Rock Hill Basement Mold Removal

Do You Have a Basement Moisture Control Issue?

If you're experiencing any of these moisture issue symptoms listed below, it is likely you have elevated levels of basement moisture.

  • Musty Basement Odor
  • Damp Basement
  • Basement condensation

Basements are prone to be humid since they have poor ventilation. Poor ventilation leads to moisture build up which leads to mold growth.

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Why is Basement Moisture Dangerous?

Moisture in your basement is a sign of failure somewhere else. Moisture is the result of insufficient guttering or downspouts, lack of air circulation, leaks in the foundation, improper exterior grading, etc. Elevated levels of basement moisture can lead to rot and structural damage. Basement moisture can create the perfect environment for mold growth, leading to health problems for those in your family.

Solutions for Elevated Levels Basement Moisture

Basement moisture control solutions include: interior or exterior waterproofing, installing proper ventilation, conditioning the basement, or basement dehumidifier systems. In order to completely eliminate basement moisture issues, you must find the source of the basement moisture and eliminate it.

Basement Ventilation Systems

The installation of a basement ventilation system is one way to eliminate basement moisture issues. The basement ventilation system works to exchange air to regulate both temperature and moisture. It dries and circulates air throughout the basement, eliminating the damp feel and preventing mold growth. Exhaust and intake fans exchange indoor air with fresh outdoor air for optimum air flow.

Rock Hill Basement Dehumidifier Systems

Basement dehumidifier Systems work with the same goal in mind as a ventilation system. For excessively damp basements, the dehumidifier system may be the better choice. Dehumidifiers work to remove excess moisture from the air, keeping the moisture levels down and preventing the mold growth in your basement.

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