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Success Stories

Location: Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Problem: Customer called to report that her crawl space has flooded and now has standing water. She recently just purchased the home so she did not know the reason why it would flood. Homeowner had some contents in the crawl space but she had moved them around so they would not get affected by the water.

Solution: We responded very quickly and immediately started pumping the water out of the crawl space, we took extra care of the contents to make sure they were no longer in danger of getting wet. After the pump out was complete, we talked with homeowner about her options so that way this does not happen her to again. Our crew booked an appointment with homeowner to have our estimator to look at her crawl space to come up with a plan so she does not have to go through this again.


Location: Aurora. IL 60504

Problem: Customer Called to report that their sump pump failed, water flooded the Utility Room, a bedroom, bathroom and living area in basement. Furniture and contents were affected as well. The homeowner needed expert help to remove the water and wet materials and dry out the structural materials.

Solution: We responded within minutes and started working the job, fixing the sump pump so that it start pumping out water out of the house. We also started to extract the water out of the carpet as well as removing furniture and their contents. We brought in temporary drying equipment to dry the existing structure to prevent additional damage and microbial activity. Upon the completion of drying, we executed reconstruction repairs completely refinishing all the rooms in basement to original glory.


Location: Wheaton, IL 60189

Problem: Customer called to report her basement theater room had flooded and still had standing water. The furniture, rugs and other personal belongings were floating in the near two feet of water. The sump pump had failed causing this area of the basement to become submerged. The homeowner needed expert help to pump out the water, remove the wet materials and dry out the structural materials.

Solution: We responded within minutes and rushed into action, pumping the water out of the flooded basement area, protecting the home from additional damage, replacing the sump pump, removing water damaged personal belongings and building materials, and brought in temporary drying equipment to dry the existing structure to prevent additional damage and microbial activity. Upon completion of the drying, we executed the reconstruction completely refinishing the room.

HomeFloodingBefore.jpg HomeFloodingAfter.jpg

Location: Downers Grove, IL 60516

Problem: Flooded Basement from Sump Pump failure. Following a weekend of periodic heavy rain storms the sump pump was overwhelmed causing the basement to flood with over two feet of water damaging the interior finishes in addition to the furniture and other contents.

Solution: The AdvantaClean of DuPage County team partnered with the home owner to systematically remove the wet contents and furniture from the basement to clear the area enabling the mitigation process to be implemented. The majority of the remaining bulk water was extracted, the carpet, carpet pad, trim work and impacted wet drywall were uninstalled, bagged, and removed from the home. After completing our standard cleaning process, commercial grade dehumidification, HEPA filtered air filtration devices and air movers were employed to thoroughly dry the structure to accepted industry recognized dry standards.


Location: Hinsdale, IL 60521

Problem: "Mold Contaminated Attic Sheeting. The insulation was found to be pushed too tightly into the soffit area preventing the eve ventilation system from performing as designed. The lack of ventilation allowed for condensation, introducing moisture into the attic creating an environment conducive to mold growth."

Solution: Cut back the insulation four inches around the full attic perimeter allowing the attic to breath and ventilate as designed. Completed our AdvantaClean of DuPage County standard three step process to remove, cleanse, and neutralize the microbial contamination restoring the structural material.


Location: Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Problem: Broken pipe caused flooding in warehouse and also in work offices.

Solution: We were called at 1AM to come out, our project manager went to site, figured out what we needed and had crew bring everything. The company asked us to save their wood floor and be able clean up in a way so that way their operations would not need to shut down. We were able to dry the wood floor and also be able to clean up the water so that way their operations never shut down at all. We had awesome communication with customer and our team and because of this we were able to get this job done in a very tight deadline.

Photo-Feb-21_-2-44-09-AM.jpg Photo-Feb-21_-2-49-07-AM.jpg

Location: Naperville, IL 60134

Problem: Overwhelmed sump pump led to sump pump failure, resulting in excess bulk water and moisture trapped in crawl space for long period of time. Lack of drainage tile inside crawl space allows for water seepage to accumulate and settle in different areas. As a result, Secondary Mold Growth damage occurred on underside of Sub-floor and Joists within crawl space.

Solution: -Sump Pump Replacement
-Mold Remediation, including:
Establish containment barrier at crawlspace entrance to prevent cross contamination and protect the home
2 Drieaz HEPA 500 Air Scrubbers
Remove all excess debris and insulation
Remove heavy surface mold by HEPA vacuuming all floor joists, sub floors, and box & band joists
Chemically clean all organic structure with a Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning product, followed by an EPA approved Anti-Microbial product
-Install drainage system around perimeter by digging trenches with a sloped gradient downward toward and into sump pump -Install Fiberglass reinforced Polyethylene Liner, mechanically fastened and sealed to foundation with Polyurethane caulk

image-3.jpg image-2.jpg Photo-Dec-13_-1-45-31-PM.jpg Photo-Dec-11_-2-56-55-PM.jpg Photo-Dec-13_-2-26-03-PM.jpg Photo-Dec-11_-2-58-05-PM.jpg Photo-Dec-14_-3-48-47-PM.jpg Photo-Dec-14_-3-49-21-PM.jpg 

Location: Wayne, IL 60184

Problem: Main and Battery back-up Pumps Failed do to high volume of incoming water.

Solution: Installed Two Dual Pump Systems with digital level sensors and controller that monitors all pump activity, each with a battery back-up. The controller is capable of being wired to the home security system to assist in alerting the homeowner of pump issues. By making use of an adjacent sump pit, we created an overflow pit to back up the main dual pump system. To do this we installed a 3" PVC pipe, above the highest sensor height but below the incoming drainage tile, connecting the main pit to the back-up pit.

image-5.jpg image-6.jpg Photo-Feb-02_-2-18-42-PM.jpg Photo-Feb-02_-3-56-05-PM.jpg Photo-Feb-02_-10-33-15-AM.jpg Photo-Jan-31_-10-44-10-AM.jpg

Location: Naperville, IL 60540

Problem: Contractor was hired to improve attic ventilation and evaluate current value/efficiency of insulation, but discovered visible mold on sheathing throughout the attic. The Proper inspection determined the cause of mold growth to be moisture from condensation as a result of the previously inadequate ventilation and improper bathroom fan exhausting.

Solution: Ventilation and exhausting problems were resolved by the contractor where he cleared out clogged soffit vents and installed exhausted bathroom fans to terminate through the roof. AdvantaClean of Dupage County performed mold removal and stain removal. We began by protecting the home from any damage by covering the floor from the home's entry to the attic hatch with leak proof mats and adhesive carpet protector. Then, we treated the attic sheathing and rafters to lift and remove the soil load, mold colonization, leaving the attic free of the previous staining.

photo-feb-13-2-44-51-pm.jpg photo-jan-31-9-49-56-am.jpg photo-jan-31-10-01-23-am.jpg photo-feb-13-2-46-29-pm.jpg photo-feb-13-2-47-36-pm.jpg photo-feb-13-2-46-42-pm.jpg

Location: Oak Brook, IL 60523

Problem: Wet carpet near the exterior wall in basement led the homeowner to explore the cause. Homeowner pulled back the carpet, found visible black growth stretching about 8 ft along under side and edge of the carpet. At this point, water intrusion was identified coming from behind drywall directly under a window. Homeowner removed a small section of baseboard, and multiple layers of drywall and wood paneling, exposing an actively leaking foundation crack as well as evidence of mold on the bottom few inches of the drywall adjacent to the removed area of drywall and paneling.

Solution: Moisture Problem Resolved: Homeowner hired foundation repair company to patch and test the crack. We then isolated the work area, constructed floor to ceiling containment, and separated the area of concern from the rest of the basement. We Placed a HEPA 500 Air Scrubber within the containment and exhausting out of the contained space. This is to control the airflow by creating negative pressure in the contained space, preventing air born mold spores from contaminating the rest of the home. The mold remediation process was performed. We HEPA vacuumed heavy visible mold growth and debris from surface of impacted areas before any demo is started. For demo we removed and placed affected materials (4SF of drywall and wood paneling, 16LF of baseboard) directly into trash bags, “gooseneck” and yellow tape bags. Then we prepared demoed /affected areas for thorough cleaning process. During cleaning we bagged debris that could not be HEPA vacuumed. Swept up screws, nails, heavy dust and debris. HEPA vacuumed every inch of the work area (entire contained space) methodically to capture non-visible mold spores (top and bottom of carpet, pad had already been removed by homeowner). Then we used a chemical treatment to spray with hydrogen peroxide cleaner. Scrubbed treated areas with stiff bristled brush. Extracted excess cleaning solution using shop-vac. Followed-up with antimicrobial treatment of building materials as well as affected carpet. Lastly, used a stain removing product to remove dark, moldy stained areas on under side of carpet.

photo-feb-16-9-20-02-am.jpg photo-feb-16-9-37-34-am.jpg photo-feb-16-9-19-58-am.jpg photo-feb-16-9-37-36-am.jpg photo-feb-16-9-49-24-am.jpg photo-feb-16-10-04-03-am.jpg photo-feb-16-10-43-10-am.jpg photo-feb-16-10-57-04-am.jpg photo-feb-16-11-25-56-am.jpg