Coil Cleaning

Preventative Maintenance and Repair of Condenser/Evaporator Coils

Coil CleaningSpiraling energy cost is a major concern among homeowners and facility managers. Dirty coils rub salt into the wound. Clogged cooling coils, apart from contaminating indoor air quality and causing a deficiency in humidity control, consume more energy than required. Failure to do timely maintenance of compressor coils can create an unhealthy environment in living and working spaces. A problematic compression coil doesn’t do optimal cooling and a breakdown may prove costly.

Giving new life to HVAC Coils

AdvantaClean of Orlando, Windermere and Winter Park offers total care to condenser and evaporator coils in the form of preventive maintenance and repair. We serve the residents of both residential and commercial properties. Energy efficiency and improvement in indoor air quality are achieved when our trained technicians mend the contaminated components in compressors. When these coils perform at their optimal level, energy savings can be as high as 15%. Subsequently, there is increased airflow and greater humidity removal. We help restore dirty coils on the verge of a breakdown and breathe a new lease of life into them.

How do we tackle contaminated compressor coils?

Over time, compressor coils get contaminated through dust, moisture, mold, mildew and insect intrusion, not to mention the excrements and musty odor that come on their trail. It’s necessary to detect and stamp them out before they get out of control in which case you will need to buy a new set of coils, which will be cost-prohibitive.

We employ the following remediation methods for dirty condenser/evaporator coils:

  • Chemical solutions cleaning
  • Detergent cleaning
  • Steam cleaning and flushing
  • Foam coil cleaning
  • Use of pump sprayer
  • Powder with water
  • Bristle brush cleaning
  • Pressure washers

We lighten the pressure on compressor coils by clearing all the unwanted dirt and debris, prolong their life and lessen the energy consumption.

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