AdvantaClean Cleans Ducts in Coral Gables

Clean Ducts are Beneficial to Coral Gables Homes

High air quality in your home or business relies on properly functioning air conditioning system with clean ducts. Coral Gables HVAC systems control climate extremes through air conditioning and dehumidification. The system works most efficiently when the ductwork is intact, the vents function properly, and the internal mechanisms operate without impediment. Air duct cleaning for Coral Gables properties is a specialty of AdvantaClean of Miami.


Clearing Residues Improves HVAC Efficiency


Clean ducts in Coral Gables properties enhance the movement of conditioned air. Heavy accumulations of dust particles and other debris decrease the airflow efficiency. The fans and blowers inside dirty ductwork must work harder to circulate the air, resulting in uneven temperature distribution throughout the building. Some spaces may be overly warm, while others are too cold. As the motors strain, they use more energy, increasing the cost of running the HVAC system. Unfortunately, comfortable and consistent temperatures inside the property can remain elusive despite a higher energy bill. The extra work required of the dusty mechanized parts also shortens their life, exposing property owners and their pocketbooks to expensive repairs, including replacing parts or the entire system far earlier than expected.


Clean Ducts Reduce Dust


AdvantaClean customers often ask how they can tell that their HVAC system needs cleaning. This inquiry prompts a different but practical line of questioning:


● Do you have to dust the surfaces in your home or business frequently?


● Does dusting early in the day take care of the problem, or are furniture, counters, floors, and woodwork again covered in dust by evening?


● Do the filters in your HVAC system need replacement more frequently than is typical?


If you have questions like these, arrange for our team to perform a duct inspection. When we scope the interior of your ducts, it is likely we will find a significant accumulation of dirt and debris. Professional air duct cleaning removes the source material, reducing the spread of fine particles inside your home or business. A welcome bonus after dirt removal is minimizing excess wear and tear on your heating and cooling system's mechanical parts.


Dirty Ducts Expose Occupants to Potential Hazards


AdvantaClean is licensed and certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). We master rigorous training and employ specialized equipment to ensure we are highly proficient in your air handling system's routine and emergency maintenance standards. These services can help minimize airborne irritants that can bother most people and can reduce the likelihood of illness for individuals with specific susceptibilities or allergies. As the HVAC system recirculates air, it pulls in microscopic residues from inside your home, capturing offensive bits before or despite diligent cleaning. Occasionally insects or vermin get inside the system, bringing pathogens and malodors from their waste and decaying bodies. AdvantaClean crews can clean ducts suffering from any of these issues professionally and safely. The list of troublesome particles and substances joining the ordinary dirt and dust needing removal from ductwork can include:


● Pet dander


● Animal fur 


● Pollen


● Bacteria


● Viruses


● Paint, solvent, and other chemical fumes


● Dust and debris from remodeling and repair projects


● Smoke and soot from building fires


● Cooking residues -- also known as protein-based soot


Duct Cleaning May Identify Other Issues


The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends that property owners consider hiring professionals to perform HVAC ductwork maintenance every three to five years. As the technicians work to clean ducts, they also check for other concerns. Our AdvantaClean crews:


● Inspect for leaks, gaps, and loose connections


● Evaluate the need insulation installation


● Change or clean air filters 


● Lubricate parts and check for the smooth operation of motors, hinges, fans, and other internal mechanical and movable components


Note: It is incredibly rare to find mold growing in air ducts, occurring in fewer than two percent of AdvantaClean of Miami inspections. Cleaning ducts with confirmed mold growth is inappropriate. The affected ducts instead need removal, disposal, and replacement. 


Clean Dryer Vents are Important Too

Clean ducts in your laundry area are vital to fire prevention. Even when you clean the removable screen between loads, the venting system can become clogged with lint, creating a significant fire hazard. AdvantaClean technicians quickly and skillfully clear dedicated vents intended to move warm, moist air to the outside. 


AdvantaClean of Miami is a leader in residential and commercial duct cleaning resources. Set up an evaluation of your air ducts' need for professional cleaning with our certified staff by calling (786) 243-6782.


Our specialized equipment, training, and experience support the AdvantaClean team's quest for clean ducts in Coral Gables homes and businesses. We take pride in helping property owners maximize the operation of their HVAC systems through inspection and cleaning of the air ducts.