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Mold in attic

The attic in a building has a dual role of protecting the structure from harsh weather conditions and providing enough space for utility fitting. Apart from these important functions, an attic also acts as a storage space in both commercial as well as residential building. While the different utility pipes passing though the attic space make it vulnerable to water damage, the stored goods attract a lot of unwanted pests, birds and rodents. These animals not only contaminate the attic space with their waste and urine, but also spread infections and allergies in the inhabitants of the building. In addition to these issues the attic also develops mold growth that damages the structure of the building. To keep all these problems at bay it is necessary that the attic space is cleaned and restored regularly.

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AdvantaClean is a trusted name in the field of attic cleaning and maintenance. In the Orange Park area we are known for our professional services and customer focus. Both the values are important to us and we strive to achieve full points on these two parameters in every attic cleaning and restoration assignment. Being in the attic cleaning business for more than 20 years has given us the expertise to devise the most effective and long lasting cleaning solutions for our clients. Our seasoned engineers and technicians have a scientific approach towards the cleaning work. They used the latest technology to carry out attic cleaning. Whether it is rodent protection, insulation, mold removal or any other attic work, AdvantaClean engineers do everything with utmost professionalism.

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