Radon Remediation

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Have you been experiencing chest pains, difficulty in breathing, or hoarseness? Unsure why this is happening? You might have radon poisoning. Radon is a radioactive gas without an odor, color, or taste. It can be virtually impossible to detect on your own, but can cause extensive damage. As a carcinogen, it is one of the leading causes of lung cancer second only to smoking. Given how dangerous it can be to your health, it’s important you test your home or property for radon. If high levels are detected, it is important you remove the gas and whatever is causing it.

For quality radon remediation services, contact AdvantaClean. We have over 23 years of industry-leading experience and are well versed in removing factors that cause radon. While a nationally recognized company, we have local roots. We take the time to understand our customer’s needs and provide personalized solutions guaranteed to keep your home and family safe.

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How to Remove Radon From Your Property

Radon occurs when uranium breaks down in soil or rock, releasing the cancer-causing gas. It can seep into a home and cause adverse health risks. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General’s Office have both linked radon poisoning to lunch cancer. It kills an average of 20,000 people a year. To prevent health issues in the future, contact our highly trained team for reliable radon remediation services.

Common Methods to Remove Radon:

  • Reroute the Gas – If your contractor can find the exact location where the gas is coming from, they may be able to reroute it to prevent it from coming into your home. This is usually done by installing piping that runs from the base of your home to the roof.
  • Active Soil Depressurization – This is a popular method wherein a plastic pipe is installed in the home, running from the basement through the roof. A fan in the basement or outside the home blows the gas out and above the home, so you don’t inhale it.
  • Sealing the Basement Floor – Because radon is often found in the foundation, sealing cracks and openings in your basement floor prevents radon from entering into your house.
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Radon Remediation, Mitigation, and More!

Are you unsure whether you have radon or how much of it is in your home? Contact our radon specialists to conduct thorough tests to find out. If the number exceeds 4.0 pCi/L, it is imperative to get rid of it. With our radon remediation services, we can handle it all. Our team has over two decades of industry-leading experience and is equipped with the latest technology. We use precision and accuracy to remove radon gasses from your property and to prevent them from entering again.

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