Our Case Studies

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Emergency Water Loss, Slow-Leaking Refrigerator Water Supply Line

Problem: Customer noticed staining on their laundry room ceiling (directly underneath the kitchen). Shortly thereafter the ceiling started to sag. Upon further investigation, the customer found the ceiling to be wet.

Solution: Customer called AdvantaClean of Windham. After consulting with the customer, it was determined that the most likely cause was the water line to the refrigerator. The homeowner was instructed to have the water and electricity to that area of the home shut off, and a team was dispatched. When the team arrived at 11:00 am the source of the water was confirmed, and the extent of the damage was assessed using moisture meters and a thermal imaging camera. The drywall ceiling in the laundry room was removed as was a portion of the wall between the bathroom and laundry room. A dehumidifier and blowers were placed to begin drying the remaining building materials. Upon follow-up visit and consulting with the customer and the homeowner’s insurance adjuster, it was determined that additional drywall and insulation would be removed and drying with blowers and a dehumidifier would continue until the dry standard was met. The drying goal was met after 4.5 days and the area was left ready for reconstruction.

Mold From Water Damage

Location: Thompson, CT 06277

Problem: The customer had a radiator pipe freeze in a room over a garage during an extended below-freezing cold snap. They had a plumber fix the radiator and removed the visible water themselves. Having difficulties juggling insurance calls, adjusters, and the damage to their home allowed more than a week go by before the underlying water damage was addressed.

Solution: The customer called our office on a Saturday and AdvantaClean of Windham came out the same day to determine the extent of the damage. After beginning work and removing all of the unsalvageable building materials, mold was found to be present. But we were able to treat the mold and avoid any further damage to the home. After four days of drying -- the room was ready for their contractor to come in and make it as good as new.

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