Atticattic moisture and mold in Milwaukee, WI

Attics are natural place for mold to grow. Mold spores can enter thru the soffit vents of the attic and land on the wooden decking and/or joists. When the temperature and humidity reach levels that will support mold growth (temp greater than 60 degrees F and, microbial growth can start to occur.

Moisture in a attic occurs primarily thru improper venting of bathroom fan ducts, so that shower steam and other household moisture can enter the space. Insufficient ventilation through the attic can also cause problems as heat and humidity are not allowed to escape. AdvantaClean can identify and correct these issues as well as remove the microbial growth.

Our well-qualified and trained technicians study a residential or a commercial building and offer reliable cleaning solutions. Apart from clearing unwanted debris, we also undertake moisture control measures to keep your building free from mold build up and harmful bacteria. Our seasoned technicians spot rotten pipes, mold, and excessive moisture and devise a comprehensive cleaning plan for the attic of your house.

Importance of Attic Cleaning

The attic of a house or a commercial building is an important section that provides protection from harsh weather. This space is usually cluttered with ventilation pipes, debris and other unwanted stuff. More often than not, the attic of a house is susceptible to mold build up and excessive moisture accumulation. This is because warm air from the interior of the house accumulates here and comes in direct contact with the cold air from outside. This happens during the winter season. If there is a leaking pipe in the attic, it can cause rotting. Therefore, it is important to keep the attic of your house clean and free from moisture.

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