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How important is it to keep your attic in good shape?
Generally, attics, either in residential or commercial properties, house sensitive materials like electrical wiring, plumbing, elevator hoists, insulation and air ducts. But sometimes, we find water leakage from air ducts in attics or else moisture and mold building up inside an attic.

Such a situation makes us susceptible to a variety of health problems besides affecting indoor air quality. That’s why regular inspection, cleaning, and waterproofing of attics is imperative.

What causes the formation of attic moisture and attic mold?

Lack of proper ventilation and insulation is the obvious cause. Still, many homes today are devoid of an exhaust system that can take air from kitchen, dryer and bathroom vents to the exterior of a building. Improper exhaustion of these vents leads to the deposition of moist air into attics. The resulting humidity becomes a cause for uncontrolled mold growth.

What is the way out of this mess?

The solution lies in hiring a dedicated and professional light environmental services company like AdvantaClean. AdvantaClean of Dupage County, active in the Naperville, and surrounding areas, provides unparalleled environmental remediation services to its customers.

Our technicians do an excellent job of stopping or reversing the extent of damage done to attics in private and industrial properties due to moisture collection and mold intrusion. We use a variety of anti-bacterial and moldicides to clean the attic floor and roof.

Our attic mold remediation experts use efficient equipment and processes for attic disinfection and cleanup. We determine the extent of mold growth in attics and clear all of it without leaving a trace.

AdvantaClean of Dupage County is compliant with OSHA guidelines and standards while servicing HVAC systems and improving the quality of indoor air in and around Naperville. Thus, we can be your reliable partner in building and sustain a healthy indoor environment for your family and employees.

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