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Attic moisture in East Central Ohio Tackling attic molds head on to improve indoor air quality.
At AdvantaClean of East Central Ohio, we’re fully aware of the health and environmental dangers indoor molds pose to your family and employees. Harmful molds tend to pollute the quality of indoor air and trigger many allergic reactions in humans. That’s exactly why we offer customized mold remediation services for routine inspections, testing and removal of attic molds.

Our emergency attic mold services don’t cost much, and you get to benefit from proprietary equipment and processes. We go beyond mere bleaching and scrubbing. From mold inspection and testing to mold removal, we follow an industry-approved mold removal plan. Our AdvantaClean of East Central Ohio will remove mold spores and give you improved indoor air quality.

If you’re looking for mold remediation experts nearby, we can help you out. The AdvantaClean of East Central Ohio technicians are prescreened and dependable. We can be your lNewark environmental cleanup partner. You’d be using our services again and again and never be disappointed.

About AdvantaClean of East Central Ohio
AdvantaClean of East Central Ohio is a franchise of AdvantaClean located in East Central Ohio. Craig Holman is the owner and operator of the franchise. We provide affordable, timely and professional attic mold remediation service, the rest including dryer vent cleaning, water damage restoration, and HVAC duct and coil cleaning.

Preferred attic mold remediation company in Ohio
Since 2009, we’ve consistently been winning the trust of Ohio residents and employees through our commitment to quality customer service. Our unique selling points such as customer-first approach, responsiveness and promptness make us the preferred light environmental service provider. We’re a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited home cleaning company that deals in dusting, vacuuming, mold removal, insulation and ventilation of attics.

The towns and cities we serve include Newark, Bloomingburg, Baltimore, Clintonville, Delaware, German Village, and Harrisburg.

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