Basement moisture control

basement moisture control in Monroe, NC

Basements, either in homes or commercial buildings, often serve as a storehouse for equipment, machineries, electrical systems, water pumps and generators. Even though they are one space we normally don’t frequent, yet their upkeep for ensuring their proper functioning is necessary. At times, wet basements face problems of water leakage, mold intrusion, and invasion by insects and rodents. AdvantaClean of Monroe offers a full range of basement services including inspections, cleaning and waterproofing to rectify such issues.

Basement Moisture Control Services

Similar to other areas in homes and commercial facilities, basements too become a breeding ground for mold, insects and pests when moisture enters them. We provide moisture control solutions for musty basements through thorough inspections, decontamination, deodorization, cleanup, and interior and exterior waterproofing. These remedial measures are designed to keep basements clean and dry throughout the year. Our highly trained technicians can demonstrate how you must actually start and end a basement cleanout process.

Affordable & Quality Solutions to Dry Up Damp Basements

We offer quality basement cleaning solutions, which you can rate as one of the best in the market. Not only that, our light environmental services are affordable. Our basement moisture and mold treatment solutions comprise waterproofing systems and involve the addition of ventilations to basements. Dehumidification and making provisions for proper grading in and around affected areas are also a part of our basement cleanup package.

Diagnosis of Basement Problems & Solutions for Structural Damage

With the aid of proprietary equipment and processes, AdvantaClean of Monroe does the right diagnosis of basements and makes them a less susceptible area for mold and bacterial growth. Our mission is to keep families and employees free from diseases and environmental disasters. We formulate effective plans to prevent or reverse structural damage done to basements because of flooding, mold, moisture and other factors.

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