Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Fort Mill, SC

AdvantaClean provides both homes and businesses with light environmental cleaning. We're located in Fort Mill, SC, and we're backed by a brand that has spread across the country since its inception in 1994. Everything we do, therefore, is in accord with the highest industry standards. We follow EPA and OSHA health regulations and are certified by such organizations as the IICRC.

Our office is open 24/7 to respond to emergency calls. You also have the option of scheduling an appointment; we provide accurate estimates after determining the extent of a given job.

Mold Removal

You'll get fast mold remediation if you hire us. Our technicians will put respirators and other safety gear; then, using HEPA-filtered vacuums,we'll suck out the mold that has infested your walls, ceiling, drainpipe, or other surface. Our EPA-approved antimicrobial chemicals will disinfect every surface. Wherever mold won't come out, we could apply a sealant so that it never spreads.

Count on us for thorough mold inspections, too. If you've found mysterious spots in your property, we'll take a look and determine if they're really mold or just signs of natural discoloration. Going from room to room, we'll use mold testing kits to measure the amount of mold in the atmosphere.

We also offer services like crawl space encapsulation as a part of our mold prevention efforts. By sealing your walls and floor with a plastic vapor barrier, we can reduce humidity and water condensation in this vulnerable part of your property.

Water Damage Restoration

Another preventative measure we can take, this time in regards to water damage, is basement waterproofing. Your concrete and masonry walls will be covered with a solid coating that will keep water from entering the pores.

We've taken on damage caused by storms, floods, and plumbing leaks. From the water removal to the restoration of your furniture, carpets, and other belongings, our team will handle each step of the mitigation process. Walls and floorboards can be removed, sewage can be cleared out, and the interior can be dried and deodorized in no time.

If there was flooding in an area of high humidity, such as the attic or basement, we'll install dehumidifiers, running them continuously until we're confident that the threat of mold and mildew has passed. Once we're done, we won't leave you on your own; we can help with the filing of your insurance claim.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years. The reason is that debris can build up and interfere with the HVAC system's performance as well as worsen your indoor air quality. Dryer vent cleaning is also imperative since lint accumulation can spark a fire. Our experts handle both with equal ease no matter how long the vent or duct may be. If necessary, we'll go behind walls and into the attic.

The AdvantaClean brand has been designated as a Thumbtack Top Pro and a HomeAdvisor Elite Service Professional. Our branch in Fort Mill, SC, continues to live up to the expectations that clients have formed because of this.

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