AdvantaClean of New Bern and The Crystal Coast Case Studies

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Success Stories

Location: Emerald Isle, NC 28562

Problem: Dirty and contaminated air duct system

Solution: Clean and Sanitize the HVAC system 

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Location: Beaufort, NC 28562

Problem: Multiple leaks from windows and roof were identified, black mold growing throughout the home including clothing, furniture and other belongings

Solution: Fix the leaks, whole house mold remediation. 


Location: Havelock, NC 28562

Problem: Plumbing disconnected causing raw sewage to flood crawlspace. This led to massive odor and bacterial issues and also affecting duct work and air quality.

Solution: Pump out raw sewage then apply antimicrobial and disinfectant to all affected areas. Remove contaminated vapor barrier and install new. Remediate black mold and other growth using HEPA filtration followed by application of antimicrobial agents. Sanitize entire space. 

hv1-image-1.jpg hv2-image-2.jpg hv4-image-4.jpg hv5-image-5.jpg hv8-image-8.jpg image-17.jpg

Location: Jacksonville, NC 28562

Problem: Toilet Supply Line Broke Flooding The Home

Solution: Water Damage Mitigation / Dryout and Water Damage Restoration / Repairs 

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Location: Morehead City, NC 28562

Problem: Black mold in crawlspace inhibiting sale of property

Solution: Mold Remediation, Encapsulation, New Insulation and Vapor Barrier

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Location: Washington, NC 28562

Problem: Roof & Ground water leaks that led to black mold bloom

Solution: Evacuate affected materials that were not salvageable, HEPA vacuum and scrub air, apply antimicrobial, encapsulate using antimicrobial coating, total renovation and restoration including drywall, paint, shelving, ceiling tiles, and carpet. 

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