Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Cornelius, NC

In Cornelius, NC, there's only one company you should turn to for light environmental cleaning, and that's AdvantaClean. We're actually a branch of a nationally recognized brand, so the services we offer have been refined over the course of more than 20 years. We stay up to date on technology and cleaning methods, and we're a member of several professional organizations, including MICRO and the NADCA.

Mold Removal

We know the kind of threat mold poses. Exposure to this fungus can lead to fevers and fatigue in some, while in others it could cause memory loss or even depression. It thrives in warm, humid, enclosed spaces. If you call us over for a mold inspection, we'll check these spaces first. We carry advanced mold testing kits that will measure the level of mold in the atmosphere.

If you find mold growing across an entire room, then the time has come for mold remediation. We'll use HEPA-filtered vacuums, set up air scrubbers to capture any spores to go airborne, and wipe down surfaces with an antimicrobial chemical.

Since crawl spaces are prone to mold growth, have us lay a vapor barrier across the walls and floor. This is a process known as crawl space encapsulation, and it will keep the conditions for mold growth from being met.

Water Damage Restoration

Flooding is all too common here in North Carolina, but thankfully our team is here to provide damage mitigation. We've handled floods, storms, spills, pipe leaks, and more, and we've helped countless customers file a claim with their insurance company.

We'll most likely begin with water removal, where we use pumps to extract water. We'll then dry out the interior to prevent further structural damage. Whatever can be salvaged will be disinfected. If we use chlorine bleach, we'll make sure to take the things outside so that no one's health is compromised.

Water damage in the basement is particularly dangerous because it can invite mold and mildew. We'll install dehumidifiers and even recommend basement waterproofing, where we lay a concrete sealant over the walls. This will at least keep mold from growing on your surfaces.

Air Duct Cleaning

A clogged air duct has many consequences: asthma and allergy sufferers will be miserable, the HVAC system will not heat or cool as efficiently as before, and your energy bills might even rise. Our team will scrape and vacuum away every scrap of dirt and dust, and we could even enhance our cleaning by going on the roof and washing the compressor coil.

Another specialty is dryer vent cleaning. These vents build up lint and dirt, which can negatively affect your dryer's performance and even spark a fire. No matter how long your vent is, we'll clean every foot of it.

AdvantaClean is here to serve home and business owners in Cornelius and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today, and one of our employees can explain our services in more detail.

We're available 24/7 to tackle emergencies.

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