Moisture Control Services in Rock Hill

Common Places for Moisture in your Rock Hill home or business

Moisture problems in your Rock Hill area home or business can lead to mold, mildew, or other biological growth. These growths can potentially cause a variety of health problems for susceptible individuals. Moisture issues can also lead to rot and structural damage. When addressing any interior mold issue, the moisture source must be addressed to provide a long term solution.

Where are moisture issues commonly found?

Excess Rock Hill Attic Moisture

Poor attic ventilation allows moisture to become trapped in the attic and can causemold growth in the attic. As with any interior mold issue, addressing the moisture source is key. AdvantaClean of York County experts will diagnose your attic moisture and mold issuesandrecommend corrective measures and make sure your attic ventilation is no longer inadequate.

Excess Crawl Space Moisture in Rock Hill

Many crawl spaces have an exposed dirt floor. This dirt floor allows moisture from the ground to evaporate into the crawl space under your home, increasing the crawl space moisture levels and creating the perfect environment for mold grow.

Our crawl space moisture specialists can address the moisture source in your crawl space from simple repairs to comprehensive vapor barriers, crawl space ventilation systems and crawl space dehumidifier installations.

Excess Basement Moisture

Improper construction or maintenance, lack of landscaping or improper grading, and the lack of rain gutters can also contribute to excess levels of moisture in your Rock Hill basement.The lack of a basement ventilation system and/or basement dehumidifier can also contribute to your basement moisture control issues.

AdvantaClean of York County can diagnose your basement moisture control and basement mold issues by properly identifying, recommending and implementing corrective actions.

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