Case Studies

Leaky Roof Pipe

Location: Mullica Hill.NJ 08062

Problem: This customer called us due to the mold staining on her ceiling. Upon further investigation, we found a deteriorated rubber seal around a vent pipe that was running through the roof. It was leaking and causing mold growth in the attic that was spreading down through the ceiling of the home.

Solution: After fixing the seal to prevent further leaks, we removed all the moldy insulation and cut out the affected drywall in the ceiling. We then did a thorough mold remediation which includes using a HEPA filtered vacuum, antimicrobial solution, and wiping all surfaces. The process involves wiping and vacuuming three times each to make sure all the spores are removed, and running an air scrubber to keep them from spreading through the air.

leaky roof pipe in mullica hill, NJleaky roof pipe in mullica hill, NJ

leaky roof pipe in mullica hill, NJ

Cracked Drainpipe

Location: Voorhees Township, NJ 08043

Problem: A cracked drainpipe running through the wall of this customer's home proved to be the culprit of mold growing in the bedroom and kitchen. The plumber had fixed the pipe, but the mold still needed to be remediated, so he called in AdvantaClean!

Solution: We cut out the affected drywall and removed the moldy insulation. We also cut out the mold-riddled cabinets from the kitchen, exposing the mold beneath as well. Then we used our antimicrobial solution to kill the surface mold spores, wiped down the surrounding area to be sure spores hadn't settled elsewhere, all the while running an air scrubber to remove spores from the air itself. After carefully wiping and vacuuming all surfaces three times with our antimicrobial and HEPA filtered vacuum, we sprayed encapsulate on the wood beams to prevent future damage to the wall structure.

cracked drainpipe in NJcracked drainpipe in NJcracked drainpipe in NJ

Water in Crawlspace

Location: Woodbury, NJ 08096

Problem: This customer found standing water in her crawlspace when she went under the house to check on something else. When she realized there was a mold problem, she knew she needed help. Our AdvantaClean crew was working on her neighbor's house at the same time, so she asked us to come and take a look! We found that the sump pump had failed, which was what caused the puddling problem and therefore the mold.

Solution: Since there was so much water in the crawlspace, we came out and first pumped it out, then left a dehumidifier there over the weekend. When we came back it was still damp but much improved. We replaced the sump pump, installed a permanent dehumidifier, remediated the mold and graded the dirt floor.

standing water in crawlspace in NJstanding water in crawlspace in NJ

Duct Cleaning & Antimicrobial Wipe Down

Location: Mantua, NJ 08051

Problem: When a building sits unused for years, chances are pretty good that some work will need to be done to it in order to make it habitable again. This customer called us in after another company had done some work to it previously for water damage problems, but she still had some concerns.

Solution: After a thorough inspection we were able to reassure the owner that while there was still some staining from water damage, the leaks did appear to have been stopped and there was no evidence of active mold growth in the condo. To give her peace of mind, we did an antimicrobial wipe-down of the surfaces and cleaned the air duct system to be sure there wasn't anything growing out of sight.

duct cleaning and sanitization in mantua, njduct cleaning and sanitization in mantua, nj

duct cleaning and sanitization in mantua, nj

Home for Sale - High Humidity

Location: Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

Problem: When this real estate company found elevated levels of humidity in the basement of a house they wanted to sell, they called in the experts to remediate the mold growing there. It was an empty home and otherwise ready for sale, so we get in quickly and started to work., standard remediation, empty home ready for sale, mainly surface mold and minor staining.

Solution: Fortunately the mold growth was mainly on the surface and resulted in minor staining on the walls. We did a thorough remediation, treated the staining, and did an air duct cleaning since the unit was located in the basement where the mold growth occurred. The humidity levels were taken care of by simply turning on the AC after our work was done.

mold growth in njmold growth in nj

mold growth in nj

Moldy Ceiling in the Garage

Location: Woodbury, NJ 08096

Problem: This customer had a home inspection performed and found that the garage ceiling had mold on it from a previous leak in the roof. Since that is usually an issue for potential buyers, he called AdvantaClean to do the remediation.

Solution: We came out promptly to do a remediation of the mold on the ceiling. We cut out the affected drywall, fogged the interior and wiped down the surfaces with our antimicrobial solution. We then replaced the drywall and the garage was back to good order!


Shady Attic Grows Mold

Location: Waterford Works, NJ 08089

Problem: Mold can pose both structural problems and health concerns if left in a home. This customer was suffering from mold allergies and when we came to inspect, we found heavy mold in the attic and insulation. We find this most commonly on the side of the roof that gets the least amount of sun, so we know the common areas to investigate.

Solution: To remediate the mold, we pulled out 1800 sqft of insulation and then proceeded with our standard process for remediation. Using our HEPA filtered vacuums and antimicrobial solutions, we removed the mold spores from all contaminated surfaces. Then using our encapsulate, we created a barrier to prevent further mold damage in the future, leaving the home healthier and safer.

attic mold

House on the Market with Mold

Location: Clementon, NJ 08021

Problem: In a real estate transaction, there are often times where multiple contractors are involved with getting a home ready for sale. This customer had a situation like that and discovered mold in the attic, as well as in the crawlspace.

Solution: AdvantaClean was called in to remediate the mold found in the attic, treating the beams and ceilings with our antimicrobial solutions. We also sprayed the attic thoroughly with encapsulate to prevent further mold damage from recurring. Once the mold was remediated from the crawlspace, we then put down a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from causing further damage in the future.

mold found in crawlspace moldy crawlspace

mold found in attic mold removed from attic

High Basement Humidity

Location: Wilmington, DE 19801

Problem: Mold grows from moisture, and moisture doesn't always mean a leak. A high level of humidity in this customer's basement provided ideal conditions for mold growth. Fortunately, they called us out to take care of the situation!

Solution: We used wire brushing to remove the surface mold from the cinder blocks, then wiped them down thoroughly with an antimicrobial solution. Since cinder blocks are porous, we also sprayed white encapsulate. This created a seal so that if mold was to return in the future, it would be easy to wipe off without causing structural damage. We also installed a dehumidifier to proactively maintain the level of humidity in the basement.

moldy basement caused by high humidity mold remediation and humidity control in basement

Dryer Vent Drip

Location: Deptford Township, NJ 08096

Problem: While most people are meticulous about cleaning the lint trap in dryers, the exhaust vent is sometimes put off or forgotten entirely. This customer had a vent on the roof of her condo and the vent cap had clogged up from the moisture and lint buildup in the pipe, resulting in decreased efficiency of the dryer and a potential hazard situation.

Solution: We had to cut the insulation around the pipe, drain the water that had built up in it, remove and replace the wet insulation, plus clean out the lint. This saved the homeowner a lot on potential water and mold damage in the future. While you don't need a dryer vent cleaning even annually for normal, residential use, it is good to get the service performed every few years and is often combined with cleaning air ducts.

clogged dryer vent clean dryer vent

Commercial Sanitization - Office Building

Location: Philadelphia, PA 19113

Problem: The current viral pandemic has a lot of business owners wondering what they can do to ensure the health, safety, and peace of mind of their staff and clients. AdvantaClean now offers commercial sanitization services, and we were pleased to be able to help this office building return to a level of cleanliness to keep people safe when they return to work.

Solution: The building was about 200,000 sqft and over the course of a week, we covered the entire building. We used fog application of antimicrobial solution to cover all the surfaces, then went back and did a thorough wipe down of all the horizontal surfaces and common touchpoints including stairwells, kitchen areas, conference rooms, cubicles, individual offices, bathrooms, etc. To limit the potential for cross-contamination we had our crew in a double layer of PPE (gloves, Tyvek suits, and full-face respirators), erected a two-zone decontamination chamber, and took extra pains to make sure all exposed material (trash included) was fogged and disposed of before bringing it out into the open.

commercial sanitizationCommercial sanitization

Leaky Garage Roof

Location: Wilmington, DE 19801

Problem: A leaky roof can cause all sorts of problems for a home, and mold growth is just one of them. This customer had a leak in their garage roof which caused mold growth on the ceiling and compromised the structural integrity of the ceiling beams.

Solution: Once the roof leak was fixed, AdvantaClean came out and remediated mold in both the garage. We also sprayed encapsulate over the wood to create a water-tight seal. If moisture prompts mold growth in the future, it will be as simple a matter as wiping the surface of the encapsulate with antimicrobial.

garage ceiling water damage mold on drywall in garage

Commercial COVID 19 Decontamination


Problem: A local business contacted AdvantaClean after a potential COVID 19 contamination. The building is a commercial facility with over 200,000 sq ft over 4 floors.

Solution: AdvantaClean met with the site manager for floor plan and tour of the building. After potential areas of concern were noted, AdvantaClean designed a protocol that followed CDC guidelines for decontamination of COVID 19. AdvantaClean started the service next day. A decontamination chamber was erected outside of space to allow entry into building, all techs wore proper safety gear to include PPE. Protocol was followed to include fogging of HVAC system and wiping down of employee work surfaces.

decontamination chamber for COVID 19 sanitizing high touch points for COVID 19

Sanitizing employee work spaces for Coronavirus

Water Damage Call Turned Mold Remediation

Location: Glassboro, NJ 08028

Problem: When a customer thought she had a water damage emergency, she called us right away to help! Fortunately we were able to stop the "emergency" part of it, and were able to bring the danger level down to a simple mold remediation. It turns out they had mold in the crawlspace, which was even more of an issue because the access was in the home.

Solution: AdvantaClean sealed off the living room where the crawlspace access was and remediated the mold in the crawlspace right away. Once finished, we did a thorough HEPA vacuum (covering the surfaces of the room a total of 4 times) and antimicrobial wipe-down of the living room, while running our HEPA filtered air scrubbers. This made sure all the mold spores that traveled from the crawlspace were removed, and that the room was safe to use again.

mold remediation in glassboro, njmold remediation in glassboro, njmold remediation in glassboro, nj

Mold - Second Contractor on the Case

Location: Pine Hill, NJ 08021

Problem: Not all mold remediation companies are created equal, a fact that a real estate company found out when they hired another company to remediate mold in one of their properties. The interior had simply been painted over, and they had entirely missed the mold present in the crawlspace. Since the job wasn't done thoroughly, they had to hire someone else to come back and finish the job. Fortunately, this time they called AdvantaClean!

Solution: We came in to do a thorough remediation on the interior of the home, paying special attention to the basement and crawlspace that were passed over. We also encapsulated the crawlspace to prevent future moisture from accumulating.

crawlspace encapsulation mold in basement

Toilet Leak and Mold Growth

Location: Sicklerville, NJ 08081

Problem: When a customer went out of town on vacation, she didn't think much about the small water in her bathroom. Unfortunately, while she was gone, two different toilets started leaking around the base, and the water dripped down through the floor and ceiling, all the way to the basement. Though the damage wasn't a large area, the long drips going down caused deep water damage, providing an ideal environment for mold growth.

Solution: The customer's plumber is someone we work closely with and he called us in to remediate the mold once the leaks were fixed. We set up a containment barrier to keep the mold spores from spreading, ran a HEPA filtered air scrubber, and remediated the mold up into the ceiling of the basement. There was a surprising amount of damage, but once we were through the home was safely remediated.

mold remediation on an unfinished basementmold remediation on an unfinished basement

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Location: Ardmore, PA 19003

Problem: Dryer vent cleanings aren't just for residential customers, and AdvantaClean has the privilege of providing periodic cleaning services for a number of commercial customers. A local gym has need of bi-annual duct and vent cleanings due to the high volume of laundry they process.

Solution: Two times each year, our team comes out and pulls bags and bags worth of lint from the system, keeping the building safe from a potential fire hazard, and maintaining good indoor air quality!

Dryer vent cleaning in PADryer vent cleaning in PA

Molding Floor Joists

Location: Camden, NJ 08104

Problem: This customer found mold growing on the floor joists in her empty basement. Mold can eat away at the wood, causing structural problems for the floor above in addition to the potential health hazard it provides.

Solution: AdvantaClean came out to remediate the mold. After using our HEPA vacuum to remove spores from the surface (four separate times to be sure we got it all), we applied antimicrobial to kill the mold growth and then sprayed a white encapsulate. This seals up the porous surface of the wood so that if moisture does return with mold growth, it can be easily wiped off the surface with a bleach solution, and it won't penetrate the wood (which would create a need for remediation).

molding floor joists

Bathroom Remodel While Selling

Location: Wenonah, NJ 08090

Problem: This customer was trying to sell her house but while remodeling, her contractor found evidence of mold in the basement bathroom. This isn't uncommon, but unlike the normal issue with shower tiles, the surrounding wall needed more than a wipe-down with a bleach solution.

Solution: AdvantaClean remediated the mold, going 2ft around where the visible sign of mold was on the wall as a precaution. We had to completely demolish the shower to get it all out of the bathroom, but the rest of the basement was remediated using our standard procedures. We sealed off the rest of the house with a containment barrier, removed affected drywall, removed spores with our HEPA vac, applied antimicrobial solution, and ran air scrubbers for several days. Now the room is ready for final touch ups and the house for sale!

bathroom mold remediation in Wenonah, VA bathroom mold remediation in Wenonah, VA

Crawlspace Checkup

Location: Mantua, NJ

Problem: We did a crawlspace encapsulation two years ago for this customer, and per their request we come back each year to re-inspect the area for any damage. While doing the inspection we change the filter on the dehumidifier we installed, and look carefully for any rips or tears in the vapor barrier. The customer lives in an area with a high water table, so the caution is warranted.

Solution: During the inspection this year, we came across tiny holes that were ripped into the lining due to the installation of a sewer pipe that the customer had installed. The tools dragging across the barrier repeatedly had worn down the integrity of the plastic, and so we were able to identify the issue before it became serious.

crawlspace check up in mantua, nj

Sump Pump Check Up

Location: Moorestown, NJ 08057

Problem: We work closely with realtors in our business, assisting with their client's homes during the buying and selling process. A good friend and realtor we work with hired us to change her sump pump in her office crawlspace some while back. The crawlspace used to flood all the and she was concerned. She is now renting the building, so she hired us tore-inspect and see how things are.

Solution: After all years of wear and tear, the sump pump basin was cracked so we went back in to replace it and ensure the integrity of the work we did. AdvantaClean prides itself on quality, lasting work, and we are dedicated to our clients.

sump pump check up in moorestown, NJ

Roof Replacement & Mold Remediation

Location: Washington Township, NJ 08012

Problem: A contractor began a remodeling project on his own home and encountered mold in the attic on the roof joists. He called AdvantaClean in to remediate the mold so he could continue the remodel safely.

Solution: Once in the attic we encountered mold on the insulation as well, which we pointed out to the customer. We removed the insulation, performed our mold remediation on the attic roof joists, and then fogged the area with an extra antimicrobial solution. After we finished, the room was ready for the contractor to continue with his remodeling project, which included fixing the roof which was the source of the moisture and mold growth.

mold remediation in attic on roof joists in NJmold remediation in attic on roof joists in NJ

Black Water Emergency

Location: Blackwood, NJ 08012

Problem: When this customer found wet carpeting in the basement, they called AdvantaClean to come check it out. What they didn’t expect was that the water leaking into the basement was a category 3: blackwater, sewage. Expecting a child, the urgency was all the greater to get this resolved quickly.

Solution: AdvantaClean erected a containment field to protect the rest of the home from any harmful spores in the air, then removed the carpeting and cleared out the room, leaving equipment behind to dry and remove mold spores from the air. We recommended a plumber that we frequently work with and the leak issue was fixed. Then we came back in to remove the soiled drywall, and scrubbed the floors with antibacterial solution to get them thoroughly clean.

black water in glen allen, vablack water in glen allen, va

Efflorescence & Mold

Location: Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Problem: This customer had a house they were set to sell, but noticed water issues on the back wall. The moisture problem had been resolved previously, but there was efflorescence (a white, flaky buildup of calcium) and some mold staining left on the walls. Efflorescence is often an indication that mold may be nearby due to a water intrusion issue, In this case the issue was resolved, but it didn’t look good for potential buyers.

Solution: AdvantaClean set to work with wire brushes and scraped at the walls to remove the efflorescence buildup. Then, using our standard process for mold remediation, we used our HEPA vacuum to remove any mold spores from the surface of the walls, treated the wall to mitigate the mold stains, and sprayed an encapsulate on the wall. The encapsulate spray creates a seal on the porous wall surface. If mold were to grow in the future, it would grow on the seal where it can be easily wiped off with bleach, rather than needing a full remediation. Treated and sealed, the customers were all set!

mold buildup on back wall in njmold buildup on back wall in nj

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Location: King of Prussia, PA 19406

Problem: The employees of a commercial building holding approximately 65 employees noticed dust / debris coming from the HVAC duct work. They called us in to do an inspection and we found that the ducts most definitely needed to be cleaned.

Solution: AdvantaClean reviewed the site including blue prints of the full HVAC duct-work layout. A plan was designed to clean all duct-work during non-working hours to avoid disrupting the employees' daily workflow. The work was then completed each evening over the course of a week. During this week the customer was provided with a summary of the daily events. The job was completed successfully, to everyone's relief.

commercial air duct cleaning in pa

Leaky Window Causing Mold Growth

Location: Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Problem: Two areas of the home had water damage from a combination of leaky pipes and windowsills. These leaks were slow and had the opportunity to create significant damage behind the walls before it was noticed. A mold test conducted showed concerning levels of mold in the impacted areas of the home.

Solution: AdvantaClean identified the extent of the impacted areas and put a safe, containment barrier around those areas to prevent any additional damage. Once the area was safely contained, the impacted materials including rugs, wall, and hardwood were removed using controlled demolition techniques. The moldy materials were taken offsite for safe disposal. The areas were then fully vacuumed and sanitized leaving the home safe everyone living there. The customers were very happy with the work and have been used as references since this job was completed.

mold growth on windowsill in nj

Strip Mall Mold Growth

Location: Millville, NJ 08332

Problem: The employees of a retail store in a strip mall reported repeated issues with mold growth occurring on products for sale to the public. In spite of their in-store effort, working with small dehumidifiers and air purifiers, the issue kept re-occurring. The store owners were concerned with the health/safety of the workers and customers, and decided to call in the professionals.

Solution: AdvantaClean proposed a project plan to remediate the issue during non-business hours to minimize the interference with the day-to-day business. The project called for work to be done in the evenings and in two phases to minimize the disruption to the business of the store. The work was approved and completed after hours over the course of a week. There was no disruption to daily business activities and the indoor air within the store was restored to normal, safe conditions.


Mold in Basement Storage Area

Location: Vineland, NJ 08360

Problem: The customer discovered mold growing on clothing and items stored in her basement. After closer examination, we found significant mold growth throughout the basement in the ceilings and walls. The humidity levels had not been maintained and this had created an environment where mold was thriving.

Solution: AdvantaClean was contacted to review and offer a solution to the problem. The solution was reviewed by the customer’s insurance company and approved. AdvantaClean took the appropriate steps to prevent any further contamination to other areas of the home by erecting a containment barrier. The basement was then fully remediated, and based on the fact that the HVAC system was in the basement, it was also thoroughly remediated following the standards set by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). The insurance company covered the charges and the customer resumed daily activities safely.

mold in basement mold in basement

High Moisture Levels

Location: West Depford, NJ 08086

Problem: Significant mold growth had appeared in the outdoor closet of the condominium containing the HVAC unit and hot water heater. It was not clear where the moisture was coming from, so we had to identify that before we could do anything for this customer.

Solution: AdvantaClean did a thorough analysis of the impact area and determined the moisture source using a Thermal Imaging Camera. Once the area was identified, steps were taken to contain it so it could be treated without further contamination to the rest of the home. We called on a partner tradesman including both a Plumber and a General Contractor to review, as well and provide feedback once the area in question was fully exposed. It was discovered that the area immediately around customer's new HVAC system was not properly insulated, causing significant accumulation of condensation. It was fully treated and the General Contracting partners then properly insulated and rebuilt!

black mold in outdoor closetblack mold in outdoor closet

Standing Water and Mold Growth

Location: Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097

Problem: During the course of a real estate transaction, this customer's home inspector discovered standing water and what looked like mold growth in the crawlspace. The customer had a drainage system in the crawlspace that was not fully draining water accumulation. Standing puddles created an environment with high relative humidity and active mold growth began on walls and ceiling above.

Solution: AdvantaClean reviewed the crawlspace and set up drying equipment to help eliminate the standing water. We installed a moisture control solution called AdvantaSeal, including a crawlspace dehumidifier and sump pump. AdvantaClean worked through challenging circumstances to the thoughtful praise of the homeowner and the real estate transaction was kept on track.

standing water and mold in crawlspacestanding water and mold in crawlspace

Plumbing Leak Leads to Mold

Location: Sickerville, NJ 08081

Problem: A customer called us after discovering a mold problem due to a plumbing leak in an upstairs bathroom that was not visible. Water had been slowly leaking through floor and onto the kitchen cabinets below, undetected. After a long period of time, the mold growth became extensive on the cabinets, walls, and ceilings above.

Solution: AdvantaClean came in and followed the proper protocols to make sure that the mold spores did not have a chance to contaminate other areas of the home. The cabinets were removed along with all areas of the impacted walls and ceilings. The mold-impacted materials were safely treated and removed from the home, and we left a clean area for plumbing and structural repairs so that the family could resume their daily activities as soon as possible.

mold due to leakmold due to leak

Mold Remediation & Crawlspace Encapsulation

Location: South Harrison Township, NJ 08062

Problem: Our customer purchased their home with water damage to basement. As many people do, they attempted to work through mold removal as a Do-It-Yourself project, but after testing the area, remaining issues were revealed with the mold. That's when they called AdvantaClean.

Solution: We were contracted to resolve the remaining mold issue and install a permanent solution to help control future moisture problems. A crawlspace encapsulation system was installed in the basement including a Santa Fe Crawlspace dehumidifier. This conditions the space to make sure that the humidity levels stay at levels that will not support new mold growth. We finished the job and left the customer with a clean, healthy home.

mold remediation and crawlspace encapsulationmold remediation and crawlspace encapsulation

Mold Growth in Abandoned Home

Location: Washington Township, NJ 08080

Problem: This property was abandoned by the previous owner and left unoccupied for a significant period of time. During that time the home was not properly maintained and significant mold growth built up in all areas.

Solution: AdvantaClean was contracted to remove the mold. This was accomplished by creating a plan to remove all impacted structural material including the walls, base molding, rugs, padding, etc. Once this was completed, AdvantaClean went to work setting up equipment to filter and properly condition the air. Over the course of a little less than 10 days, the home was fully remediated of mold.

mold remediation mold remediation

Water Softener sprung a huge leak in Basement

Location: Washington Township, NJ

Problem: Customer walked down to their basement one day to realize that water softening system developed a major leak causing 6+ inches of water in their entire basement. Personal contents were partially submerged, submerged, or floating.

Solution: AdvantaClean responded immediately after receiving the call. The customer was advised to contact their Home Insurance company. Good thing! The insurance company covered the cost of the services.

Water was pumped out of the basement, and then drying equipment was installed to make sure the basement was completely dry within 3 days. An anti-microbial was sprayed on the impacted areas. Drying within 3 days and applying an anti-microbial are critical steps to avoid mold growth!

Baby on the Way - Mold Found in Basement

Location: Glendora, NJ

Problem: A customer identified mold in their basement approximately 3 months in advance of the delivery of their baby. Natural fear and concern caused custmer to seek out a solution to get the mold out of their home.

Solution: Several mold remediation companies in South Jersey were called to come to the home and provide estimates, AdvantaClean was selected for the job. After careful consideration on best approach, AdvantaClean completed a full basement mold remediation including the removal of walls and rugs that were impacted. The items in the basement were sorted and some were thrown away, while salvageable items were cleaned and left in place. After remediation work was done - an independent test analysis of the basement was completed and confirmed that the home was clean and safe from mold. The customer was very satisfied - in their words...

"I called Dave from AdvantaClean to give me an estimate on mold mitigation. I was very impressed from day one on the knowledge and professionalism. His crew Tom and Lou are truly great and trustworthy workers. They had a big job and got it done in a timely matter. I recommend this company for all your needs! Thank you guys!"

Basement Mold Glendora NJ Basement-Mold Glendora NJ

Attic Mold - Stopped Real Estate Sale

Location: Washington Township, NJ

Problem: Buyer and seller came to an agreement on a home sale. During the inspection process, mold was discovered in the attic. Sale was in jeopardy.

Solution: AdvantaClean inspected and identified a water / moisture intrusion issue that caused the mold. A licensed Roofing Contractor was brought in to confirm that there wasn’t an active roof leak, and the remediation work began. AdvantaClean conducted a full remediation, applied a mold fighting encapsulant paint, and removed all of the contaminated insulation. A few days later a test was conducted to prove that the mold was completely gone. A certification was provided that the mold was removed and the Real Estate sale was right back on track.

Attic Mold New Jersey Attic-Mold New Jersey Attic Mold New-Jersey After Attic Mold New Jersey After Attic-Mold New Jersey After-Attic Mold New Jersey


Location: Mantua, NJ 08051

Problem: Customer discovered that there was a water leak in an empty tenant property only when surrounding neighbors called and let them know that water was running out of the sides of the home! The fire department shut down water and power leaving the home full of water and without power.

Solution: Customer was connected with AdvantaClean who arrived on scene within an hour. The site was assessed and work began immediately. Using a high-powered generator and water extraction machines, all water was extracted from the home and the multi-day drying process began. AdvantaClean continued to work closely with the customer and their insurance company to ensure that home was properly dried, and everything needed in terms of documentation, pictures, etc. was provided in a timely fashion.

unknown water leak caused water damage restoration to be performed by AdvantaClean water damage running outside of the home. AdvantaClean performed water damage restoration water damage drying drywall extraction after water damage mitigation performed by AdvantaClean


Location: Woodbury, NJ 08096

Problem: During extremely cold temperatures, a local client based business did not realize that a heating unit in one area of their offices was shut down. The water in the pipes froze, expanded, then cracked - once the temperatures in this are dropped below freezing, An immediate water loss then occurred causing hundreds of gallons of water to spill out onto multiple floors and seeped through to the basement below.

Solution: AdvantaClean was on the scene within 1 hour of contact. A crew of qualified individuals was assembled to complete the full water extraction after business hours. The appropriate drying equipment was set up and carefully monitored over the next few days to ensure that the drying process proceeded as it should. Walls / floors / rugs were removed as necessary and any mold growth potential was avoided.

Frozen pipes lead to water damage in Woodbury, NJ. AdvantaClean performed drying and water damage restoration. water damage extraction performed by AdvantaClean after a burst pipe outbreak and freezing temperatures water damage restoration

AdvantaClean performed water damage extraction after a burst pipe outbreak Below freezing temperatures caused pipe bursts in Woodbury, NJ. water damage on the tile floors

black mold after water damage occurred in Woodbury, NJ mold and moisture prevention was performed by AdvantaClean after water damage was found in the house water damage clean up from burst pipes and below freezing temperatures


Location: Medford Lakes, NJ

Problem: Customer noticed standing water build up in crawl space and unpleasant smells coming from crawl space area into the home. Upon inspection of the crawl space, AdvantaClean discovered a significant amount of debris caused by fallen insulation and dirt build up over time. Multiple pipe leaks caused standing water and the potential for mold growth. Crawl space encapsulation had to be performed.

Solution: After the leaking pipes were repaired, AdvantaClean installed the full AdvantaSeal solution including; the full cleaning of the crawl space to remove all debris and fallen insulation, a high-end dehumidifier with an automatic restart, a sump-pump with a battery back up for power failures, and full liner installed on the walls, piers, and floor of the crawl space. The crawl space encapsulation will protect them from mold growth.

crawl space encapsulation and installation of sump pump crawl space encapsulation with vapor barrier installation mold removal ​​​​crawl space encapsulation to protect against mold and moisture crawl space vapor barrier installation by AdvantaClean crawl space encapsulation with Sante Fe sump pump


Location: Wilmington, DE 19810air duct cleaning

Problem: Customer contacted AdvantaClean to request assistance with what they felt may be a mold issue. After careful discussion and analysis with the homeowner, an older a water leak was discovered under the family tub. This leak caused mold build up in a ceiling which was unseen by the customer due to the fact that a drop ceiling had been installed under the impacted mold area. The customer also complained of constant allergic symptoms occurring in the "non-allergy" seasons such as winter. Mold removal had to be performed due to the water damage.

Solution: AdvantaClean located the mold buildup and more importantly the source of the problem. After the leak was confirmed repaired, AdvantaClean went into action. Mold removal was performed using a containment structure and negative air pressure to ensure that other areas of the home were not impacted. AdvantaClean also completed a NADCA certified air duct cleaning to further address the customer's concerns with allergy symptoms.

The customer was thrilled with the results and went so far as to provide a written testimonial - "I was extremely pleased with the service and attention to detail. I knew what to expect and was very impressed. I would highly recommend AdvantaClean to friends and family."


Location: Mantua, NJ 08051

Problem: Customer discovered extensive mold on bathroom wall in basement. The cause of the mold was unknown. The customer was not sure where to begin as they had tried removing the mold but it kept returning. Residents of of the home were complaining of significant allergies as a result of the mold presence.

Solution: AdvantaClean was able through a thorough review to identify the multiple sources of water supporting the mold. Recommendations were made to eliminate a water intrusion to the basement from an outside water well. This was difficult to diagnose based on the fact that the water was behind existing drywall. AdvantaClean also identified a poorly routed dryer exhaust vent that was causing surface mold to grow in another area of the same basement. Once the water issues were resolved, AdvantaClean dug in and removed all mold sources leaving the customer with a mold free basement.

mold removal mold growth below the pipes of a bathroom wall mold removal in the bathroom


Location: Mantua, NJ 08051

Problem: Homeowner in a Condominium complex was concerned with the potential for dryer fires. Additionally, the Condo Association required that the homeowner have their dryer vent lines professionally cleaned as a preventative measure. Dryer vent cleaning has to be performed with the build up of lint.

Solution: AdvantaClean's team of professionals arrived on time and cleaned the dryer vent within 2 hours. Cleaning out the dryer vent will often improve the dryer performance on top of acting as a critical preventative in potential fires. We pride ourselves on completing our job in a timely, efficient manner and treating everyone's home with respect. We even accept a little help from one of the "4-legged residents"!

dryer vent cleaning dryer vent cleaning to prevent a house fire Technician working behind dryerTechnician working behind dryer


Location: Philadelphia, PA 19147

Problem: A large home improvement store reported that several employees were reporting allergy symptoms and sickness caused by their exposure to an employee work area within the building. The employees noted visible signs of mold growth in the building and an unpleasant smell that was very strong at times. Symptoms improved when the employees were not in the room in question. Commercial mold removal was performed.

Solution: The room was inspected by a mold testing professional and it was determined that an elevated level of mold in the room. AdvantaClean inspected the site and identified the cause significant variance in temperature between the attic immediately above the room, and the room itself. This difference was causing condensation on the vents which led to the mold growth. AdvantaClean thoroughly cleaned the room under negative pressure, and provided a NADCA certified air duct cleaning with an anti-microbial fog application. AdvantaClean also recommended the replacement of the current vents with insulated vents - to prevent condensation buildup in the future. The recommendation AdvantaClean remediation efforts eliminated the mold in the room and allowed the employees to get back to work!

mold removal safety mold removal in a commercial department storemold removal performed in a break room that was making employees sick


Location: Southhampton, NJ 08088

Problem: A customer was moving some objects around on an enclosed porch and discovered what looked like a modest amount of moldy growth. To be safe, they decided to call AdvantaClean for a professional opinion. A water leak was discovered during the inspection that was going into the wall cavity. It was determined that mold remediation was needed.

Solution: During the mold remediation process, it was discovered that the mold growth on the outer wall layer had started deep within the walls and had spread much further than what was visible on the the outermost layer. Fortunately, this was identified during proper mold removal protocols, which eliminated the possibility of further contamination. All mold was removed and or treated with anti-microbial to bring the indoor air quality back to normal levels and ready for re-construction. mold removal in Southhampton NJblack mold on an enclosed porchmold extractionmold from a water damage


Location: Collingswood, NJ 08105

Problem: In spite of a homeowners best efforts to remove mold from various areas within the family bathroom, the growth continued to re-appear over the course of several months. The homeowner was suffering from significant allergic issues and needed to resolve the issue once and for all.

Solution: AdvantaClean investigated the room as well as the attic space immediately above the room. The recommendation was a full mold remediation, and more importantly, ventilation repairs to the fan unit in that bathroom. During the mold remediation process, AdvantaClean was able to take a closer look at the fan unit under conditions that prevented the spread of the mold. There was a full clog of the fan which was quickly remedied, by our efforts. The end result was a mold free bathroom with better overall air quality and a happy customer!

mold growth in the air duct


Location: Atco, NJ 08004

Problem: A customer noticed dark coloration in their attic along the joist (wood framing), and sheathing (ceiling) areas. They monitored it over the course of several weeks and the issue got progressively worse. When the situation was clearly not improving, they contacted several mold remediation contractors to review and determine a solution.

Solution: After carefully reviewing multiple contractors, AdvantaClean was selected to conduct a full mold remediation. Following strict protocols to avoid spreading the mold, AdvantaClean carefully removed the contaminated insulation, and then treated / removed the mold from the impacted areas of the attic. The customer was kept informed of all activity, and was happy with the results. Their commentary posted on line after the service was performed was as follows...

"AdvantaClean proved professional, friendly and responsive. They were always punctual, they listened as much as they explained, they worked with my schedule, and the price remained the same through completion. The staff was courteous, respectful and always willing to explain what they were currently doing; and they were available by phone or e-mail as I worked through my own day. I'm COMPLETELY satisfied with the process and results of my mold remediation job. I recommend AdvantaClean to everyone for any of their services. Truly Professional."

attic roof moldattic mold remediationblack mold remediationmold removal


Location: Pitman, NJ 08051

Problem: Customer noticed discoloration of walls in basement and the occupants of the home were experience allergy-like symptom. An inspection noted mold-like growth immediately below the windows of the basement, and along the walls close to the floor of the basement. Additionally, a drainage pipe from the home above was leaking and adding moisture to an already over-saturated area. One of the HVAC units was located in the basement which was determined to be potentially pulling in mold-spores and moving them through the upstairs of the home, thus explaining the allergic symptoms.

Solution: AdvantaClean performed an overall Indoor Air Quality check and determined there was a need for Mold Removal, Air Duct Cleaning, and anti-microbial carpet cleaning, and some minor pipe repairs. Over the course of several days, all of the above items were completed much to the satisfaction of the customer. The customer was so pleased, they took the time to write an extensive review including some of the following comments...

"By interacting with Mr.Parker on the above-stated jobs, I discovered also that I could be completely honest with him without feeling uncomfortable and that is important to me. David aims to do the best he can possibly do and will work with you until you are both satisfied and happy. I recommend Mr. David Parker and his crew and company -- AdvantaClean with the highest of honors and much appreciation."

mold removal from an outside water leak black mold removal from a crack in the wallblack mold on the basement walls black mold removal after an outside water damage leakbasement mold remediation and air duct cleaning


Location: Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Problem: Prospective home-buyers found what they believed to be the home of their dreams, and went forward with the purchase of the home. At inspection, what looked like mold was visible throughout the attic. The buyers still wanted to purchase the home, but only if it could be made safe for their family.

Solution: AdvantaClean assessed the problem prior to the closing of the real estate transaction, and provided an estimate for services. Once the sale was completed, AdvantaClean moved immediately into action. The attic was put under negative pressure, and all of the contaminated insulation was removed safely. The fully exposed mold growth was then treated with anti-microbial (anti-mold), and the air was then filtered for 72 hours. The indoor air quality was improved, and the homeowner was able to move in without the fear of exposing their family to unhealthy air impacted by a mold contamination.


Location: Medford, NJ 08055

Problem: A residential home inspector discovered mold during the inspection of a property that was under contract for sale. The mold impacted the full crawl space area of the home including the insulation and immediately put the Real Estate in jeopardy of not completing. The issue had to be resolved quickly as the home seller did not want to lose the buyer that was under contract.

Solution: AdvantaClean reviewed and diagnosed a workplan to remove the mold and stop the moisture issue immediately. After the mold was safely removed, the AdvantaSeal Crawl Space encapsulation system (vapor barrier) was installed with a Blue Angel Sump Pump system including battery backup. This ensured that the mold problem would not return and allowed the real estate transaction to continue through completion.

crawlspace mold removal and encapsulation crawlspace mold was found in a basement in Medford, NJ

crawlspace mold removal in Medford, NJ crawlspace encapsulation in Medford, NL

crawlspace encapsulation vapor barrier installation

mold prevention and crawlspace encapsulation sump pump crawlspace encapsulation

crawlspace encapsulation aerial view crawlspace encapsulation around sump pump

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