St. Louis Moisture Control Services

Common Places for Moisture in St. Louis South

Here at AdvantaClean of St. Louis South, we take your moisture issues seriously and work hard to determine the source so we can mitigate the problem and return your home to normality.

What are Moisture Issues?

Moisture has the potential to destroy your home or business and needs to be mitigated as quickly as possible to avoid costly repairs. You may have crawl space moisture, basement moisture or attic moisture ruining the drywall, foundation or wood flooring of your home, and in every situation, AdvantaClean is skilled in finding the source and fixing the problem to save your home. A moisture problem may also cause a serious mold problem in the home. Mold loves moisture, so wherever the problem lies, mold may be close behind.

What does Crawlspace moisture look like?

Crawlspaces, an area found between the bottom floor of some homes and buildings and the ground below, are literal hotbeds for moisture problems. They are dark and tucked away, so many people are unaware of the problem until it becomes obvious in the living areas. Look out for the following warning signs:

  • Hardwood floors “cupping”
  • Mold growth in the crawlspace
  • A musty odor is wafting upward into the home.
  • Damp and saggy insulation

Crawlspace moisture can be caused by leaking HVAC systems or ducts, rain water entering the crawlspace during a storm, or even animal urination. Crawlspace moisture is especially common if there is an exposed dirt floor. All of these moisture issues can quickly lead to damages inside the home and mold growth. Resolve the problem swiftly, and save yourself the headache of crawlspace moisture.

AdvantaClean offers the following options to mitigate crawlspace moisture:

  • Installation of a vapor barrier
  • Crawlspace encapsulation
  • Installation of dehumidifiers
  • Installation of a sump pump

What does Basement Moisture look like?

Basement moisture occurs for numerous different reasons and is the cause of both mold and a strong musty odor entering the living space of the home.

Before a solution can be found, you must find the source of the moisture issue. Here at AdvantaClean, we are trained at correctly diagnosing the cause of your basement moisture and developing a plan to resolve the issue. Basement moisture is caused by rain water leaking into the basement during storms, insufficient air circulation or air conditioning, or insufficient landscaping to divert ground water.

AdvantaClean of St. Louis South is expert at mitigating basement moisture and offers solutions such as:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Installation of a sump pump
  • Installation of a basement dehumidifier


Attics are the cause of a lot of moisture issues because they are mostly hidden and unthought of areas. Used mostly as storage spaces, most home owners don’t give their attics proper cleaning or maintenance. This is unfortunate, as attic moisture is an all too real problem and can wreak havoc on your home.

Attics are more than just storage spaces. They also house portions of your HVAC system and the majority of your home’s insulation. If you have moisture issues in the attic, it is paramount that you have it mitigated quickly. Attic moisture is a huge component of mold in the home. Elevated moisture levels create mold havens, and moisture in an attic space that goes overlooked can cause problems for you and your home in a small amount of time. AdvantaClean is skilled at determining the source of your attic moisture and providing the best solutions to the problem.

Causes of attic moisture include:

  • Improper or lack of proper ventilation
  • Bathroom fans or kitchen fans venting into the attic space
  • Leaking HVAC systems or attic vents
  • Roof leaks
  • Lack of proper attic insulation

At AdvantaClean, we offer thorough attic inspections to find the source of your attic moisture. We then go over the best solutions to the problem, including any mold remediation that may need to happen.

Call AdvantaClean (314) 207-0409 today to discuss attic moisture and solutions that may work for your home!

We provide the residents of St. Louis South, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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