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AdvantaClean of Spring is a leading name in the field of dryer vent cleaning. We are a 20-year-old light environmental services company specializing in mold prevention, mitigation and removal. With our expertise and experience, we have delivered highly effective and reliable services to thousands of homes and businesses in Spring, Klein and Tomball. Our satisfied clients are the biggest testimony to our quality services. Our team of professional technicians can deal with the most intricate of dryer vent cleaning issues with ease. They first carry out a detailed inspection of a dryer vent and then offer a solution to fit the individual needs.dryer vent cleaning in Spring, TX


A majority of property owners tend to dismiss dryer vents as just another part of their laundry set-up because the dryer works in the background. However, dryer vents perform the important function of expelling humid and hot air out of a system. In the process, lint can build up over time when it comes in contact with moisture and dust, and clog the vent. Due to the blockage, the appliance has to work harder, which leads to inflated energy bills. An overworked clothes dryer can breaks down and add to your maintenance budget. If this problem is not checked in time, it may even cause a fire. So, it makes sense to get dryer vents cleaned regularly by professionals. This is especially important for multi-family housing units such as apartments, condominiums and assisted living facilities, not to mention single-family homes. AdvantaClean can help you protect your property and its occupants.

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