Moisture accumulation in your attic is something you'll have to deal with at some point in your life if you own a home. While you can ignore it and hope for the best, not taking care of the problem can lead to serious structural problems and compromised indoor air quality. Fortunately, you have us at AdvantaClean of Iredell County to help you out, so attic moisture control is a simple, effective process.

Keep in mind that moisture can become a problem in your attic in a number of ways. For example, if you have a leaky roof, even if its a minor leak, mold can start to grow and create problems in your attic. As part of our attic moisture control services, well inspect your attic and determine whats causing excess moisture to build up in this area of your Mooresville, North Carolina home.

If your attic is overly moist, we may suggest the implementation of an ATMOX system as part of your comprehensive attic moisture control plan. These systems are specifically designed to take care of attic moisture problems while reducing excessive heat. Plus, only one electrical outlet is needed to power the control and sensors, and the control doesn't have to be placed in the attic.

Find out more about attic moisture control and why it is such a critical part of maintaining your home by contacting us at AdvantaClean of Iredell County today. We are eager to earn your business and look forward to helping you take care of moisture issues in your attic once and for all.

In the south, excessive heat builds up in your attic. The added heat makes your HVAC system (if in the attic) work extremely hard and reduces efficiency. The ATMOX system works to reduce the high heat buildup by moving fresh air through the attic, improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Call AdvantaClean to learn more about this system.

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