Rocky Mount Basement Mold Removal

From the moment our customers make the initial phone call to seek an appointment with us to the successful completion of the task assigned to us, we never leave them wanting more. AdvantaClean of the Rocky Mount is a locally owned and operated franchise whose top priority is customer satisfaction. Basement waterproofing is one of our premium light environmental services.

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Reliable Basement Moisture Solutions

Water-related disasters can strike any home, hospital, educational institution or business center any time. Unfortunately, not all of us are prepared for them. Compounding this issue is the fact that basements are one of the most neglected parts of a building. Phenomena like flash floods and thunderstorms can inundate a basement in minutes.

Apart from this, unstable basement foundations with cracks lead to water seepage. The same is true in the case of cracked walls as well. Long-term moisture retention initiates the process of mold growth and rodent infestation, thereby vitiating the indoor air quality. All these collude to trigger a variety of respiratory infections, irritations and allergic reactions in men. Thus, to get to the genesis of the problem and waterproof a basement in residential and non-residential properties is obligatory.

Why AdvantaClean

Our team of able, efficient and professional technicians carries out on site restoration in basements using certified materials, processes and equipment. We contain moisture intrusion and expel hidden mold quickly and durably. We make the entire basement waterproofing process hassle-free and less disruptive for our clients. On top of this, timely completion of remediation projects with good results is a standard practice at AdvantaClean of the Rocky Mount. In other words, we give our customers something to write home about.

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