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Success Stories

Location: Inver Grove Heights, MN 55706

Problem: This Inver Grove Heights Customer didn't realize the extent of their mold problem. They knew they had some mold in their kitchen, but it wasn't until we pulled out their cabinets that we realized how extensive the damage was from their Leaking Fridge. We were originally called in to deal with surface mold that had been detected.

Solution: Once we pulled out the fridge we knew we had to removed the cabinets as well. We contained the area and pulled out the cabinet and cleaned out all the mold that was in the walls. Now it is ready for some fresh drywall and a coat of paint to make it good as new! 


Location: Stillwater, MN 55082

Problem: A realtor reached out to us regarding a house of their clients that had serious mold issues in their basement. Our team was dispatched to remedy the situation!

Solution: Our team went to work to perform mold remediation throughout the basement. Our team began by containing the area using negative air so that nothing that can get outside the containment area. This is how we ensure the home AND the customer stay safe. We then had to demo the shelves and insulation that were covered in mold. Vacuumed the area and then fogged with an anti-microbial solution. The home is now mold free and the customer extremely pleased. 

AndersonRemediation1.jpg AndersonRemediation2.jpg

Location: Somerset, WI 54025

Problem: AdvantaClean of the Twin Cities East Metro donated an air duct cleaning as a silent auction item for a local Chamber Gala. The attendee with the winning big was very excited to have their air ducts cleaned and told us they had never been cleaned the entire time they lived in the house. They called us up right away to schedule the cleaning!

Solution: The homeowner was so impressed with the friendliness and skills of our team. They said they couldn't wait to leave us a positive review! After the cleaning, we showed them the before and after photos of their vents. They were astonished! They couldn't believe how yucky they were beforehand. Our team did a fabulous job cleaning the vents leaving behind cleaner air AND a great impression with their exceptional AdvantaClean customer service. Another satisfied Customer! 


Location: Hammond, WI 54015

Problem: We got a call from a customer who just finished construction on their new home. They wanted their air ducts cleaned before moving in.

Solution: The air ducts were really full of sheet rock dust, tools, wood, wires - all from the construction of the home. We did a thorough job cleaning out the air ducts so that our customer was extremely happy afterwards and ready to move in. Our technicians spent the day cleaning out all the air ducts in their new home. 

EastMetroDucts1.jpg EastMetroDucts2.jpg

LOCATION: Hudson, WI 54015

PROBLEM: Mold Contaminated Wine Cellar

Faulty air conditioning unit and ground water leak from a neighbors lot resulted in gross contamination of this clients wine cellar.

SOLUTION: Mold Remediation

Facilitated the pack out and temporary re-location of clients $100,000 plus wine collection to a climate controlled facility. Worked with clients general contractor, a wine cellar consultant and insurance company to determine core cause of the issue. Removed and disposed of rack, paneling, vapor barriers, plywood and multiple layers of insulation. Cleaned, disinfected and dried the remaining structure, making it ready for re-construction.

Passed clearance on the first attempt.


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