Covid 19 Sanitization

Location: Omaha, NE 68144

Problem: We were contacted to perform a Covid 19 Sanitization after an individual positive for coronavirus had been in a commercial building. The property had to close for the remainder of the day after receiving testing confirmation. Our client wanted sanitization to be performed immediately so that the property could resume normal function the following day.

Solution: We mobilized immediately, and were onsite within one hour of receiving the call. After donning full PPE we wiped all major touch-points and horizontal surfaces with a virucide. The entire space was then fogged with an electrostatic sprayer upon completion of full wipe down. Photos and documentation were supplied to our client to show completion of work, and the property was able to re-open the very next day.

covid-19 sanitizationundefinedcovid-19 sanitization

covid-19 sanitization

Toilet Overflow Water Damage

Location: Omaha, NE 68144

Problem: A piece inside a toilet broke, causing water to overflow. This happened overnight, so it was many hours before our customer realized what had happened. The toilet was also located on the top level of the home, which caused water to leak from the upstairs to the main level and the basement below. Carpet, carpet pad, and drywall ceiling became saturated with water.

Solution: The customer requested that we remove the damaged carpet, as they were planning on replacing it in the future anyway. We extracted the bulk water from the carpet and pad, then bagged and removed those items. The drywall ceiling could be salvaged since it was not insulated. We directed air movers to the ceiling and wet wall materials. Dehumidifiers were also used to collect the moisture evaporating out of the wet ceiling and walls. At the end of the job we used moisture meters to verify that all drying goals had been achieved.

water damage in omaha, newater damage in omaha, ne

water damage in omaha, ne

Bank Covid-19 Sanitization

Location: Omaha, NE 68130

Problem: A commercial property maintenance company contacted us about doing a Covid-19 sanitization. They have a local bank as a client, and an employee of that bank had tested positive for the Coronavirus. The bank had to be immediately shut down, and sanitization services were requested that same evening.

Solution: We arrived onsite two hours after receiving the call. All technicians dressed in full personal protection equipment, including full-face respirators, Tyvek suits, and gloves. All horizontal surfaces and touch-points were wiped down by hand. The entire space was then fogged with an electrostatic sprayer. Services were completed overnight so that the client could perform a business, as usual, the following day.

covid sanitizing in commercial space fogging for covid sanitizing

Suspected COVID 19 Decontamination

Location: Omaha, NE 68144

Problem: One of our clients is a facility manager for a local bank, and contacted us over concerns of Coronavirus exposure. An employee at the bank had left work sick, and reported symptoms similar to Coronavirus. The bank contacted us after everyone had left the building for the day to perform an emergency decontamination for suspected Coronavirus.

Solution: We arrived within an hour of the call. Our crew donned full personal protective equipment and entered the facility. All major touch points and horizontal surfaces were damp wiped with a virucide. An electrostatic sprayer was used to fog the entire bank with virucide as well. The whole job was completed within four hours, and the bank was able to open the very next day.

coronavirus decontamination cleaning for local omaha business COVID 19 decontamination cleaning for local omaha business

Kitchen Mold Remediation

Location: Omaha, Nebraska 68106

Problem: The sink faucet began leaking. Water was pooling around the back of the faucet and the back splash, and eventually seeped into the drywall. The cabinets below and adjacent to the sink began to form mold, as did the drywall behind the cabinets.

Solution: We put the kitchen under negative air pressure after building a containment. All mold impacted drywall and cabinets were removed. The area was then cleaned with the use of hepa-vacuums and anti - microbial solution.

kitchen mold remediation in southwest omaha kitchen mold remediation in southwest omaha

Residential Mold Removal

Location: Omaha, NE 68144

Problem: A competing restoration company performed a mold remediation in the basement. The homeowner contacted us over concerns that the original company had not completely removed the mold presence in the basement. When we arrived we inspected the remaining drywall behind the wall paneling, and found that mold was still present.

Solution: We first established containment in the basement with the use of plastic sheeting and air scrubbers. The mold impacted drywall and insulation was then completely removed from the home. Finally, we cleaned the entire area with anti - microbial solution and hepa-vacuums. Additionally, we pointed out areas of concern for moisture intrusion so that the homeowner could ensure that potential sources of water damage were eliminated.

mold removal in omaha, nemold removal in omaha, ne

Bellevue Mold Remediation

Location: Bellevue, NE 68005

Problem: A previous customer of ours referred us to his friend who was purchasing a rental property. Mold was found in the attic during the home inspection. We went out to give the buyer a quote on remediation so that he could determine whether or not to purchase the property.

Solution: The new home buyer realized that he could have us perform the attic mold remediation and still have a quality home. We began by covering the insulation in the attic with a layer of poly. Areas in the attic with visible mold were then hepa-vacuumed and scrubbed with an anti - microbial. A peroxide based stain remover was also applied to the attic sheathing. The new homeowner also improved the insulation in the attic so that he would not have any new mold issues in the future.

mold growth found in attic Mold remediation in bellevue

Regency Mold Remediation

Location: Omaha, NE 68144

Problem: The homeowner's basement flooded during periods of heavy snow melt in March. After removing the wet carpet they realized there was mold present on several of the basement walls. A independent testing company was consulted, and they confirmed the mold presence in the basement.

Solution: After reviewing the recommendations from the independent testing company, we came up with a remediation protocol. All mold impacted drywall and porous materials were removed from the home. The entire basement was then hepa-vacuumed and damp wiped with anti - microbial solution. The independent testing company then came out to do a post remediation assessment, and they confirmed that all mold had been removed from the basement.

mold remediation in omaha beforeMold remediation in omaha after

Mold Remediation In Attic

Location: Omaha, NE, 68144

Problem: A new homeowner discovered that her bathroom vents were exhausting directly into the attic. An insulation contractor also found that the attic was inadequately insulated and sealed. These factors were allowing too much humidity and heat to build up in the attic, which over time led to mold growth.

Solution: We advised the homeowner to address the humidity and moisture issues first so that mold would not return in the attic after remediation. The insulation in the attic was covered with a poly liner before remediation began. Areas of the attic with visible mold growth were hepa-vacuumed and damp wiped with Microban anti - microbial solution. Our customer was left satisfied that her problem was resolved with the added insulation, bath fan ventilation addressed, and our remediation services within the attic.

mold in attic beforemold in attic after

Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Omaha, NE 68144

Problem: We were contacted when a homeowner noticed mold forming on the registers of her HVAC system. Upon evaluation it was determined that the humidifier was set too high on the system. The elevated humidity, in conjunction with a build up of dust in the air ducts over the years led to the mold presence.

Solution: The first thing we did was show the homeowner how to turn down the humidifier on her HVAC system. We also recommended running a De-humidifier during the spring and summer seasons. Finally we performed a full air duct cleaning of the homeowners' HVAC system.

moldy air duct before clean air ducts after

air duct cleaning beforeair duct cleaning after

Attic Mold Removal

Location: Omaha, NE 68144

Problem: A realtor we have done work for in the past contacted us when a home inspector found mold in the attic of a home she was trying to sell. She already had a buyer lined up, and needed the work done quickly. Her client had already moved out of the state, and was placing her trust in us to get the work taken care of.

Solution: We were able to respond in under a week's time. The visible mold in the attic was scrubbed with anti - microbial solution and hepa-vacuumed. We also used a sealant to protect against future problems. All work was completed before the new home owners were scheduled to move in.

mold growth in atticmold growth in attic

mold growth in atticmold growth in attic

Vacant Home Mold Remediation

Location: Omaha, Nebraska 68130

Problem: The realtor representing the property is someone we have worked with in the past, and she contacted us after finding mold in the basement. A basement plumbing line had leaked while the house was vacant, and mold began forming in the basement bathroom. Since there were no occupants that noticed the leak mold spread to most of the walls in the basement bathroom.

Solution: All mold impacted materials were removed from the property after a containment had been established. Surfaces within our work space were then hepa-vacuumed and damp wiped with an anti - microbial solution. A plumber was also brought in to do a complete assessment of the property. All leaks were corrected so that the problem would not occur again after our remediation was completed.

mold remediation in basementmold remediation in basement

Attic Mold Remediation

Location: Omaha, Nebraska 68118

Problem: An insulation company that is a referral partner of ours went out to the home to provide an estimate for adding insulation to the attic and found mold growth on sheathing inside the attic. The attic was not properly insulated which caused excess heat to escape into the attic. Condensation was building up in the attic during the heating season, which eventually led to mold growth forming on the sheathing.

Solution: We damp wiped/scrubbed areas of the sheathing with visible mold growth. Those areas were then hepa-vacuumed. A peroxide-based stain remover was also applied to give the attic a clean look. When the homeowner gets more insulation added to the attic they can be confident that their problem is solved and will not reoccur.

attic mold remediation attic mold remediation

Foundation Mold Removal

Location: Omaha, NE 68144

Problem: Our customer owned a rental property, and in the process of moving his renters out discovered mold on the concrete walls in the basement. The washing machine in the basement had been leaking, and the property owner was never told. After an unknown length of time, heavy mold growth built up along the walls.

Solution: We built a containment around the mold impacted walls in the basement, and then used an angle grinder to remove the bulk mold growth. The surfaces inside the containment were then scrubbed with anti-microbial and hepa-vacuumed. After everything had dried, we then encapsulated the walls with an anti-microbial primer so that the problem would not reoccur.

foundation mold removalfoundation mold removal

Mold Removal - Sump Pump Closet

Location: Omaha, NE 68118

Problem: After days of heavy raining our customer inspected their basement for signs of water intrusion. Although all the walls and flooring were dry, they did find excessive mold growth in the sump pump closet. The closet did not have a louvered door, and the water present within the pump itself was causing elevated humidity levels in the closet. Over time all of the extra humidity led to mold growth.

Solution: A localized containment was built around the closet. We then placed our containment under negative pressure with the use of air scrubbers and vent tubing. All mold impacted materials were bagged and removed from the property. The remaining structure was then HEPA-vacuumed and damp wiped with anti-microbial. We advised our customer to vent the door to the closet while performing the re-construction so that the problem did not return.

sump pump closet in omaha

Attic Mold Removal

Location: Omaha, NE 68135

Problem: A home inspector found mold in our customer's attic during the process of trying to sell their home. We found mold growth on the sheathing throughout the attic. The mold presence was likely caused by the fans from the bathrooms exhausting directly into the attic space, and improper ventilation in the soffit area.

Solution: We HEPA-vacuumed and anti-microbial scrubbed all surfaces of the attic with visible mold growth. A stain remover was also applied. Our customer was also able to get in touch with a roofing contractor that we work closely with to run the exhausts for the bathroom fans out through the roof. Additional soffit ventilation was also added. With the mold remediation complete, and contributing factors to the mold growth corrected, our customer was able to move forward with the sale of his home knowing that the new buyers would not have any further issues.

attic mold removal attic mold removal before and after

Foreclosed Property Mold Remediation

Location: Omaha, NE 68134

Problem: A realtor listing a property that had been vacant for a number of years contacted us due to mold concerns in the basement. We found mold growth in the basement living room area and bathroom. The mold presence seemed to be caused by plumbing leaks from the toilet and shower surround in the bathroom.

Solution: A containment was built in the basement, and all mold impacted porous materials were removed. The area was then HEPA-vacuumed and scrubbed with an anti-microbial agent. We had a third party testing company come in after remediation for clearance testing. After clearance testing had passed, we advised the real estate agent to address any plumbing issues before building back the basement bathroom.

mold in basement bathroom mold found in bathroom of foreclosed home

Water Damage Papillion

Location: Papillion, IL 68133

Problem: The homeowners had been vacationing for the winter, and shut the water off to the house. We experienced temperatures below zero while they were away, and a pipe in the basement bathroom froze and burst. When the owners returned home and turned the water back on, water from the burst pipe began spraying out into the basement. Carpet, carpet pad, drywall, and baseboards became saturated in multiple rooms.

Solution: After extracting the standing water, the homeowners decided they wanted the carpet gone. We removed and bagged the carpet and pad. Baseboards were then removed so that we could vent the drywall. Using dehumidifiers and air movers we were able to salvage all the walls and dry out the rest of the basement flooring and structure.

pipe burst from cold temperatures causing water damage in basement water damage in basement after a pipe burst

Gretna Mold Remediation

Location: Gretna, NE 68028

Problem: After discovering the wet carpet in the basement hallway, our customer realized they had a water line in their shower that was leaking. When we were contacted to analyze the amount of damage, we found mold growth on the hallway carpet, carpet pad, and drywall. Mold was also found on the drywall behind the shower and adjacent walls in the bathroom.

Solution: We verified that the water leak had been fixed before beginning any work. A localized containment was then built in the bathroom and hallway area of the basement. Mold impacted materials removed, sealed and bagged, and then taken out of the home. The remaining materials and surfaces within our containment were then HEPA-vacuumed and scrubbed with an anti-microbial. Our customer was able to have their bathroom rebuilt with confidence knowing the moisture source had been corrected and the mold had been professionally remediated.

water leak from shower caused mold growth mold growth found after leaking shower

Commercial Mold Removal

Location: Papillion, NE 68046

Problem: A commercial facility discovered mold on drywall in their sprinkler pump room during an inspection of the fire system. We found mold on the lower portions of all walls in the pump room during our inspection. During our evaluation, we determined the moisture source of the mold to be from the receiving bay directly behind the pump room. The floor was angled back towards the pump room, allowing water damage during times of rain, etc.

Solution: We removed the mold impacted drywall after building a containment around the pump room. The remaining surfaces were then HEPA-vacuumed and scrubbed with antimicrobial. A third party testing company then took samples to ensure that all mold had been properly mitigated. After the mold testing was cleared, we encapsulated the wall cavity to protect against future damage.

mold removal in utility room of commercial building mold found in commercial building utility room

Burst Pipe Water Damage

Location: Omaha, NE 68114

Problem: A PVC supply plumbing line froze and burst in our customer's basement. We had subzero temperatures in Omaha at the time, and after the plumbing line thawed out the basement flooded. Carpeting, wall paneling, and furniture in the basement were all saturated. Much of the carpeting also had rust staining due to the wet furniture framing.

Solution: We began by getting all of the customer's furniture up on foam blocks. The stained carpeting and wet carpet pad was then removed. All of the standing water was then extracted and pumped out of the home. We then left dehumidifiers and air movers in the basement for three to days to completely dry out excess moisture in the walls and remaining flooring materials.

burst frozen pipe water damage in basement

Water Damage In Basement

Location: Omaha, NE 68118

Problem: Our customer noticed that they had water pooling around a closet in their basement. The area that the water was coming in was a little confusing because the closet was located in the middle of a wall and there was no water presence anywhere else in the basement. A few weeks had passed before the homeowner discovered the water damage, and unfortunately, mold was also starting to grow in the closet and on the surrounding carpet.

Solution: We began by removing the mold impacted materials from the basement using negative air pressure, HEPA-vacuums, and anti-microbial solution. The structure was then able to be dried out with the use of dehumidifiers and air movers. It became apparent that a drain line from the air conditioner was dumping water directly into the basement underneath the closet. The homeowner was able to contact an HVAC company to extend the drain line to the utility room drain, thus eliminating their water source.

water damage in basement closet

Attic Mold Removal

Location: Omaha, NE 68118

Problem: A referral partner of ours was doing work in an attic and found mold all over the plywood sheathing. We were then contacted to perform a visual inspection and discovered a few problems in the attic. The bathroom fan was venting directly into the attic causing excess humidity to build up. Soffit vents in the attic were also clogged up, which was inhibiting air circulation within the attic.

Solution: We were able to remove the mold presence in the attic through HEPA-vacuuming and scrubbing with an anti-microbial solution. After we had removed the mold, our referral partner who originally discovered the problem were able to exhaust the bathroom fan out through the roof. The homeowner also got in contact with a roofing company to address the soffit ventilation issue. After those steps were taken, we were able to tell the homeowner with confidence that their mold issue was corrected.

attic mold found from poor soffit ventilation attic mold caused by improper bathroom exhaust fan

Mold Removal - Basement Bar

Location: Bellevue, NE 68123

Problem: Our customer had recently purchased a home in which a home inspector had noted the possibility of mold in the basement bar area. When we arrived for an inspection we found the damage to be more extensive than expected. The water lines in the bar had leaked at some point in the past, which led to mold growth on the bar cabinet itself, and the surrounding drywall.

Solution: We removed the mold impacted cabinet and materials after a containment was built under negative pressure around the bar area. All unaffected surfaces were HEPA vacuumed and damp wiped with anti-microbial after the mold impacted materials were removed. Finally, we left the customer with re-construction referrals after the mold remediation was complete.

mold found in basement bar area leaking pipe in basement bar caused mold growth

Mold Removal - Retail Store

Location: Omaha, NE 68114

Problem: A property management company had contractors out working on a vacant retail building and mold was found on an exterior wall. The management company wisely stopped work on the building until the extent of the damage could be determined. The wall in question was covered with wallpaper, and there was a concern that the mold damage may have been worse than immediately visible.

Solution: We built a containment system under negative air before beginning the demo. As we began removing wallpaper we discovered extensive mold damage. All mold impacted drywall and insulation was removed from the exterior wall, and the remaining surfaces were HEPA-vacuumed and scrubbed with anti-microbial solution. We also noticed water staining on ceiling tiles, and let the property management company know that the mold damage was likely caused by a roof leak.

Mold Removal in retail buildiing Mold Remediation in retail building

mold removal containment in retail store

Water Damage - Sewer Drain

Location: Omaha, NE 68114

Problem: Over the weekend our customer discovered 2" of standing water in their utility room. The utility room was centrally located in the basement, and the carpeting in the surrounding rooms was saturated. None of the water was draining into the floor drain in the utility room either. We explained to the customer that they likely had either a clog or crack in their sewer line which led to the water backing up, and was in turn likely preventing any of the water from draining as well.

Solution: We removed all carpet and carpet pad that had become saturated from the sewer water. Baseboards were pulled off the walls, and walls were vented to aid in drying. Tack strip was removed, and anti-microbial was applied to all exposed concrete and walls. Fans and dehumidifiers were then left to run for 3 days to bring the humidity back down and ensure all surfaces were dried out.

water damage in rec room exercise room damaged from water

Mold Removal Apartment Complex

Location: Omaha, NE 68154

Problem: An owner of an apartment complex contacted us after a tenant indicated they were worried about a possible mold presence in their apartment unit. We noticed visible mold and moisture damage while on site for an inspection. Both the shower and toilet in the bathroom appeared to be leaking, and a closet adjacent to the bathroom was showing visible damage as well.

Solution: We began removing moisture and mold impacted materials from the shower and adjacent closet after a localized containment was built. It quickly became evident that the shower and toilet were both leaking, as rotted stud framing was discovered behind the drywall and shower tile. Damage in the closet was a direct result of the bathroom leaks as well. After our remediation process was complete the apartment owner contacted one of our plumbing referral partners to address the moisture issues. Once the leads were fixed the owner was able to build back the bathroom and closet with confidence that the contributing factors had been eliminated.

Mold found behind tile in shower mold found in closet in bathroom

Mold Removal in Attic

Location: Omaha, NE

Problem: The homeowners discovered they had mold in the attic while beginning the process of replacing their roof. When we arrived for an inspection we found mold on the majority of the sheathing in the attic. Bathroom fans were venting directly into the attic, which caused an excess of moisture. Also, there was not enough insulation in the attic, which caused condensation through winter heat loss and further mold growth.

Solution: We began by scrubbing the mold impacted surfaces in the attic with an anti-microbial solution. Hepa-vacuums were also used on the mold impacted surfaces. A stain remover was then applied to the attic sheathing. We were able to promptly finish the job so that the homeowners could continue with their roofing project.

Mold found in Attic Mold in Attic

Mold Removal

Location: Omaha, NE

Problem: We were contacted to assess a bank owned property after a pre-inspection of the home noted a possibility of mold. Mold growth was found in a basement bathroom due to past plumbing leaks, and beneath the kitchen sink also due to plumbing issues.

Solution: A containment was built around the workspace, and mold impacted materials were removed from the property. The surfaces inside our containment were then HEPA-vacuumed and damp wiped with an anti-microbial. The bank also wanted air sample clearance testing done after we completed our mold remediation. All sample results showed there was no longer an elevated spore count on the property, and the bank was able to quickly get the property on the market.

Mold Removal Basement Mold Removal under bathroom sink

Water Damage and Mold Removal

Location: Omaha, NE 68138

Problem: Our customer was missing an extension on their downspout, and a recent thunderstorm caused water to seep into their basement. When we arrived for an inspection we found two walls to have elevated moisture meter readings. Also, there was mold found near the bottom of the drywall and on baseboard trim. To make matters worse, the customer was in the process of selling their home and needed a quick solution.

Solution: We were able to respond within forty-eight hours. A containment was constructed in the basement, and we removed the mold impacted materials. After the mold was taken care of, we left a dehumidifier and air mover running over the weekend to bring the moisture level in the basement back to an acceptable range. The customer was also able to get a contractor in to re-build and paint their walls immediately after we completed, and the whole process was over in a matter of days!

Mold Removal Omaha NE

Mold Removal - Sump Pump Closet

Location: Elkhorn, NE 68022

Problem: Our customer had a sump pump located in a finished closet that did not have a louvered door. The pump consistently had water in the pit, and the moisture and humidity had no way of exiting the closet. Mold growth began to form on all the walls and ceiling over time.

Solution: We built a containment around the closet, and began to demo the drywall ceiling and walls. After removal, we HEPA-vacuumed and wiped down the surfaces inside our containment with an anti-microbial. Once the walls came down, we also found the concrete block on the exterior wall to be wet. We suggested the homeowner install a louvered door and contact a waterproofing contractor to address the moisture on their exterior walls to prevent any future mold growth from occurring.

Mold Removal Attic

Location: Elkhorn, NE 68022

Problem: A home inspection conducted at our customer's home indicated there was mold on the sheathing in the attic. When we arrived for an estimate we discovered that the bathroom fans were venting directly into the attic, and there was not enough insulation. As the occupants were using the showers the bathroom fans were pumping humidity into the attic, and the lack of insulation was causing too much heat to escape into the attic during the heating season. These factors led to an excess of moisture in the attic, which in turn led to the mold growth found on the sheathing.

Solution: We were able to remove the mold growth in the attic through a process of anti-microbial scrubbing and HEPA-vacuuming. After our work was completed, we contacted a roofer to pipe the bathroom fans out of the attic and through the roof. Our customer also had insulation added in the attic so that any future mold growth could be eliminated.

Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Omaha, NE 68106

Problem: A customer of ours had their kitchen and bathrooms remodeled after we had done a mold remediation project at their home. They were concerned about dust from construction getting into the air ducts, and planned to have them cleaned after remodeling. Also, there were 4 cats in the home, so pet dander was an issue.

Solution: After all construction was completed, we came in and did an air duct cleaning. Although we did clean the customer's primary concern from the ductwork (dust from construction) we found quite a bit of cat hair in the system as well. After the air duct cleaning the customers were glad that construction did not make as much of a mess as anticipated, but realized they may need to have their ducts cleaned on a more regular basis due to their pet dander.

Air Duct Cleaning in Omaha

Mold Removal - Commercial Building

Location: Omaha, NE 68106

Problem: A client of ours owns an aging apartment complex near midtown, Omaha. At some point within the past year, they noticed that they had a roof leak, which was producing water stains on the walls of a bathroom in an apartment unit below. Mold was discovered behind those walls while workers were renovating in-between tenants.

Solution: We provided the client with a remediation bid after determining the extent of the damage. Our client needed to get new tenants into the apartment unit as quickly as possible, and after being approved for the job we began the very next day. All mold impacted materials were removed, and the bathroom and bedroom were HEPA-vacuumed and scrubbed with an anti-microbial. After completion of our remediation, renovations in the apartment began resumed straight away, and our clients were able to get their new tenants in.

Black Mold in Bathroom Omaha Mold Growth in Bedroom Omaha

Mold Removal: Plumbing Issues

Location: Omaha, NE

Problem: Our customer had various plumbing issues in their utility room that lead to mold growth on adjacent walls. They had leaks in the past from their water softener, as well as their water heater, which allowed water to wick up adjacent wall surfaces. There was also a sump pit that was unsealed and led to elevated humidity levels in the utility room.

Solution: We removed all mold impacted materials from the utility room, including drywall and insulation. The workspace was then HEPA-vacuumed and sanitized with an anti-microbial solution. We found an area on the exposed concrete block behind the drywall that was actively damp, which would have been another contributing factor to the mold presence. We gave the customer a contact for a quality waterproofing contractor so that the source of the moisture behind the wall could be alleviated. One more happy customer!

Before Mold Removal from Plumbing Issue in Omaha Mold Found behind Baseboards in Omaha After Mold Removal from Plumbing Issue in Omaha After Mold Removal in Omaha

Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Omaha, NE

Problem: Our customer was looking at getting a new furnace and air conditioning unit for the home. An HVAC referral partner of ours noticed the returns in the home were very dirty and recommended us to come out and look at cleaning the system before the new furnace was put in.

Solution: The system was very dirty due to the home being 60years old and having never been cleaned. The customer was extremely happy after we were done cleaning the system. She was able to see all the dust and debris we had removed from the system. She was also happy to know that she would be breathing much cleaner air.

Dirty Air Ducts Omaha NE Clean Air Ducts Omaha

Mold Removal And Water Damage In Vacant House

Location: Omaha, NE

Problem: Our customer purchased a house that had been vacant for an extended period of time. The house had an in-ground aquarium (that was full of water) in the basement. Furthermore, at some point in the past, the furnace and air conditioner had been removed from the home. Due to the water sitting in the basement, and no air conditioner to regulate the temperature and humidity in the house, mold began growing on all the walls and portions of the ceiling surrounding the aquarium.

Solution: We began by extracting all the water and sludge from the aquarium. After the space had been adequately dried, we built a containment around our workspace. All mold impacted drywall and insulation was removed. The surfaces inside our containment were then HEPA-vacuumed and wiped down with an anti-microbial. We finished by leaving building and HVAC referrals for our customer in an effort to eliminate any of the problems from recurring.

Omaha Mold Remediation Omaha Mold Removal Before Omaha Mold Clean Up After Omaha Mold After

Dirty Ducts 1960's house

Location: Omaha, NE

Problem: Customer was complaining of sneezing all the time and always having to clean the dust off of furniture. After inspecting the system, it was found to be very dirty and was the result of the issues they were having.

Solution: After cleaning the system, the wife was happy to let us know that her sneezing had gone away and her dusting was also cut way back due to the cleaning and us recommending a better filter for the system.

Dirty Air Duct Omaha Dirty Air Ducts Nebraska Clean Air Ducts Omaha

Mold on the ceiling and reason unknown

Location: Omaha, NE

Problem: Customer had us out to look at a spot on the ceiling. After looking at the spot and putting a moisture meter on it we found the ceiling to be wet and the spot was mold.

Solution: We set up a poly wall containment and removed the ceiling. After removing the ceiling and cleaning the affected area with an anti-microbial we discovered the customer's problem. A plumber had put a new toilet in and the wax ring was slowly leaking causing the mold growth on the ceiling below. We helped the customer to determine the problem and also recommended a great contractor to rebuild the ceiling like nothing ever happened.

mold remdiation Omaha Mold Cleanup Omaha NE Mold Damage Restoration Omaha Nebraska

Water Damage Cleanup

Location: Omaha, Nebraska 68114

Problem: Recently we had a cold stretch with nightly temperatures dipping below negative ten degrees. During that time, the Homeowner had a pipe freeze and burst, which caused flooding in her basement. The pipe serviced the main level kitchen and was located in the basement ceiling. Unfortunately, the pipe was located near an exterior wall and was not insulated, which left the pipe vulnerable to the cold air outside.

Solution: Using our moisture meters and infrared camera, we were able to determine that the water had impacted the basement bedroom closet, the majority of the main living room, and roughly half of the drywall ceiling. The carpet pad was not salvageable and therefore removed. We were able to successfully dry out the carpet, ceiling, and walls using air movers and a high capacity dehumidifier. After the basement was completely dry, we put the Homeowner in touch with one of our trusted builders to get the carpet re-stretched, carpet pad replaced, and ceiling painted and re-textured.

Water damage restoration in Omaha, Nebraska was performed by AdvantaClean of SW Omaha. Water damage happened after a burst pipe break in Omaha, Nebraska.

Water damage mitigation and drying taking place after a burst pipe leak found in an Omaha home. Water damage mitigation clean up in Omaha Nebraska after a pipe flooded a basement.

Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Omaha, Nebraska 68134

Problem: The customer had recently purchased a home and also had a newborn baby. The previous owners of the home had multiple pets, and he was worried about the amount of dust and pet dander in the HVAC system.

Solution: We were able to clean the HVAC system free of pet dander and debris to the customer's satisfaction. He gained peace of mind about the air quality in his home, especially in regards to his newborn.

air duct cleaning air vent cleaned

air vent filled with hair air vent cleaned dirt in system cleaned HVAC system

Attic Mold Removal

Location: Omaha, Nebraska 68134

Problem: The sheathing in the attic at this home was impacted with mold growth. A major contributing factor we were able to identify was the bathroom fan venting directly into the attic. When bathroom fans vent into the attic, the attic space can rise in humidity level, especially if the fan is running when the hot water in the bathroom is on.

Solution: We were able to mitigate the mold in the attic using HEPA-vacuums, and anti-microbial scrubbing. We also put the homeowner in contact with a trusted roofing contractor to re-route the bathroom fan so that it would exhaust outside the roof, thus eliminating the excess humidity being displaced into the attic.

Mold Growth Mold growth sheathing

sheathing sheathing after

Mold Removal

Location: Omaha, NE 68154

Problem: Our customer had purchased a new dishwasher, and had the dishwasher installed by the appliance retailer. During the installation of the new dishwasher, the water line was not connected properly. A few months later, the homeowner noticed that the subfloor in the kitchen was buckling. Also, there were water stains on the drywall in the living room, which was directly behind the dishwasher in the kitchen. At that point, AdvantaClean was called to perform a mold inspection.

Solution: We discovered mold growth on drywall behind the dishwasher in the kitchen, on the majority of the subfloor in the kitchen, and on a significant portion of the drywall in the living room behind the dishwasher. A containment was constructed under negative pressure, and all mold impacted materials were removed. After demolition, all surfaces within the containment were HEPA-vacuumed and scrubbed with an anti-microbial detergent. A third party environmental testing company was then contacted to do mold testing after our remediation was completed. The mold test results came back satisfactory. The homeowner was then given the report stating that remediation was complete so that they could confirm their home was a safe living environment was again.

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