AdvantaClean Discusses the Need for Ventilation In South Florida

Why Stress Over Need for Ventilation in Miami?


Optimal airflow prevents your interior’s atmosphere from becoming overly moist or loaded with contaminants. If property owners take responsibility for addressing the need of ventilation in Miami or south Florida homes or businesses, they can improve and sustain appropriate air quality. Adequate circulation can impede secondary damage like mold growth. If the contractor who built or remodeled your property adhered to current codes, it is likely that your baseline ventilation is adequate and protective of the structural components and spaces inside your home or commercial building. Alterations to that initial blueprint can impact that baseline adversely. When concerns arise related to blocked, missing, or poorly planned and operating venting, AdvantaClean can help identify the vulnerabilities and make recommendations for mitigation and remediation steps.


Which Spaces Particularly Need Air Flow?


The attic and the crawl space are the two areas in a residential or commercial building that commonly suffer from inadequate attention for required ventilation in South Florida. Well-placed and operating vent configurations in these two spaces help HVAC systems run more efficiently and inhibit structural deterioration and secondary damage such as mold growth. Efficient flow of fresh air through these often-neglected spaces requires proaction, guiding top-notch contractors mindful of our hot and humid climate to include appropriate insulation and venting in initial construction plans.


  • Attics 


AdvantaClean explains to customers that ventilation is the broad term for the intake and exhaustion of air from an interior space such as an attic. The rules of physics state that heat rises, and an attic can trap the rising hot and humid air. An adequate and consistent airflow throughout the attic is critical to avoid this. Balancing the intake of cooler outside air through soffit or eave-level vents with the exhaustion of hot air through ridgeline or gable vents is key to reducing the ambient temperature and humidity inside your attic.


Insulating an attic in south Florida with products providing at least an R22 rating helps keep the space cooler by reducing heat transfer from the exterior. Lower temperatures in the uppermost story translate into minimized risk of condensation and potential water damage. Diligent maintenance of an attic-based air handler and other heating and cooling equipment must include keeping the drip line clog-free and checking the drip pan for overflow. 


  • Crawl Spaces


Preventing the rise of moist air into your home or business from the earth forming the floor of a typical south Florida crawl space is essential for structural integrity and healthy air quality. Properly constructed crawl spaces include vents that permit the free flow of air into, through, and out of the area. AdvantaClean emphasizes that once established or restored by our technicians in a crawl space, natural ventilation needs minimal maintenance and is non-invasive and energy neutral. 


What Is the Impact of Appliance Ductwork?


AdvantaClean encourages property owners to vent appliances such as dryers to the outside, avoiding an influx of hot, humid air during operation. Keeping the ductwork clear of lint and other clogs is necessary and easily accomplished by our IICRC-trained technicians. 


Count on AdvantaClean of Miami to share valuable and honest information to keep your property comfortable and well-maintained, stressing the need for appropriate ventilation. We commit to transparent communication with our customers, always available to answer questions and explain straightforward ways home and business owners can be proactive to minimize avoidable damage related to venting issues.     


Our training and experience position us well to assess the quality of your ventilation and suggest adjustments that will improve your situation. Contact AdvantaClean of Miami at (786) 243-6782 for an evaluation of your ventilation needs.