Case Studies

Water Damage

Water Damage Removal: We were called out to handle a water damage job. The homeowners had closed on their new home on Friday and Sunday night sewage backed up into the finished basement of their home. Carpet and drywall in their theater room was destroyed. Their insurance company had no clue what their coverage was as the policy had not yet been entered into the system. We were able to leave them clean, whole and sweet smelling. We have done another job for them since.

Things to Know: You don’t realize how destructive water is until you see its aftermath. We have had to gut basements that have flooded. At one house we removed half of the stairway and at another the whole stairway. When ceilings become saturated with water they sometimes come down like a sheet lying across what was in the room. One homeowner left the water running in the scupper sink in the 2nd floor laundry room. They went out to do some shopping and grab dinner. When they got home the water had brought down the ceiling in the main floor living room and continued on to the finished basement where walls, floors, and collectibles were damaged. We were called out on this one at 12:30 AM on Easter Sunday.

Mold Affects Your Health

Mold Removal Is Performed for Your Safety: We helped a couple who was so affected by mold that they were sleeping in a tent in their back yard and only going into the home when necessary. The mold was not visible so we did exploratory remediation in small bites until they were able to sleep in their home. Mold can cause serious allergies and rashes. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, have a mold specialist come detect the problem.

Crawl Space Mold Removal

We started what we thought would be a small remediation in a crawl space. The access was outside of the home and very difficult. We had to remove a large boulder and “excavate” at the access. There was one very bad spot right under the bathroom so we went to the bathroom to investigate and we discovered a huge problem the homeowner never knew existed. Not only was the subfloor in the bathroom riddled with mold, but also the walls on all 3 sides of the bathtub. That mold extended into the kitchen, the living room (and hardwood floor), and the hallway. It seemed a previous owner had handled a mold problem by putting new subfloor on top of molded subfloor. The bad news was that the job grew tenfold. The good news is that the bathroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, and utility room are now mold free and remodeled; all projects that she planned on doing “someday” just not all at once. We subcontracted the build back and let her pay us over the course of 2 years.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts give us their share of surprises, too. We have found children’s toys, pet toys, construction material, dead animals, even a carton of cigarettes that was likely being hidden from parents. Air duct cleaning in important for overall indoor air quality.

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