Buying or Selling a Home in Miami and Mold is Discovered

Must Mold Complicate Real Estate Transactions?

Transparency in negotiations about mold issues is crucial to get all parties on the same page. The mere mention that mold might be present in a Miami home or business neither needs to cause panic for the seller nor prevent potential buyers from seriously considering purchasing a property. The availability of professional mold remediation advice and effective, certified services from AdvantaClean can help seal the deal without unnecessary drama.

Understanding Mold Growth and Damage

Mold should never be why a real estate transaction does not complete. Here are some critical points for buyers and sellers to remember:

Remediation of Mold Damage and Causes Is Possible

Mold is a consequence of excess humidity inside the property. The affected property likely has one or more of the following: 

● Roof leaks

● Poorly sealed windows or doors

● Improperly working HVAC systems

● Leaky plumbing

Mold Damage Should Not Cause Fear

In these scenarios, the issues pose problems for the parties as they negotiate, impacting valuation and slowing financing. When a mention of "toxic" mold also appears in a report, a buyer might freak out, and a seller may believe it is the end of the world. 

Education on the connection between moisture and microbial growth helps everyone accept that mold is not the primary problem. It is collateral damage from water intrusions that professionals see frequently and can repair. After successful recovery from the water damage, remediation services from a licensed mold remediator such as AdvantaClean ensures that mold should not return to the treated area. 

Mold Damaged Property as a Buyer Opportunity

As a buyer, you always seek to pay the least amount possible. Purchasing a property where mold was present is an excellent investment because you will get the credit from the seller to remediate and reconstruct the property to your specifications. Consider how you can buy and rebuild using credit discounted from the final selling price instead of spending your money later remodeling something you dislike. This is an ideal situation as you will also be repairing or replacing a water damage source that will give you no future problems. The only downside is the time it will take to complete the work. Make sure you include a discount for this when negotiating the discounted price. Choose an industry-leading contractor like AdvantaClean as a mold remediator.

Proactive Sellers Minimize Buyer Concerns 

Sellers are always looking to receive the most money possible. We recommend reducing buyers' obvious complaints to avoid unnecessary discounts or credits. Although it is challenging to fight the general, untrue perception that mold is hazardous, a seller's best approach is proactively addressing it. Take the initiative to obtain an independent report on any mold and engage AdvantaClean to perform remediation if needed before a potential seller expresses worry. Once you communicate the information in the report and the remediation steps taken, the buyer will not be able to use the mold's previous existence as a negative. Remove the noise before listing.

Other Things that Increase a Property's Appeal 

What else can a seller do to relieve concerns about mold before listing? Refreshing properties to look sharp for the buyers has cost benefits, little things that always work to increase value. For example, if you see stains or deterioration of drywall, arrange for repair of the source of the water before covering them with paint. Stains can reappear in the middle of a showing, not the look you want to promote.

One option sometimes missed is a review of the HVAC system. Over time the ducts collect dust and mold spores, normally Cladosporium. Licensed inspectors who test a house or commercial building with a dirty HVAC system might report positive results for mold. If a seller has not checked the air ducts in the last 5 to 7 years, an inspection and potential cleaning would be beneficial before listing a property. AdvantaClean is NADCA certified and can help you clean your ductwork. 

The presence of mold, rather than creating a tragic situation during a real estate transaction, is an opportunity for both sellers and buyers. If you have concerns, comments, or questions regarding a property and mold, contact AdvantaClean, a licensed south Florida mold remediator, to help you make the right decisions.

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