Case Studies

Mold Remediation After a Water Supply Line Leak

Location: Moore, Oklahoma City

Problem: There was a supply line leak in the laundry room from the washer that the residence had apparently left over time before realizing the water damage had caused obvious mold growth on the carpet itself, thus a much greater potential of being airborne and more harmful.

Solution: First step- Laundry Room

We set up containment on both doorways, one leading to the garage and one leading to the kitchen. Removed the doors, containment from the inside and set the air scrubber connected to the garage thus pushing clean air into the garage. before completely closing up that side of containment, we put all the affected contents (clothes left in the laundry room) in a bag for sanitization. Once both sides of containment was completely closed, we removed the three walls adjacent to the living room 2 feet up and found mold attached to the studs at the very bottom of the base. We remediated that mold through OxyPrep and OxyPar. Finished by HEPAvacing the entire floor walls and washing machine and dryer, along with cleaning leftover dry wall and content removal left underneath the stairwell. This area was a closed off space with zero access, so removing anything left under there from previous construction was just a bonus for the job. We concluded that area by wiping everything with benefect and leaving the job under natural air for 48hrs.

Day Two, we started by setting containment for the living room space in which was a more open and difficult space to contain. First containment was the stairwell which was a lot of fun trying to contain well (followed in the inside of the wall and down the handrail to the floor. The containment to the kitchen posed a much greater difficulty. From there we moved as much contents out that we could and began remediating the drywall adjacent to the laundry room which was the entire wall from the kitchen to the end of the stairwell. Once removed and the studs treated, we pulled up all carpet and pad and tac strips and cleaned the floors with benefect as well. Zero signs of mold left on the floor once the carpet and pad was removed. From there we HEPAvac all contents that we set back in the room and sprayed benefect as well. This was definitely a positive outcome considering the couch ended up cleaner than when we found it. To Complete, we left the room under natural air for 48hrs.

mold remediation mold remediation

mold remediation

Water Damage Clean Up After A Roof Leak

Location: Edmond, Oklahoma

Problem: Customer had an unnoticed and existing roof leak prior to calling AdvantaClean services. Water had migrated through the ceiling onto the carpet below allowing mold growth.

Solution: Started with containment and negative air. We then persisted to the removal of both layers of ceiling sheetrock, including the grid in between. All sheetrock held a substantial amount of mold. From there we proceeded to remove the carpet and pad following. To end our remediation we removed all debris in bags and then treated and wiped with antimicrobial.

water damage cleanup

water damage cleanup

Poor Bathroom Ventilation Causes Mold Growth

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Problem: Bathroom had no ventilation system. Walls around shower were building up moisture over the past few years causing mold growth.

Solution: We started with containment of the bathroom door. We utilized the negative air by opening the bathroom window and sealing it off and attaching duct hose to an air scrubber that was placed outside. We remediated shower walls and ceiling and found a substantial amount of mold on the outside shower wall. we remediated the entire shower including the shower pan and extracted residual water left underneath the pan. We also cut sheetrock 2ft up and 3ft out from the affected area. We concluded by treating the entire exposed wall with OxePrep and OxyPar and removed the debris. We left the air scrubber under neutral air for 48hrs.

Mold Removal in Bathroom Mold Removal in Bathroom

Water Damage Clean Up After A Drain Clog

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Problem: Customer called and reported a flooding in the bathroom due to a drain clog. It was an emergency call that happened after normal operating hours.

Solution: We began by making sure the customers were not in the affected area. We began by extracting all water from the floor and also extracted their rug to the best of our abilities before setting up air movers and dehumidifiers for the drying process. We proceeded the following days monitoring the moisture levels and we set up a containment before remediating the bathroom walls due to long standing moisture. We also removed the vanity that was previously affected from a flooding before and had mold damage. We left the air movers and dehus for a duration of time while continuing to monitor the drying process.

Water Damage Cleanup Water Damage Cleanup

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