Mold is naturally occurring all around us... Mold is why fallen leaves decay and disappear. Mold affects different people differently; some have extreme symptoms while others are not aware that a problem exists.

We deal with most visible molds the same. First we erect containment and install an air scrubber to put the contained area under negative air. While under negative air none of the mold spore contaminated air will escape the contained area into the rest of the home. We then HEPA vac the area to capture any loose spores, then we scrub with an appropriate tool for the job using a mold killing chemical (typically super strong bleach or peroxide base so it will penetrate the material all the way to the roots of the mold). This will be repeated as necessary. Once the mold is completely remediated we will use a product that removes most staining that may be left behind. Once a final HEPA phase is done we can remove our containment and you can, again, breathe easy and use your home. It is sometimes necessary to remove moldy porous material, like drywall, and scrub behind it. The most effective way to get rid of mold is to remove the moldy material. It will be bagged and taped closed, the bag will be removed from the contained area and from the premises.

We guarantee our work as long as the original cause of the mold has been addressed, no new source of moisture or water is introduced, and the area has sufficient ventilation.

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