Case Studies

Water Damage from refrigerator

Location: 97058

Problem: The water line to the fridge had been leaking for an unknown amount of time and was finally discovered when they noticed that the floor was giving away. The water line caused serious water damage to this home.

Solution: We pulled out the fridge, cabinets, vinyl and sub floor, then created a drying chamber in the crawlspace, and one up above to dry it out. After 3 days of a dehumidifier and fans it was returned to it's original level of dryness, and ready for reconstruction.

Water Damage leak in The Dalles, WA Water damage in the subflooring in the Dalles, WA

water intrusion led us to removal the wall and subflooring in the Dalles, WA water damage drying in the Dalles, WA

wall removal after a fridge flooded the kitchen in Dalles, WA


Location: Scappoose, OR 97056

Problem: A leak under the kitchen sink had been discovered and eventually fixed, but it had been going on for some time and the area had not been allowed to dry out properly. Mold was subsequently found growing under the sink and we were called out to investigate. Upon further examination it was found to be growing behind the cabinets. The water damage that was not properly dried led us to have to perform mold removal.

Solution: The kitchen cabinets needed to be pulled away from the wall to allow for mold removal of moldy drywall and the flooring around the sink area needed to be removed due to water damage.

1) A containment area was created around the kitchen and it was put under negative pressure to prevent the mold spores from spreading to other areas of the house once the demolition work begins.
2) The cabinets were pulled away from the wall and taken out.
3) The moldy drywall was removed going 24" past areas of growth.
4) Wet particle board sub floor was cut out and removed.
5) Remaining structural areas were HEPA vacuumed.
6) The area was treated with an anti-microbial stain remover.
7) A dehumidifier and fans were put in place to dry our the remaining structure and allowed to run for several days until a pre-determined dry standard was achieved.
8) The equipment was removed, and containment taken down.
9) The area was ready for remodel.

mold remediation behind the kitchen cabinets mold removal caused by a leaky pipe in the kitchen

black mold caused by water damage black mold caused by a pipe leak

black mold found under the kitchen cabinets water damage source

water damage seeping through the floors and kitchen cabinets mold remediation and water damage

Moisture Control in Crawlspace - French Drain

Location: Beaverton, OR 97008

Problem: During the rainy season the front lawn is unable to absorb all the moisture due to the slope of the lawn and water is running through the vents and into the crawlspace.

Solution: 1 - A trench was dug in front of the foundation where water has been coming into the crawlspace.
2 - A perforated pipe was inserted and connected to the existing downspout drain.
3 - Fabric was placed over the pipe to prevent clogging.
4 - Rock was placed under and over pipe to allow for drainage.
5 - A french drain is born.

crawlspace moisture and mold french drain water leak into the crawlspace moisture control drain lawn

Mold Removal in Basement

Location: Gresham, OR 97080

Problem: An unused basement allowed to get wet and left for decades without attention now is thoroughly moldy and causing health problems for it's residents upstairs. A doctor recommends that the mold be removed.

Solution: The basement underwent a complete mold remediation.

1) The basement area was contained and put under negative pressure to prevent mold spores from entering other areas of the house.
2) Porous materials with suspect growth like carpet and drywall were bagged and removed for disposal.
3) Suspect growth on cement and sub structure were HEPA vacuumed and cleaned with wire brushes.
4) All sub structure, flooring, and walls are treated with an anti-microbial disinfectant.
5) Dehumidifiers and fans are used to dry out remaining sub structure.
6) Final clean up is performed
7) HVAC air ducts are cleaned and fogged with an anti-microbial.

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