Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Crawl spaces and attics are some of the most ideal places for mold to grow in; all that's required is the right humidity level (70% or above), the right temperature (it can thrive even in the cold), and plenty of organic matter for food. Since homeowners don’t regularly visit their own attics or crawl spaces, mold could be thriving without their knowledge. In addition, unlike attic moisture, a moldy, mildewed crawl space can have a greater impact on the home’s indoor air quality if nothing is done in terms of moisture control.

Residents of Seattle, WA, however, can do something to both repair their crawl space and prevent mold from returning to it in the future. That's because AdvantaClean offers expert moisture control throughout the area. We're part of a national brand that has had more than 20 years to refine its services, so you can trust us for accurate results.


While our company can treat moisture in attics and moisture in basements, our focus, based on what the majority of homes in Seattle come with, is on crawl space encpasulation. The first step in moisture control is the installation of a vapor barrier - a barrier made of thick plastic - along the walls and ground. We'll precisely measure it out and ensure that the seams are sealed. This will prevent vapor drive from the soil. We'll also block up any foundation vents, as these have been found to increase moisture in crawl spaces.

If there's any standing water, we'll identify the source before proceeding with moisture control. It could be that a pipe is leaking or has burst; it may also be the result of a recent flood. Though we can't do the plumbing work for you, we'll tell you what's wrong so that you can have it taken care of.

Should mold already be present, you can count on us to remove it because we're certified by the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization (MICRO). We'll use HEPA-filtered vacuums to trap and remove this fungus. The last thing we can do as part of our moisture control is set up a dehumidifier.


If you've inspected your attic and found that humidity levels here are also dangerously high, let our team come over for mold testing and moisture control. We can encapsulate the interior, and unlike your crawl space, we can actually create ventilation holes to lower attic moisture.

AdvantaClean is considered a HomeAdvisor Elite Service Professional and even won the Best of HomeAdvisor Award for 2016. Let our branch in Seattle take care of moisture control; call us, and we'll explain each step of the process and how much it will cost.


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