Water Damage Residential Home While Family Is On Vacation

Location: Charlotte, NC 28209

Problem: Water leak occurred in bathroom of the playroom located over the garage. Family comes home from vacation and find the ceiling in the garage full of water. Family calls insurance agent and they referred them to AdvantaClean of York County.

Solution: AdvantaClean comes out, we extracted all standing water in playroom, set up drying equipment in playroom, and remove water and drywall in garage. We then set up a dehumidification system to dry out sub floor and studs. Playroom and garage are dry after 72 hours. We bring in our licensed contractor to complete the build back.


Saving Hardwood Floors

Location: Lancaster, SC 29720

Problem: Customer had a water leak in the kitchen and noticed the hardwood floors buckling.

Solution: Insurance covered loss. AdvantaClean arrived within the hour of receiving the call. All standing water was extracted. Hardwoods were dried in a timely manner with the help of the inject a dry floor drying system. Hardwood floors were saved. Customer didn't have to going through the headache of replacing the floors and the insurance company didn't have to going through the process of having the floors replaced, both parties were happy.

Saving Hardwood Floors

Lowe's Environmental Remediation

Location: Clover, SC 29710

Problem: Lowe's had an issue with excessive condensation coming from HVAC air handler. Condensation was leading to fungal growth.

Solution: AdvantaClean performed a remediation the fungal growth after hours. Containment was set up, using a scissor lift we were able to access the area and clean. All cleaning took place under negative pressure.

Lowe's Environmental Remediation

Shower Pan leak

Location: Fort Mill, SC 29708

Problem: Customer had a shower pan installed incorrectly. Leak occurred and leaked through the upstairs bathroom into a downstairs bedroom.

Solution: AdvantaClean discovered the issue during an inspection. Bathroom shower floor was removed, sub floor removed, downstairs ceiling removed. Drying equipment was set up to dry the studs. Post drying, all studs and open cavities were cleaned with an anti-microbial.


Refrigerator Water Line

Location: Fort Mill, SC 29708

Problem: Customer had a slow leak from the refrigerator ice line, it went unnoticed until the customer noticed hardwoods buckling.

Solution: Insurance covered the loss. We extracted standing water, removed effected drywall, and installed drying equipment in the kitchen and in the crawlspace.


Water Loss

Location: Charlotte, NC 28209

Problem: Government building had after hours water emergency. They had a water back up and their emergency pumps failed.

Solution: We responded, after hours, at 1am, We extracted all the water and setup drying equipment. The building was dry after three days.


Dentist Office

Location: Charlotte, NC 28209

Problem: Dentist office had a need for emergency water removal after one their employees left on the water that runs to there dental equipment.

Solution: AdvantaClean responded within 30 minutes of receiving the call. All standing water was extracted, Drying equipment was setup. Building was dry and ready to reopen 72 hours post water loss.


Post Testing for Water Dry Out

Location: Rock Hill, SC 29732

Problem: For verification, a company wanted post-testing done to ensure that a dry out and mold remediation (done by another company) was done properly.

Solution: AdvantaClean performed a moisture and mold inspection. To test the indoor air quality, air samples were taken.

Air Duct Clean Middle School

Location: Rock Hill, SC 29732

Problem: Building occupants were complaining of allergy like symptoms. HVAC systems were not cooling and heating the building properly.

Solution: All 20 units (Coils,Supply,Return.Truck Lines) were cleaned. Cleaning took place after hours to avoid any interference with building operations.


Crawlspace Dry Out & Mold Remediation

Location: Fort Mill, SC 29708

Problem: Customer had a water leak occur in the crawlspace, went unnoticed for several weeks. Customer complained of odors and notice her hardwood floors bucking.

Solution: AdvantaClean stepped in to handle the crawlspace dry out, once crawlspace was dry, we replaced wood rot and preformed a crawlspace mold remediation. Post remediation we installed a 10 mil crawlspace vapor barrier.


Food Lion Coil Clean in North Carolina & South Carolina

Location: South Carolina & North Carolina

Problem: Poor efficiency in the heating and cooling of the HVAC system due to the coils not being cleaned.

Solution: "All coils were cleaned roof top units and air handler units. Coils need to be cleaned on a regular basis: As air flows over coils, they begin to buildup with dirt, dust, mold and pollen. This buildup becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It also prevents the coils from absorbing heat and reducing air flow, resulting in greater energy consumption"


Hospital Duct Cleaning

LOCATION: Charlotte, NC

PROBLEM: Hospital had air quality issues in operating rooms.

SOLUTION: AdvantaClean preformed air duct cleaning and an environmental remediation.

Hospital Duct Cleaning Hospital Duct Cleaning

Real Estate Deal Mold and Moisture


PROBLEM: On a home inspection report, fungal growth and high moisture and high humidity were discovered. To save the deal the buyers were responsible for the repairs.

SOLUTION: AdvantaClean preformed a full crawlspace remediation (removed all insulation, cleaned sub floor and all joist). Post remediation a 12 mil crawlspace barrier was installed followed by the installation of a permanent dehumidifier to control the high humidity.

Mold and Moisture Mold and Moisture

Mold York County mold removal in York County


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