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Success Stories

Location: Baltimore, MD 21231

Problem: A commercial building with a brick foundation over 100 years old has water penetration issues which have turned into mold issues over time. Most of the sub flooring and joists overhead had visible discoloration. Much of the paint on the brick has failed due to water penetration and elevated humidity over time. Discoloration exists on the painted and unpainted brick throughout the 3000 square foot basement.

Solution: All surfaces were HEPA vacuumed as needed to remove surface debris. Containment was created to isolate the basement from the rest of the building. All contaminated personal items in the basement were eliminated. Surfaces were treated with our EPA and USDA registered solution. Surfaces were scrubbed and wiped as needed. Air scrubbers were deployed once treatment was completed. 

fells-point-1.jpg fells-point-2.jpg

Location: Annapolis, MD 21401

Problem: A financial investment office, approximately 5000 square feet, wanted cleaning services in light of the coronavirus. There was no confirmed case of coronavirus. The client wanted a deep clean to provide peace of mind.

Solution: We applied a fine mist using approved cleaning solutions to all surfaces in the entire office. All surfaces and high touch points had solution applied and a second round of wiping with a disinfectant was completed. The entire 5000 square foot office was also fogged to assist with clearing particles out of the air. 

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Location: Ellicott City, MD 21030

Problem: The home is about 7500 ft.² and was the original plantation home for the land surrounding it. There was a fire in the home. The firemen hosed down the entire home and the original restoration company that did the work did not dry out the home properly. Some mold starting to grow in the basement and on the first floor.

Solution: We went through and provided mold remediation for the first floor and basement.


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