moisture in a Richmond, VA churchwater damage covering the Church walls water damage removed from the furniture and floorsstructural dryer after a water damage jobblack mold formulating from water damage water damage mitigation inside a churchmoisture control testing after water damage


Location: Richmond, VA 23230

Problem: The air duct system in the wood shop of Richmond's Science Museum needed cleaning since it was contaminated with heavy visible debris. Occupants also noted the poor air quality as well.

The aged metal ducting was entirely lined with insulation padding, and the customer wanted this padding to be encapsulated to help retard the growth of mold.

Solution: AdvantaClean cleaned the air duct system using its portable power vacuum and air compressor with air whips. Due to the length of the ducts, access holes had to be cut into the system.

Once the ducts and diffusers were cleaned, the duct insulation lining was encapsulated with IAQ8000 encapsulant.

Air samples were taken before and after cleaning. The results showed a vastly improved quality of air with much fewer contaminants and mold spores in the air at the wood shop.

air duct cleaning was needed in this Richmond, VA museum debris built up on the museums air ducts dirty air duct that provided poor indoor air qualityair duct mold removal cleaned air ducts to improve indoor air quality cleaned air ducts


Location: Richmond, VA 23229

Problem: A new high-end condominium had a slow leak in its sink plumbing. Upon moving in, the new homeowners noticed the wood flooring (on a slab) behind the sink bar was a different hue from the other wood flooring.

They thought to note of it until a few months later when they noticed the baseboard next to the wood flooring was discolored. They also noticed an odd odor.

The condo owners contacted the warranty office at the new home builders. They called AdvantaClean.

Solution: AdvantaClean arrived promptly and suspected a slow leak in the plumbing.

After testing the affected areas with a moisture meter and adding an air scrubber, AdvantaClean removed about eight square feet of drywall to expose the plumbing and allow for the careful removal of the affected baseboard.

More mold was found on the cabinetry and drywall. After completing mold remediation. AdvantaClean proceeded to rescue the wood flooring and cabinetry with specially constructed containment (poly and painters tape), a dehumidifier and a fan.

The wood floor was dried, sanitized, and saved.

mold testing in Richmond, VAmold removal from a leaky pipe in the kitchen mold HEPA vacuum black mold covering the kitchen island


Location: King George, VA 22485

Problem: New homeowners had a water leak in their master bathroom. It affected their master bedroom, the hallway (with new wood flooring) and the basement underneath.

Homeowners particularly wanted to preserve the new wood flooring. They also had a new granite counter top in their master bath they wanted to save.

Solution: AdvantaClean responded promptly and used one of its Phoenix Firebird heater fans to rapidly dry the wood flooring outside their master bathroom.

The carpet was floated dry in the bedroom after carpet padding and furniture was removed. Baseboards were detached as well since they were trapping moisture.

The master bath cabinetry also had a new granite counter top that needed removing. A specialty company, James River Granite and Marble, were called in to detach the counter top so the cabinetry could be removed. They later came back to re-attach the counter top.

The wood flooring was also saved.

water damage flooding the basement water damage drying after a burst pipe ruined this basement water damage drying on this carpet drying underneath the carpet to prevent mold and moisture drying the insulation after water damage charging the water damage dryers


Location: Midlothian, VA 23112

Problem: Uncle Bob's Storage Facility was adding a new building when heavy rain caused leakage into its existing building. Some storage units were empty, but others had customer items in them.

Speed was very important. The management needed the standing water extracted and dried up completely as soon as possible.

They notified the affected customer units and kept the facility open.

Solution: AdvantaClean was called by the construction company.

We extracted standing water with our portable water extractor and quickly set up a dehumidifier and fans in the affected area. We taped extension cords to the ground and over doorways to be less of a hazard for customers.

The contractors made a temporary tarp covering the area that was letting rainwater into the existing building.

water damage in Uncle Bob's storage facility water damage from flooding water damage extracted from storage facilities water damage drying that extracted the heavy rain water


Location: Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Problem: Customer experienced the second story frozen pipe bursting and flooding the entire center of their home and affecting every room.

Miraculously, the floor under the bathtub in the bathroom directly under the source of the moisture was not affected. However, the insurance company adjuster requested that the bathtub is removed anyway.

Solution: AdvantaClean promptly removed the bathtub to find no moisture underneath. Nonetheless, the task was done in short order to keep the remediation on track.

moisture control detecting in Mechanicsville, VAwater damage caused by a bathroom leak bathtub removed from the bathroom after a water damage leak


Location: Henrico, VA 23233

Problem: A previous customer contacted AdvantaClean to check some "white stuff" growing on the masonry wall in one of her storage rooms. She wasn't sure if it was mold.

Solution: AdvantaClean provided a free mold removal inspection. We explained that the white powder-like material on the wall was "efflorescence."

Efflorescence is not mold. It is a fine, white powdery deposit of water-soluble salts left on masonry (like cinder blocks) as water evaporates. It is a common occurrence in buildings with masonry underground.

AdvantaClean advised the customer to keep her small dehumidifier in the storage room and to keep a look out for any excess water leaking or rainfall around the exterior of the home above this masonry.

white moldwhite mold 2


Location: Henrico, VA 23233

Problem: Rainfall had seeped into the concrete flooring of a home in Henrico, Va., over a long time. The moisture stained the wood flooring on top of the concrete slab floor and caused a small amount of mold growth behind a baseboard.

The customer was especially sensitive to any disturbance of any extra mold spores into the air of the home.

Solution: Six-millimeter polyurethane ("6-mil poly") sheeting was set up around the doorway entrances to the affected room with painter's tape. The air supply diffuser on the ceiling was sealed, and the chandelier was protected with poly and tape as well.

Technicians wore personal protective equipment (suits, gloves, and respirators) to help minimize the spread of mold spores going into and out of the containment.

The wet and stained wood flooring was removed, and the affected area was dried and sanitized. An air filtration device ("air scrubber") was left at the home running for three days following remediation.

The customer was happy with our work and could breathe easier.

water damage removal Henrico, VAwater damage drying Henrico, VAmoisture control testing Henrico, VAwater damage remediation Henrico, VA


Location:Mechanicsville, VA

Problem: Customer's young child caused a second-floor toilet backup upon flushing.

The Category III water (sewage) overflowed long enough to cover the bathroom floor and drip down through the ceiling below. Luckily, the homeowners discovered the problem early and cleaned up the standing water before contacting AdvantaClean. Water damage mitigation had to be performed.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Richmond West detected water under the tile of the two-room bathroom upstairs.

The commode was detached. The vinyl flooring and underlayment, as well as the baseboards and toe, kicks the water touched had to be removed and disposed of off site. Everything was sanitized.

A "thermocam" detected water staining in the ceiling. This helped AdvantaClean to determine the affected area.

The affected ceiling drywall and some insulation above were removed and disposed of off site. Care was taken to protect the chandelier as well as the plumbing in the ceiling cavity. Everything downstairs was sanitized, too.


Location: Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Problem: Customer complained that she had not been able to dry her clothes for more than a week. She didn't know why, but she contacted AdvantaClean to have her dryer ducts cleaned.

On the Internet, she saw that AdvantaClean of Richmond West had a five-star average on a popular online review Web site, She chose us because of that.

Solution: AdvantaClean arrived at 4 p.m. on a Friday.

Upon set up and cleaning, we discovered moisture in the dryer ducts (the air ball in the ducting made a gurgling sound).

This indicates moisture is trapped. Humid air from driers can build up at turns in the ducts. This can cause wet lint to accumulate and block air. This "bottle necking" can cause driers to take longer to dry clothes.

We used a wet vac to extract the wet lint 18 inches or so from the duct boot in the laundry room. We used our forward and reverse air ball assemblies to extract the remaining wet lint from the ducting.

On completion, we reconnected the drier and tested the air flow. It was strong and uninhibited.

The customer was delighted and promised to write a positive review online for AdvantaClean of Richmond West.


Location: Glen Allen, VA 23060

Problem: Customer's most recent tenant had left, but they found a lingering dog urine smell in one of the bedrooms on wood flooring. They needed the smell removed before they could rent it out again.

They had used other companies to clean the affected area but to no avail.

Solution: AdvantaClean used Step 2 of odor remediation -- Remove contaminated material containing the odor.

After a lot of sweat equity, AdvantaClean removed the contaminated wood floors. The sub floor underneath was not affected.

Customers were happy and soon had the wood floor replaced and the home rented to new tenants.

dog urine contaminating the floors floor remediation due to pet odor mold formulating under these contaminated floorsmolded floors


Location: Richmond, VA 23111

Problem: The blocked drainage for a private parking garage downtown Richmond, Va. caused problems after heavy rainfall.

About three inches of standing water at the bottom of the garage had seeped into the stairwell and foyer.

Solution: AdvantaClean used a portable water extractor and long hoses to move water from in the affected area to street drains.

About 12 square feet of drywall and insulation was removed in the stairwell foyer. A dehumidifier and a couple of centrifugal fans were added for a few days to dry the structural substrates.

The customer was pleased with our performance, and they stayed open for business. Same thing happened a few weeks later, and we were called out again to help.

The customer has subsequently had the blocked drains cleared.

water damage flooded the garagegarage flooded from rain water water damage with a could inches of water water damage ruined the drywall in the garage


Location: Richmond, VA 23111

Problem: Customer saw flooding into the basement after a heavy rainfall. The moisture affected more than 1,000 square feet of carpet and several rooms. Some of the rooms had murals on the walls for their children.

They wanted these murals saved!

Solution: AdvantaClean was swift to respond to the emergency call.

We extracted water with our portable power vacuum and removed wet carpet padding. We detached baseboards along the walls that the water had reached.

We added drying equipment and sanitized areas affected by the water. The drywall on which the murals were painted dry in place and were saved. Same with the rest of the basement.

Customers were happy.

water damage ruining the children's mural in basement playroomwater damage soaked through the carpet in this playroom children's mural saved from water damage in the carpet


Location: Richmond, VA 23111

Problem: Customer scheduled a mold inspection with AdvantaClean to determine why mold was growing on a downstairs bathroom ceiling 9 feet high.

Solution: Using one of AdvantaClean's thermocams, we determined that the moisture source was active and coming from one place. See the blue patch surrounded by yellow on the thermocam screen in the photo.

The blue color indicates a different surface temperature of the drywall (cooler). This often indicates that the drywall is wet.

After looking upstairs, we determined that the commode seal in the bathroom directly above was leaking. Using another device -- a moisture meter -- we determined this to be true.

Water was under the tile and leaking onto the ceiling below. Customer hired AdvantaClean to remediate for the water loss. The affected ceiling was removed, and the customer had the commode seal fixed from leaking.

water damage being spotted by the termocam in Richmond VAwater damage spotted on the corners of the ball water damage detected behind the toiletwater damage found underneath bathroom tiles coming from a leak in the tub


Location: Mechanicsville, VA

Problem: Customer had a frozen pipe burst and run in their home for 90 minutes before the water could be shut off.

Foyer at the bottom of the stairs had tile and two layers of underlayment. While the rest of the home was remediated for the water loss. The foyer could not be addressed until a moving company had moved all the homeowner's furniture from the home.

Solution: Using one of AdvantaClean's thermocams, we determined that the moisture source was active and coming from one place. See the blue patch surrounded by yellow on the thermocam screen in the photo.

The blue color indicates a different surface temperature of the drywall (cooler). This often indicates that the drywall is wet.

After looking upstairs, we determined that the commode seal in the bathroom directly above was leaking. Using another device -- a moisture meter -- we determined this to be true.

Water was under the tile and leaking onto the ceiling below. Customer hired AdvantaClean to remediate for the water loss. The affected ceiling was removed, and the customer had the commode seal fixed from leaking.


Location: Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Problem: Water supply line to a second floor commode burst and left for several hours. Water traveled and leaked all the way to the kitchen and then the basement.

The wood flooring in the kitchen and dining room could not be saved as the water damage went on for too long. The adjuster gave the permission for the cabinetry to be removed along with one-of-a-kind granite counter tops.

The large island and gas burners presented problems.

Solution: AdvantaClean hired James River Marble and Granite to remove the granite counter tops over affected cabinetry. They stored the items off site while remediation and build back continued.

James River Marble and Granite successfully re-installed the counter tops. The cabinet company that installed the custom cabinets came to detach, remove, and eventually re-attach the cabinets.

moisture and water damage ruining the hardwood floors water damage removal from the kitchenwater damage removal of the granite counters water damage ruined the island granite


Location: Richmond, VA 23219

Problem: A ninth-floor condominium saw sewage back up from another condominium. The sewage liquid covered the entire, empty condo on all sides up to about 1/4 of an inch.

In cases like this, any porous, non-structural material that comes in contact with the sewage must be removed and disposed of due to the bio hazard.

Solution: We removed all with hard wood floor glued to the cement flooring as well as all baseboards and wood luan under tile flooring in the condo.

The insurance company adjuster put up some resistance, but AdvantaClean insisted on proceeding according to IICRC industry protocol.

All exposed structural material (cement, wood framing) was cleaned and sanitized in place by AdvantaClean.

moisture control testing after a water damage spill left this home in ruins in Richmond VA mold after sewage losswood floor removal after water spillage water damage drying in the kitchen wood floors with sewage spillfloors refinished after water damage mitigation


Location: Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Problem: Customer filed a water damage claim due to a leaking water supply line to an ice maker in their kitchen.

However, their insurance company denied the claim due to the extent of the damage and the length of time the line had been leaking. Some of the kitchen floors were sagging.

Solution: AdvantaClean carefully removed the Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) in the kitchen, but the sub floor underneath crumbled into the crawl space as it had been so damaged by the water loss.

AdvantaClean installed temporary wood flooring, sealed it with tape and set up containment walls with 6-mil poly and ZipWall doors.

The damaged floor was removed and the affected areas were dried and sanitized. The customer's son helped with the remaining demolition of the kitchen cabinets and replacement of the floor.

AdvantaClean assisted the customer by dividing the invoice into payments that fitted the customer's budget.

water damage and drying water damage moisture testing black mold from water damage causing wood rot into the floorwater damage causing black mold to cover the subfloor water damage mitigation from a leak in the kitchen water damage drying water damage mold prevention water damage mold removal and water damage mitigation


Location: Powhatan, VA 23139

Problem: Customers new to the area contacted AdvantaClean to have the air ducts cleaned in their new home. Lots of visible lint could be seen in and around the air supply diffusers, in the ducts, and on the padded insulation at the air return grill.

Solution: AdvantaClean used a 'push and pull" system to clean the ducts. It's portable power vacuum (pull) and air compressor attached to air hoses (push) were used at key areas in their air duct system to help clean the system.

We used another High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum to clean the air diffusers as well as the metal boots they were attached to.

A great deal of debris was removed from the system in the large portable power vacuum (see before and after photos of the vacuum's netting).

Our portable power vacuum is usually attached near the air handling systems using specially made access points. Each of these access points is sealed when we are done with sheet metal, screws and metal tape.

air duct handler cleaning air duct cleaning for a new home mold growth in the HVAC unitair ducts contaminated from new renovation clean air duct handler air duct cleaning by AdvantaClean of Richmond West


Location: 23113

Problem: A freezing cold January Sunday morning burst a lot of pipes, including a home in Midlothian, Va. The water spigot to a hose at the rear of the home had ruptured and dumped hundreds of gallons of water in her finished-off, 2000-square-foot basement.

"I called Kevin and he immediately came out and bought in a crew to begin the clean up and started the drying out process within hours," said the homeowner in an online review.


The carpet was "floated" dry, and some drywall had to be taken out around where the affected baseboards had been.

"Kevin and crew were courteous, thorough, and extremely respectful of my home while reclaiming the water and drying out my basement."

"I have heard horror stories of companies that just wreck people's homes in the process, but they made every effort to dry out my home quickly, minimizing damage, and cleaning up spotlessly so I could begin the restoration process."

She added that she cannot say enough about the professionalism of AdvantaClean and the team of employees.

"I hope nobody ever experiences having your house damaged from water, but if you do this is the company to call!"

AdvantaClean of Richmond West Water Damage 1AdvantaClean of Richmond West- Water Damage and Clean UpAdvantaClean of Richmond West Carpet Water Damage Removal AdvantaClean of Richmond West Water Damage soaking through Carpets


Location: 23235

Problem: The homeowners of this home had passed away and left it to their daughter who lived out of state. A bathroom water leak had gone unnoticed for months, and heavy mold had formed on the adjacent bedroom' ceiling and walls.


The visible mold had settled on the ceiling and upper portions of the bedroom walls as there was no air flow in the home. The mold staining was severe, and the drywall had to be removed as part of remediation.

The water leak was repaired, and the home was remediated for water and mold.

The affected portion of the home was contained with 6-mil poly, painter's tape and ZipWall doors. Air filtration devices were set up in the contained areas. Technicians work Personal protective equipment and remediated the entire area.

The daughter planned to repair everything and put the house back on the market. She was very pleased with AdvantaClean.

AdvantaClean of Richmond West-Mold AdvantaClean of Richmond West Mold Remediation AdvantaClean of Richmond West-Mold Spores and Mold RemovalAdvantaClean of Richmond West Mold Remediation and Mold Removal of Drywall


Location: 23229

Problem: Alecia S. discovered that her bath tub crack was leaking water into the closet underneath. She didn’t realize how bad it was until she took a closer look after noticing an odor from the closet. Mold had built up on the drywall.

Solution: She called AdvantaClean. AdvantaClean contained the closet and removed the contaminated drywall, cleaned the substrates with antimicrobial and dried everything in containment with a dehumidifier. An air filtration device was added to the home to help clean the air in the home of any mold spores that had escaped prior to remediation.

Customer Testimonial:

"Kevin and his crew were prompt, very neat, explained everything in detail,” she said in an online review at “They performed the work, came back every couple of days to check out the drying situation and I felt he was quite reasonable. I most definitely would refer Kevin and his crew to others. Kevin even went above and beyond in recommending some contacts to restore my sheet rock along with getting quotes on having s new tub installed. Very honest, reliable, and (he) truly cares about doing not only a great job but goes the extra mile to help the customer in any way he can. I would rate AdvantaClean 10 stars but since I can only do five stars - five stars it is!"

mold testing in Richmond, VA moisture testing in Richmond, VA water and mold mitigation in Richmond, VAmold from water damage in Richmond, VA mold contamination in Richmond, VAwater damage mitigation in Richmond, VA


Location: 23111

Problem: Commode water supply spiggot leak in the second-floor bathroom. Bathroom needed remediation as well as kitchenette ceiling and tile floor underneath. Crawl space under the bathroom, too.

Solution: Customer searched online using for a company to clean up and sanitize areas of the home affected by the water damage.

The customer chose AdvantaClean due to our good online reviews and speedy/professional service.

AdvantaClean responded promptly. As kitchenette tile could be matched and replaced, AdvantaClean strategically removed only tiles over the affected area to reduce costs for the homeowner.

The home was remediated for the water loss successfully. The customer was happy.

water damage sewage spill moisture control detectionwater damage removal from sewage leak moisture control testing after remediation water damage drying water damage remediation tile replacement


Location: 23111

Problem: A poorly installed vapor barrier had led to moderate surface mold growth on exposed crawl space substrates. The insulation looked unaffected. The customer complained of a "moldy" smell in the home.

Solution: AdvantaClean recommended leaving the existing insulation in place and cleaning the exposed substrates with a HEPA vacuum and treating the affected areas with antimicrobial (see photos).

The existing vapor barrier was in pretty good shape, so AdvantaClean recommended patching the vapor barrier with matching poly taping it in overlapping areas. The exposed crawl space floor was now covered to help reduce the amount of morning-dew moisture from evaporating each day.

crawl space moisture control encapsulation crawl space encapsulation moldy crawl space in Richmond, VAcrawl space mold attached to drywall in Richmond, VAcrawl space mold removal after an encapsulation project in Richmond, VAmold remediation demo that was caused by water damage in the crawl space



Problem: A son visited his parents' home several months after their passing.

Since he lived a fair distance away, he didn't know how much surface mold had built up on the wood siding and contents in the finished-off basement. The air conditioning system was not working in the basement.

His parents were collectors. While the customer packaged and stored a lot of the items, he asked AdvantaClean to clean the wood paneling, many of the contents -- including arm chairs, sofas, and non-porous bric-a-brac on shelves.

Solution: AdvantaClean painstakingly removed the surface mold using High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums. We damp-wiped non-porous personal belongings with clothes and an antimicrobial disinfectant.

On site, AdvantaClean noticed a strong odor of cat urine in a corner of the garage. We provided an estimate for cleanup using an enzyme-based odor removal solution. The customer agreed, and the odor removal was successful.

mold removal from wood panneling mold covering the walls of a Richmond, VA home mold remediation after shots of a Richmond, VA basement mold removal from the basement windows AdvantaClean of Richmond West basement mold removal servicesmold removal and urine removal from the window ceiling


Location: Richmond, VA 23227

Problem: An apartment building owner contacted a roofer to put a new surface on the roof of his 20-unit apartment building.

However, the roofer did not put a cover over the building roof before a big storm. Storm rainfall leaked into four apartments. The roofer also said he could perform water damage removal, but he didn't! Thick mold had grown in the apartments over two weeks.

The owner fired the roofer, but he needed the mess cleaned up quickly.

Solution: The owner called in AdvantaClean to perform mold removal for the mold and dry the apartments so he could rebuild and put new tenants in them.

AdvantaClean quickly surveyed the property, took moisture readings and photographs, and determined the scope of work.

Four apartments were affected. More demolition had to be done, and drying equipment needed setting up.

Within two weeks, the apartments were remediated for mold and water. The owner was happy to start reconstruction so soon.

mold removal after a leak from the roof water damage testing for moisture and mold water damage ruining the interior of the apartment mold growth on the drywallwater damage seepage coming through the roofwater damage drying and mold prevention


Location: Richmond, VA 23284

Problem: The new main cafeteria at a Virginia University had 400 linear feet of exposed metal ducting 16-20 up from the main seating area on the second floor. The lint on top of the air ducts had left dark mold staining in some areas. The school wanted it all gone before students returned for the fall semester, and there were only 10 days left before they returned to school.

Solution: Mold removal had to be done. A five-man crew from AdvantaClean worked 10 hours straight on the Saturday and Sunday before term started to remove the offending mold stains.

We used four 12-foot step ladders so AdvantaClean could cut the cost of renting scissor lifts to get the job done. Tables and chairs could be easily moved around to make way for the step ladders.

A de-greaser solution was used to remove the lint and grease on the ducting with new clothes. Four open grills in the cafeteria left a greasy, sticky film on the top of these ducts. An antimicrobial solution was used where there was heavy mold staining. We used a HEPA vacuum to remove lint in areas not badly affected.

The customer liked our work so much, they hired us to clean lint off the two dozen lamp shades hanging from the ceiling of the massive foyer to the cafeteria.

air duct cleaning in a college in Virginacommercial mold removal from a college commercial mold removal and air duct cleaning commercial mold removal and air duct cleaning 2mold removal on top of the cafeteria vents


Location: Richmond, VA 23284

Problem: We see leaky windows cause mold far too often. This is yet another example of why you should verify that the people installing your windows know how to do it correctly. This window was obviously not installed correctly as it began to leak; as it began to leak, mold began to grow. The homeowner called us to come out and eradicate the mold issue so he could sell his home. As the wall where the growth was found was taken apart, we found that the mold had spread all the way down the wall. Mold removal had to be performed immediately.

Solution: When we arrived we started by removing all the contaminated wall materials. It was then bagged and removed. HEPA air scrubbers were set up to make sure we didn't have any loose mold spores getting to any other parts of the home. We used HEPA vacuums to clean up any loose debris and mold spores for the same reason. When we remove drywall we make sure to cut it out with as straight a line as possible, that way, when the homeowner goes to put in new drywall, it's easier for them. We use laser lines to ensure a nice straight line. Once the effected material has been removed and everything has been vacuumed, we can begin treating the surrounding areas. The whole of the inside of the walls must all be treated with an antimicrobial chemical per IICRC standards to ensure that it is all dead. We do not want any new growth appearing. The homeowner must now have someone come in and fix the leaking window as well as rebuild the areas that had to be torn out in order for the house to sell.

water damage removal in the nursery of a churchwater damage caused drywall extraction from the roof water damage spotting through the carpetwater damage drying in a Richmond West churchwater damage penetrates through a church's walls water damage remediation


Location: Powhatan, VA 23139

Problem: Customer complained that the floor of their new home was too cold, their crawl space was dirty, and the storage space of their crawl space was not optimized. Plus, they didn't have a sump pump in their crawl space.

Solution: AdvantaClean recommended remediation of the mold, taking debris from the crawl space, as well as the old 4-mil vapor barrier.

Then AdvantaClean added new 12-mil poly to the walls and pillars of the whole crawl space. We used butyl tape, poly tape, and foundation pins to hold the poly in place.

After adding "dimpled" crawl space liner, AdvantaClean added 12-mil poly to the entire floor and taped everything tight.

A new Santa Fe Advance 2 dehumidifier was after sealing crawl space vents and any holes in the foundation. We also added a sump pump and back up battery.

Now, with added storage space, the homeowners can enjoy better energy savings as well as a reduced likelihood of mold growth and pest infestation.

Looks so nice and clean now, you could camp out in your crawl space and eat dinner there, too!

moisture and mold in the crawl spacecrawl space mold moisture controlwater heater encapsulationcrawl space vapor barrier


Location: Glen Allen, VA 23060

Problem: Customer's commode backup on the second floor. Water ran for a few hours before discovery. It spread into a few second-floor rooms as well as through the dinette ceiling underneath and onto the laminate tile floor.

At first, the tile looked like it was not damaged. Moisture meter testing did not reveal any water present.

However, after a few days, the edges of the squares started to cup. Lifting up the tile flooring at the carpeted edge, water could be seen underneath. So -- after clearing it with the insurance company, the flooring was removed.

Solution: Tile flooring came up easily. Underneath, however, was a black-and-white checkered vinyl floor on top of luan. This had to come up as well.

Water staining could be seen on the sub floor better now with all floor coverings removed. It was dried and sanitized according to industry protocol (in the crawl space as well).

water damage in the kitchen tileswater damage from the kitchen island moisture testingwater damage drying after a leak in the kitchen


Location: Richmond, VA 23233

Problem: An upscale Richmond-area apartment complex with more than 500 units calls on AdvantaClean to clean it air duct systems, treat for mold and encapsulate the padded lining on the boots of its apartment ducts.

After more than 15 years since being installed, this lining has become infested with mold.

Solution: Replacing the ducting is cost prohibitive for the property owners. The next best thing is to clean the ducts, treat for mold and encapsulate the lining with IAQ8000.

The encapsulate coats the lining with an impenetrable layer -- like varnish -- so it is impossible for mold to grow there anymore.

The customer (and tenants) are pleased, and they keep calling us back to do more.

black mold in the air ducts mold remediation in air ducts mold removal from the air handler vents mold removal in an ac unit


Location: Midlothian, VA 23112

Problem: Customer hired AdvantaClean to remove and replace the vapor barrier and insulation in the crawl space of a newly-purchased home. There was also light visible mold to remediate for as well.

One challenge was the relatively steep slope of the crawl space floor. The old vapor barrier (4-mil polyurethane or "poly") had slid down the edges.

This allowed moisture from the ground to evaporate and help cause mold to grow on the joists and insulation.

Solution: AdvantaClean removed the old vapor barrier and insulation as well as remediated for the mold.

To help keep the new 6-mil poly in place, AdvantaClean used crawl space wire supports bent like an upside down "U" to hold the vapor barrier in place.

This will help keep the poly covering the entire floor, keep moisture under it, and greatly reduce the speed at which mold will grow on the joists.

crawl space moisturecrawl space vapor barrier crawl space encapsulation


Location: Glen Allen, VA 23060

Problem: Customer hired AdvantaClean to clear out the dryer ducting for their home as their clothes were taking too long to dry. The customer had already disconnected the transition ducting and cleaned it out.

Unfortunately, the dryer was stacked on the washer, and the transition ducting went down to the floor then into the wall. In the wall, the ducting went straight back up and over the bedroom ceiling next to the laundry room to exit the home.

The dryer duct exit was basically on a third floor.

Solution: While cleaning the dryer duct, multiple bird's nests were found in the ducting. Check out the video.

AdvantaClean installed an In-o-Vate Defender drier duct grill on the outside of the home to prevent birds from making nests in the dryer vent ducting.

birds nest 1


Location: Richmond, VA 23225

Problem: Customer contacted AdvantaClean of Richmond West for a free mold inspection. Visitors to the customer's home said there was an odor in her laundry room and bathroom.

Solution: Upon inspection, AdvantaClean found no excess moisture intrusion or any visual mold.

However, we did find that in the bathroom, the ducting leading to the floor vent was disconnected. You could see straight into the crawl space. We notified the customer; she had a new HVAC system installed the year before. We suggested contacting them to see if they could re-connect it.

That was probably causing the bad odor in the bathroom. We could not smell or even determine a source of the smell in the laundry room.

AdvantaClean offered to inspect the home's other bathroom. Upon looking at the ducting, we discovered a lot of debris inside. We helped the customer vacuum it out with her own vacuum cleaner. We took a couple of short before-and-after videos.

No charge, no estimate needed.


Location: Aylett, VA 23106

Problem: A senior couple had recently purchased a newly-built home. Unfortunately, the installers of the fridge did not connect the water supply line correctly.

After several months, the homeowners noticed that he floor was swelling around the fridge. They contacted the flooring company; they pulled up 60 percent of the flooring in the kitchen revealing a slow leak and heavy mold. The flooring company put sheets of luan over the exposed flooring.

Solution: Upon inspection, AdvantaClean noticed heavy visible mold exposed in the kitchen around the makeshift covers the flooring company had left behind. The homeowners were adversely affected by the excessive mold present in the home.

After explaining what needed to be done to remediate (clean up), AdvantaClean -- on the spot -- cleaned up the visible mold around the edges of the make-shift luan left behind and attached it to the subfloor with tape and staples. This helped to contain the mold and provide a better air quality in the home.

The insurance company approved water remediation steps, but nothing was covered for mold remediation.

AdvantaClean cleaned up the mold all the same and set up poly containment in the home while water remediation was going on to help improve the air quality in the home and reduce the likelihood of cross contamination.

black mold and water damagemold containment mold


Location: Richmond, VA 23229

Problem: Customer had a slow leak from a water supply spigot in a bathroom with tile floors and tile up a portion of the walls.

The homeowner had already removed about 35 square feet of textured ceiling drywall below as well as about 75 square feet of an affected wall. The mold was visible on the ceiling joists and sub floor.

The customer wanted mold remediated and THE TILE LEFT IN PLACE. He was not going to file an insurance claim.

Solution: AdvantaClean removed the mold using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum, antimicrobial, and clothes (to help remove some stubborn staining).

When completed, AdvantaClean set up "containment" chamber using 6-millimeter (6-mil) poly (polyurethane), painter's tape and ZipWall poles (to help hold up the containment). A dehumidifier, an air scrubber, and one centrifugal fan were placed inside the containment.

After seven straight days of drying and daily monitoring, the moisture levels under the affected tile floor had dropped to pre-loss levels (under 15 percent moisture content).

Some additional ceiling was removed before taking down the containment and pulling equipment. Problem solved!

bathroom mold tile 1bathroom mold tile 2 bathroom mold tile 3bathroom mold tile 4bathroom mold tile 5


Location: Ashland, VA 23005

Problem: AdvantaClean responded to a water loss involving an overflowing commode on the second floor. The whole adjacent bedroom floor was wet as well as parts of the laundry room next door and the entrance to the bedroom in the hallway.

In addition, the ceiling in the garage under the bathroom and bedroom was saturated. Beads of water could be seen forming on the ceiling below!

Something had to be done quickly as a U.S. gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. If the ceiling collapsed, it could seriously hurt someone below.

Solution: AdvantaClean quickly determined that there must be insulation above the ceiling.

Weep holes were not draining the water quickly enough. If there was no insulation present, water on top of the drywall ceiling would drip down rapidly through the weep holes. However, ceiling insulation will trap moisture like a sponge and not allow the water to be extracted easily.

The traditional use of a dehumidifier and fans would not be able to dry the ceiling or extract the water in any timely fashion.

The ceiling had to come down -- and fast.

AdvantaClean moved as much of the homeowner's personal belonging aside and covered the floor and remaining items with 6-mil poly. Parts of the ceiling were pulled down along with the wet insulation.

After the center of the ceiling was pulled and wet insulation removed, AdvantaClean bagged up all the debris and disposed of it all off site. A dehumidifier and axial fan were set up to dry the remaining drywall, sub floor, and joists.

The insurance company was contacted and sent photos of the initial remediation efforts. A storage pod, as well as pack out, was likely needed -- and permission would be requested.

Remediation efforts up stairs were completed in a couple of hours. Fans and a dehumidifier were set up there. But in the garage, a potential hazard was addressed promptly.

wet ceiling above 1wet ceiling above 2wet ceiling above 3wet ceiling above 4


Location: Glen Allen, VA 23059

Problem: Customer experienced a second-floor water loss from the master bathroom. It leaked into the master bedroom, the second-floor foyer and nearby bedroom.

It also leaked through the chandelier in the kitchenette underneath and onto the laminate tile flooring.

Tile flooring in the master bath needed removing as well as damaged carpet and carpeting padding upstairs. Laminate tile flooring downstairs also needed removing (a black and white vinyl flooring cover was underneath). The kitchen ceiling was affected a needed removing and replacing as well.

They needed a rapid response from a water remediation company. They chose AdvantaClean.

Once everything was cleaned and sanitized, they needed help with the "build back," or putting everything back together -- new flooring, drywall, baseboards, painting, etc.

Solution: AdvantaClean oversaw the remodeling and repairs to the home at the customer's request.

The customers felt that this was a good time to do some remodeling to the master bathroom and replace the carpeting and with laminate tile in the home with new flooring.

AdvantaClean assisted with the remodeling and repair work by meeting with the customers to learn about their ideas and desires. Then, after forming a plan, we used trusted, experienced professionals in their various areas of expertise -- interior design, tile, hard wood flooring, drywall, carpentry, cabinetry, plumbing, painting, and more.

We scheduled and monitored the work of each professional who visited the home, followed up with the customer, and made adjustments as necessary to keep things on track and moving promptly.

The customers were very pleased with the finished work. Take a look at the before and after videos for yourself.

Watch Clogged Drier Duct Get Cleaned

Location: Louisa, VA

Problem: Customer contacted AdvantaClean of Richmond West to clean their drier ducting. "Our clothes take too long to dry," said the customer. "We don't know why. Can you figure it out?"

They added that the drier was on the first floor."We don't know where it exits the home. We think it goes out under the porch decking."

Solution: AdvantaClean tested the drier upon arrival. It was blowing lots of warm air from the exit ducting at the bottom rear of the drier.

AdvantaClean that found the drier vent ducting exited under the front porch. We turned the drier on to test the air flow. See the video. Pretty weak air flow.

We used our "forward" and "reverse" air whip hoses to clean as much debris was possible. We tested the air flow again. Still weak.

We entered the basement to look at the drier vent ducting only to see that IT MADE FOUR 90-DEGREE TURNS BEFORE EXITING THE BUILDING. We disconnected the ducting to look inside; it was almost completely clogged. See the videos.

Once clean, the air blew forcefully through the drier ducting once the drier was turned on. Check out the video. Now, the customers clothes dried much more quickly, and they were happy.

AdvantaClean's mission was accomplished!

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