Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Huntersville, NC

If you live in or around Huntersville, NC, count on AdvantaClean for all kinds of light environmental cleaning. While we can schedule convenient appointments, our office is also available all day, every day, to answer emergency calls.

When you hire us, you'll get the warm customer care of a local company combined with the professional service of a nationwide brand. Below is a short description of what we can do. We serve both homes and businesses.

Mold Removal

Since mold such a toxic fungus, it's important to get mold remediation as soon as possible. Our team will put on the proper safety gear and treat the wall, ceiling, or drainpipe in question with HEPA-filtered vacuums. These filters are proven to capture 99.99% of mold and other microbes. With an antimicrobial chemical, we'll damp wipe the surfaces after we're done.

We can encapsulate any surfaces where mold stubbornly remains. Another service we offer is crawl space encapsulation. The plastic vapor barrier that we'll install will do two things: it will keep humidity down and prevent water vapor from condensing. Thus, mold will have no chance to grow.

You can request a mold inspection at any time. Whether we're checking a single-family home or a giant warehouse, we'll be thorough. Our employees carry high-tech mold testing kits, and for the most accurate results, we can even take air samples. Our advice moving forward will depend on how much mold is in the air.

Water Damage Restoration

Damage mitigation is essential after you've suffered water damage. Burst pipes, roof leaks, and natural flooding are all situations that AdvantaClean is familiar with. The process is usually the same each time: we'll perform water removal, dry the interior, reduce buckling in wooden floors, remove damaged walls, and evacuate any belongings that can be salvaged. We'll clean, deodorize, and disinfect. A team member can even assist with the insurance paperwork.

We have EPA lead-safe certification and follow the same organization's health regulations in all that we do. We also comply with OSHA. With our IICRC-certified technicians, we can handle steam cleaning and other professional tasks.

In basements and other areas where humidity is already high, we'll run dehumidifiers. Our company is known for high-quality basement waterproofing, where we lay a concrete sealant to prevent water vapor penetration. This is a job that's best left after water damage restoration.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are notorious for building up dirt, dust, pollen, and even pet hair. They also retain certain odors, like that of tobacco. Have us clean the ductwork so that your living or work environment can be as healthy as possible. We also specialize in dryer vent cleaning, a seemingly minor task which, if done annually, will actually help in preventing fires.

Established in 1994 and still going strong, AdvantaClean has multiple locations across North Carolina. We're happy to have one near you in Huntersville. Before you give your approval, an employee will provide an accurate cost estimate for the job at hand.

Contact us today to get started.

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