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Success Stories

Location: Marina, CA 93933

Problem: We received a call from a landlord as he had witnessed damage to his rental property. His tenants had lived at his property for several years and stopped paying him rent for almost a year. When tenants moved out of his property, he noticed a heavy smell coming from underneath kitchen sink. He noticed a heavy black mold inside bottom floor cabinet at the back of the sheetrock. As it turns out, the water source that caused the leak was found at the hot water supply.

Solution: We built a wall containment, followed with scrubbers to avoid cross contamination.Then we removed all affected areas, cabinets,laminated flooring, sheetrock and insulation. All the studs were hepa vacuumed and then sanitized with antimicrobial solutions. Next, the room was put under negative pressure to be able to capture all the mold spores . After, that we made sure the source of the water was repaired. We checked the rest of the house and it was mold free. When the job was complete our client received a certificate of compliance.