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Crawl Space Moisture

Moisture in a crawl space is easily identifiable. In such a small space the moisture is often almost palpable. Visually, signs include wood rot and visible mold, termite damage and wet, sagging insulation. Indoors, you may notice hardwood floors "cupping," another sure sign of moisture issues.

Underlying Causes of Crawl Space Moisture

Crawl space moisture can be caused by a range of different factors. The largest contributor to moisture in a crawl space is the dirt floor. The majority of crawl spaces are not finished, allowing ground moisture to invade your space. If the property is not properly graded, rain and ground water can enter the crawl space, increasing the moisture levels. Poor ventilation allows moisture to stay and leads to mold growth and termites.

Common Solutions to Crawl Space Moisture

Fixing the grading around the house will ensure that moisture is directed away from it. Check out the gutters and downspouts. They may be in need of repair or you may need to buy some! Waterproofing is a great method, both inside and out. For more involved solutions, there are control systems that can be installed.

Dehumidifier and Ventilation Fans as Solutions

Crawl space ventilation systems condition or exchange the air in the crawl space to regulate moisture content. These systems may work off of crawl space ventilation fans, crawl space dehumidifier systems or a combination of both. Crawl space ventilation fans exchange the air in the crawl space with fresh air from outside of the home when the conditions are favorable. Crawl space dehumidifier systems may be necessary in excessively damp crawl spaces, to remove excess moisture from the air. Vapor barriers or encapsulation systems isolate the crawlspace from the earth, keeping ground moisture out of the crawl space, allowing ventilation and dehumidifiers to operate more efficiently.

Expert Help

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